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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

This year, holiday shopping may be the most challenging yet. Here at Skunk, we have put together the top cannabis products of 2020. This year we are also giving you the chance to win a Davinci Vaporizer 


Most stylish vape


The DAVINCI IQ2 is one of the nicest looking vapes on the market. This sleek conduction vape has futuristic LED lights and pairs with an app for precise settings and experimentation. It also boasts a zirconia pathway that allows the vape to preserve the pure flavor of the vapor. This ensures that the flavor doesn’t get trapped in the device. The IQ2 is small enough to fit right into your pocket, making it easy to take anywhere. If you are looking for class, style, and flavor. This is the vape for you.

APX Vape (v2)

Best Budget vape


Pulsar’s APX is best suited for new users who are looking to get into the market. It takes 30 seconds to heat up the bud in its convection chamber. The flavor will not blow you away, but this vape is the place to start your journey. The batter lasts for multiple sessions, and it has five intensity settings. If you are looking for a concentrate vape, the APX comes in a wax version

Firefly 2+


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The FireFly the hipster of vapes. This vape only takes 3 seconds to heat up even though it is convection-based. It’s convection heating gives every single inhale its own heating and cooling cycle. This vape is bigger than most so if you are looking to be stealthy, it’s best not to hide it in your pocket.

Eyce 2.0. 


Show the winter weather who’s boss by crafting an incredible frozen water pipe. Take THAT, Old Man Winter…this is what being cool is all about! The Eyce 2.0 silicone mold creates an all-ice chamber which is compatible with any standard 9mm slide. Hot tip: It’s convertible to rig use! The weather outside is frightful, But the Eyce is so delightful!