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3 Legendary Marijuana Seeds for Novice Cannabis Cultivation

3 Legendary Marijuana Seeds for Novice Cannabis Cultivation

3 Legendary Marijuana Seeds for Novice Cannabis Cultivation

It ain’t easy being green… By which we mean, fresh-faced and filled with all the wondrous notions of the gargantuan buds we’re going to grow with a wealth of no experience.

The satisfaction of growing ganja for yourself is unlike anything else. From the moment those cannabis seeds sprout to the first flowers, the emergence of those beautiful buds, the inevitable crop, sparking the first spliff and savouring that hit, there’s a whole world of excitement ahead.

But the truth is, as with any new venture, there is a learning curve.

Some of the more advanced strains come with consistent challenges to consider and prepare for which can topple the gritty determination of inexperienced newbies.

With so many tasty varieties of weed seeds luring you with their siren song, and stories of the most magical marijuana awaiting at the end of their flowering cycle, it’s easy to see how the novice, through their rose-tinted lenses, might overlook some critical external factors.

And while the reaped rewards of jars filled with crispy buds grown to perfection can rank among the most extraordinary feelings there is, there’s the other end of the spectrum to keep in mind.

Climbing to the greatest heights can also produce the hardest falls, and there’s nothing as heart-wrenching as a lost or failed crop.

It can be a massive de-motivator depending on your temperament and tenacity.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to be that guy (or gal) who buries their head in hands, saying, “Why didn’t I stop and take a moment before I jumped in? Why didn’t I think about flowering time or mould resistance, how my plants would stand up to the cold or drought, what they’re like with humidity or how they’d handle those motherf****** insects!”

We don’t want that to be you.

That’s why we’ve collected three strains in this post you’re sure to have heard stories about, and might be surprised to learn are some of the more approachable cannabis strains for beginners.

Our top 3 strains for novice cannabis cultivators.

Before we dive into the three strains of bud we’ve isolated for this post, let me be clear; there are plenty of strains out there which are easy to grow and will reward you with a sizeable yield of high-quality weed.

We’ve chosen these three strains for their notoriety as well as their ease-of-growth.

Whether or not you choose some or all of these contenders, or dig into the wider range of possibilities for the novice ganja grower, two truths we suggest you keep in mind are;

  • Autoflowering seeds will make your life so much easier.
  • Buy feminised seeds. Only the females bud.

Blue Cheese

Our first pick of weed seeds is the mouthwatering Blue Cheese.

Blue Cheese

An indica cross between the UK’s Cheese and the delicious, equally famous Blueberry.

This bud is synonymous with relaxation and offers terrific relief for muscle spasms, pain and stress. Its intense flavour and effects are truly the stuff of legends.

Blue Cheese plants are exceptionally hardy and resistant to numerous common problems such as over-watering, under-watering, stress and mould.

We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a strain resistant to mould and diseases when you’re picking the weed seeds for you, especially if you’re growing in the high humidity environment of a small grow box, which tend not to provide adequate air circulation for ideal growth.

Not only are you looking at a relatively easy-to-grow plant, Blue Cheese promises high yields at around twenty percent THC for your love and effort. It’s not difficult for even the most hesitant novice to average five to six hundred grams per square metre.

What’s more, we’re talking around a seven to nine week flowering period, so you’ll not be waiting long before savouring this succulent strain.

And if that wasn’t enough to sway you, the plants typically reach between eighty and one hundred and forty centimetres, so it’s not one you’ll have to carve out acres of space for (unless you have some lofty ambitions for gigantic ganja crops).

Our friends at Leafly have some great stats you can read about Blue Cheese for those considering this route.

When you’re done there, why not take a look at for your Blue Cheese seed needs.

Northern Lights

Ah, the perennial favourite that is Northern Lights.

Northern Lights

A pure indica adored for its resinous buds, fast flowering and robust resilience, Northern Lights is an absolute must for the newbie weed seed explorer.

This hardy, potent strain boasts a powerful, long-lasting buzz renown for its ability to relax the muscles and melt the mind.

The dreamlike euphoria Northern Lights brings is perfect for relieving pain, overcoming sleeplessness, digging out depression and stopping stress in its tracks.

Producing minimal odour and rarely reaching beyond one and a half metres when grown indoors, this stealthy strain is ideal for the grower who prizes privacy.

Those who choose Northern lights weed seeds for their early grows will be enjoying sleep-filled nights throughout the eight weeks of flowering, tucked away safe in the knowledge that this tenacious plant will bounce back effortlessly from any hurdles it faces.

See Also

Is it any wonder this fan-fave classic, adored by cannabis connoisseurs from virgin to veteran grower alike, has won so many awards?

Once again, check out Leafly’s stats on the Northern Lights before making your choices.

Seedfinder have plenty of options for those with their hearts set on these weed seeds.

White Widow

White Widow is one of those ganja strains that even those who religiously abstain from weed have heard legend of.

White Widow

With a long history dating back to the nineties, this balanced, fifty-fifty hybrid strain achieved its status in the Netherlands and the famous coffee shops of Amsterdam.

White Widow is one of those notorious Dutch strains which, to this day, every dispensary is likely to keep in stock.

And with nineteen percent THC, that smooth citrusy taste, those guaranteed emotional uplifts and bursts of energy and euphoria, are you really surprised?

The Widow is known as a wondrous conversation starter and creativity booster, but what’s it like to grow?

What makes White Widow such a beauty for beginners, beyond its magnificent, snowy capped, trichome-covered appearance, is the strain’s ability to thrive outdoors in far less than optimal weather conditions. And after a seven to nine week flowering period, any indoor grower can expect to rake in a yield of up to five hundred grams per metre squared.

Promising a mighty haul and knowing this weed continues to win Cannabis Cups to this day, while appearing in coffee shops and dispensaries worldwide, no legendary list for beginners marijuana seeds would be complete without the inclusion of the infamous White Widow.

As with the previous entries, we recommend taking a look at Leafly’s stats on this time-honoured classic to make sure it’s right for you.

And when you’re convinced, hop over to Seedfinder to find the seeds for your beginner grow. 

In Conclusion

As long as you do your research, plan and prepare for any foreseeable challenges, you’ll get along marvellously.

Find your footing with the easier-to-manage cannabis strains before breaching into the more adventurous avenues, the last thing you want is to lose motivation or passion for the art of growing weed.

Test the waters and learn to swim before you explore the vast ocean of cannabis cultivation.