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A Panel Discussion on the Intersection of Plant Biology, Regulation, and Industry

A Panel Discussion on the Intersection of Plant Biology, Regulation, and Industry

Please join Women in Bio’s November 15th event on Cannabinoid Research and Orphan Diseases. The event is centrally located at IQVIA on Telesis (Sorrento Valley/Mira Mesa). 

This is a scientific event and will provide the opportunity to discuss the chemistry of the plant, research on the cannabinoids from the plant, and the FDA pathway for approval. We have an amazing panel including: 

  • Judit Bartalis, PhD, Manager of Analytical Department at a local biotech company Tioga Research where she supports formulation innovation and skin permeation screening studies. She consults for academia, industry, and biotech research companies on analytical technology for a range of chemical entities including cannabinoids and terpenoids from medical and adult-use marijuana. 
  • Michelle Sexton, ND, Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Department of Anesthesia at the University of California San Diego where she conducts research on the topic of cannabinoids and their roles in neuro-inflammation and neuro-degeneration, investigated cannabis use and in patients with Multiple Sclerosis and impact on inflammatory markers. 
  • Julia Pinkhasov, PhD is an outcome-focused scientist with research experience in plant biotechnology, immunology, and autoimmune pathology. She develops regulatory strategies by compiling scientific data in support of the orphan drug candidate(s) in order to obtain regulatory approval. 

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