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5 years of dank Hashish in 100+ Photos!

5 years of dank Hashish in 100+ Photos!

This is my story of becoming OG Hashmaster Frenchy Cannoli’s first student…and the resulting Hashish I have created over the last 5 years.

*Hashish photos start at 9:27*

Over the last 5 years, so many people, growers, hashmakers, and fans alike, have helped shaped me to be the hashmaker that I have become. Even the detractors have had their place; helping to instill humility and a determination toward higher standards. I am thankful to every last person; and especially to Frenchy. That simple statement, “This is Hashish, ” changed my life forever.

In the beginning, I only had really bad trim with which to work. And I made MAD mistakes. As the years progressed, my skills deepened and I had access to better material. I was either washing my own grow, or flowers from some of the nicest farms in California.

Pressed hash is my preferred style, but I am happy to provide to the grower the resin in the manner he/she sees fit. Consequently, as more and more people found out about the benefits of using the freeze dryer, more and more people delighted in seeing their resin as sparkly glitter.

However, pressed hash is where it’s at for me. So I am super excited about some upcoming projects that will be will certainly pressed. Yes!

Long live good resin!

Thanks for watching!


My niche is #Hashish.

#Cannabis flower fuels my power.

Rolling logs and blowing fog.



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