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A Golden State: Three New Strains for Epicure Experiences

A Golden State: Three New Strains for Epicure Experiences

Lake Shasta Snowmelt is what powers the textured and redolent cannabis from A Golden State in Northern California. This pure and pristine water source acts to give A Golden State cannabis the unique terroir that adds a certain taste of the place. I wanted to test my theory that A Golden State is unlike any cannabis I’ve enjoyed before by smoking it through two brand new smoking implements to me, namely the Session Bong and the other, a Higher Standards Beaker.

I also used my Stonedware “Purse-Pipe” with splendid results. You don’t need a deep lungful of weed smoke for an abundantly pleasurable smoking experience!


I procured three selections along with some lovely Indica-based, mini-joints that I hope to review in the coming weeks. The flavors are as follows: Lava Flower, Honey Flower and Silver Cloud.


Each of these ultra-luxury strains come packaged in eighth-ounce sized glass jars that are painted creamy white with their name, A Golden State penned in gold. There is a round sticker on top of the jar showing the individual strain name. Each sticker is printed in bright Pantone-type color. It’s really impressive to see up close, much care goes into the design of the packaging. This is a brilliant way to be recognized in on the shelf, their labels and micro-stories printed on the boxes really stand out. Each one subtly hinged on art-school worthy color palates that soothe and entice the consumer into a purchase. The consumer, intrigued by all these pigments, will find that A Golden State does more than just look good, the hand-tended cannabis smokes just as exquisitely.


The tools…

  1. Session Bong: Opulent in the nose and down the throat to the lungs, not too filling- no coughing either. The high is more eloquent after a few minutes or so. I love my new Session bong for infrequent use, more about that below.

  1. Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker: I’ve been smoking bongs for over forty years and I’ve never experienced a tool quite like this massive product. Looking more like scientific labware than a get ripped quick tool, this Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker was the perfect foil for the fine herbs from A Golden State. The quality of the smoke that weaves its way into your lungs, can be quite compelling if you’re not experienced, the hefty beaker holds a lot of weed smoke, more than you may expect… Too large of a hit will hit you suddenly and without any shame. You cannot be a weed smoking beginner with a Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker, but you’re only a novice once. I have been smoking bongs for a long time and I still consider myself a student. This bong is, I repeat…Not for greenhorns. You will get really lit up. More stoned that you’ve ever been? Maybe, or maybe not, but the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker is a serious contender to couch-lock yourself, possibly after just one unfathomable hit.

Stonedware Pipes: I don’t know about you but smoking from a bong muffles the character and freshly plucked aromatics of high end cannabis. This is in my opinion. In the case of ultra-high end cannabis, I want to taste what the grower had in mind. You cannot do this filtered through ice or water. I fully believe that it is essential to enjoy the experience of smoking cannabis, without water as a bulwark. I’ve owned hundreds of pipes over the past nearly five decades. It is my decided pleasure to share with you one of my very favorite pipes. This woman-owned and operated company makes all their pipes from colorful and sturdy stone ware. Each one is 100% hand crafted. They come in a cornucopia of different styles and shapes, usually geometric and always handsome on the coffee table. I’ve purchased my way through their line-up and my choice is always clear. I like their small rectangular “purse-pipes” one-hitters the best. They always start a conversation.



The strains:

Silver Cloud: SC

Lava Flower: LF

Honey Flower: HF


Session Bong: SB

Higher Standards Beaker: HSB

Stonedware Purse Pipe: SPP


The Silver Cloud strain is perfectly geared to morning even though it is an indica leaning strain. You will be perfectly content getting your work done, without fear of a mid-morning nap. SC is full bodied and bold. Remarkably earthy in the mouth, SC offers bursts of Demerara sugar, freshly cut rosemary and dashes of cedar shavings, lead pencil and petrol into the lungs.

Through the SB: I got really stoned. Soft against my lips and tongue, then in a woosh, down the throat. Flavorful!

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Through the HSB: Where’s the couch? See above about beginners. Too much for me.

Through the SPP: This is the way I like to smoke A Golden State. Nothing from the plant is muted. There is pure pleasure in every tasty puff. Silver Cloud is effervescent and candidly amusing. The strain, when smoked through my Stonedware pipe offers hints of cardamom and clove, black pepper and nutmeg. It’s clearly stimulating my creativity, a win/win.


Honey Flower: Tasting Notes. Each puff offers bursts of honey and vanilla in the nose, leading into focused droplets of sweet cream and then deeper cola notes. This is not beginner’s cannabis. It takes a couple minutes to realize that Honey Flower belies the name. Sure, it has sweet elements, but the high really took me by surprise, it’s clear headed but then the fog moves in across my eyes and brain. I feel focused and optimistic, not overwhelmed nor tired. I think that Honey Flower is the win of the selection, so far.

Through the SB: Honey Flower loves being smoked through the Session Bong, you will too.

Through the HSB: You can really taste the purity of each perfectly cured flower, of course it’s stronger than you would expect. Why would you smoke a bong like this in the first place? Whoa, a Towlie moment. Down the rabbit-hole I go!

Through the SPP: There is a haze, a smear of Vaseline across my glasses that precludes me from seeing the words on the computer screen. It may well be completely in my mind, but that makes for a juicy experience. The Honey Flower strain proposes a delightfully heady experience. I recommend smoking each hit though a Stonedware pipe.


Lava Flower: Tasting Notes. The flowers are pure and true, like spring water against your face first thing in the morning when you crack open the jar. Persimmon spills into your nose and gives way to freshly cut pine needles and jasmine flower tea. There is some cedar in there coming into view along with dollops of petrol and wood smoke across the tongue. The strong, but measured hits are reminiscent of land-race strains from decades past in the nose and in the lungs. This is enthusiastic cannabis that tests your reality and offers possibilities.

Through the SB: warm and full-bodied against the palate, the Lava Flower is a bit more robust in the lungs than the Silver Cloud or the Honey Flower. I recommend enjoying the Lava Flower in the mid-morning.

Through the HSB: Bursts of mint and toasted hazelnuts weave their way into your dreams, the hit is mind-expanding and lush, I find those little stars and bursts of light through each exhale. This is the good stuff.

Through the SPP: I deserve to enjoy top quality cannabis, smoked through simple yet elegant pipes such as my Stonedware pipes. They make extraordinary cannabis taste even better, if that is even possible. I believe it is. The Lava Flower is boldly scented with caramelized stone fruits and cherry sap. If you parked under a pine tree and the sap on your windshield was sticky- that’s the thickness of the smoke. Massive clouds of mystery and possibilities shine through my lungs delivered by simplicity.