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Counter Intelligence: Voodoo Willy’s

Counter Intelligence: Voodoo Willy’s

IMAGINE, if you will, a world in which a grandson and his grandpa can smoke fat reefers all day long, while running a successful smokeshop cum smutshop, where glass blowers actually sit outside the store and create custom pieces for you—right on the spot. Where is this magical place, you ask? Sweet Home Alabama. Yee-Haw! Break out your shotguns, moonshine n’ best-looking cousins and head on down to Voodoo Willy’s for a seriously dope time.

Opened: 2005

How It All Started: It all started in the corner of a small, country convenience store. In a matter of months, we outgrew that little corner and had to convert half the store into our smokeshop. Within six months of doing that, we had outgrown the store entirely and had to find a new building. We shut down the little country store and that’s when Voodoo Willy’s was officially born.

Specialty: We don’t have a specialty. What we do have is a great selection with some great prices. We’ve also got a section dedicated to local area artists that we call the HOME GROWN section. Here you can find glass pipes, hemp, candles and other crafts, all done by local artists.

Claim to Fame: Our customer service ROCKS! And we’re also family-owned and operated. The store is actually named after my Grandfather, who just happens to be my business partner. We might be the only Grandfather/Grandson run smokeshop in history… Well okay, maybe not in all of history, but at least around here.

Are you involved in the cannabis community/activism? We’re not involved as much as we would like, but we do support Ron Paul for President and we’re trying to get a chapter of NORML established here.

Future Projects/Special Events: This summer we’ll have one of our local glass blowers out in the front of the store, every other Saturday, blowing custom glass for our customers. We are the only shop in the area that offers this.

Music on the PA: Reggae (both roots and dancehall), funk, R&B and when Pops works, he tries to sneak in some bluegrass.

Favorite Strains: How much time do you have? I can’t choose just one—I just can’t.

Shop Secrets: I could tell you, but then, you know… I’d have to kill ya.

Puffing on the job is…? [Bubbling] Cough, cough… Mandatory.

Most Memorable Moment: One day, we had two elderly women come in and buy a few of our adult movies. They were so funny. We had a blast talking to them. We meet great people everyday.

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Worst Employee Ever: I would have to say myself. Every time we get a really nice piece in, I’m always trying to take it home with me.

Worst Customer Ever: We have not had a bad customer yet. We love our customers… Heck, they put shoes on my baby’s feet.

Last Words: Work hard, but play harder!



Voodoo Willy’s Smokehut
1784 HWY 72 East
Huntsville, AL
Tel #: 256.852.0510

This article appears in Volume 4 – Issue 5 of SKUNK Magazine.

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