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Action Is The Beginning, of All Things That Grow.

Action Is The Beginning, of All Things That Grow.

The story of Dustin Oliver’s life is rooted far beyond cannabis. You see, in the world of cannabis everything starts and ends in the soil and the story of every flower begins in its roots.

The mother of Dustin, came to Detroit in April 1967, a few months before the Detroit riots. Despite the chaos, violence, and uproar she decided to stay. Back at home the Navajo Nation was in a state of despair after nearly a century of the United States Government waging war upon her home nation. The Detroit riots were brief, however these events had a butterfly effect to the great city of Detroit. Both the pain and the strength of the Navajo Nation ran deep and the journey was long. The mother of Dustin Oliver, found herself in the heart of Detroit, Michigan.

After taking her journey and diving deep into the murky waters of the unknown, far away from her land and her people of the sacred Navajo Nation. After traveling thousands of miles of road and land, she, at last, had found herself in the land of the Great Lakes and in the very heart of Motor City. It is then and only then that she found her heart. And that is where the beginning of Dustin Oliver’s story truly begins. Not long after the Detroit riots, Dustin’s mother found her peace when she met Neal Oliver, her future husband and the father of her only child in the summer of 1971. Just as all roots grow and all circles close, the two married in the August summer heat of 1975.

Neal Oliver was a motorcycle training instructor as well as the shooting instructor for the Detroit Police Academy. Mr. Oliver, swore an oath to protect his city, his home, and his people. He was a man of honor and one of the reasons why people used to look to the police to help them, to rescue, and to protect them; that was their original duty. These were the days where the badge was a symbol of protection and the oath was a promise that was made with good intentions, a symbol, a system, and code of honor. During Neal’s time as a police officer, he kept people safe and his legacy is something that all men and women in blue should look at today, especially during these trying times in our society.

When Dustin was around three years old, his parents took him to Vail, Colorado. This era was a happy time and place, that allowed a young family to bond with each other and make everlasting memories together. Dustin considers Colorado his home away from home because the moments and the memories that Dustin shared with his father, deep in the Colorado mountains remain clear and vibrant decades later. Sadly, Neal Oliver passed away on December 13th, 1980. While honoring the legacy of his father, the roots of Dustin Oliver started in Detroit and now on his journey, his roots have spread from river to sea. The positive influence of his father’s strength and the purity in his mother’s love is what helped him grow into the man that he is now.

Professionally, Dustin is a man of many aspirations, actions, and goals. He has been in the cannabis industry since the 1990’s. He became a cannabis patient and a caregiver in 2009, as he was able to help many people heal with the natural power of cannabis. He was able to educate a great deal of people about the healing properties and true, raw potential of cannabis. Dustin’s first girlfriend fell victim to cancer at the young age of 18 years old, and this greatly impacted Dustin’s journey in cannabis. He took care of her until the very end and helped ease her pain in transition with cannabis medicine. She left this world April 21st, 2009 and although he is saddened by her departure, he has solace in knowing that when she left, she was unshackled from her pain and that the cannabis medicine brought her peace until the very end.

This event was one of the many that set Dustin Oliver’s paths in stone. He puts patients over profit and Mary Jane has always come first. Aside from cannabis, Dustin has walked a long path in activism, and collectively has fed over 30,000 people in his life. Nearly every Thanksgiving that passes by, Dustin organizes an outreach event through the group he founded in 2014 Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue and with the people of his community, together they help feed the homeless in the city of Detroit. At times in Detroit, the temperature reaches below zero, and the quote, “it’s so cold in the D” is more than a saying, it is a fact.

Over the years Dustin and his team of volunteers and foster families raise funds, organize events, gather and distribute resources and donations for the people and the animals of Detroit. There have been times that he and his team members have battled the freezing weather at 4:00am to prevent a dog from freezing to death. They have spent many nights in below zero temperature handing out blankets, gloves, and hand warmers to our homeless to ensure that they will live to see another night. Dustin and his people have been doing all that they can to make Detroit a better place.

During the beginning of the Flint water crisis Dustin and his comrades helped deliver clean water to the city of Flint, Michigan. Gathering enough donations for two pallets from Costco, they missioned door-to-door and delivered to the people of Flint. Thereafter, in 2016 Standing Rock took place and this became a pivotal moment for Dustin’s activism and a higher calling to serve his indigenous roots. He united with his Native American church and Hospitaller order of St.Lazarus of Jerusalem brothers in honoring his family heritage and they did two missions to Standing Rock and joined with his brothers and sisters in a united front standing side by side and hand-in-hand against DAPL.  For Dustin, this was a confirmation in what his life’s mission would become.

Dustin Oliver aims to take his activism to an international level, as he is in the process of strategically partnering with people, companies, and organizations alike to build hospitals, schools, and community centers in the areas around the world that need them most. Dustin’s belief system that sustainability and knowledge are the keys and pillars to community strength and health. He teaches and encourages people all across the atlas to grow their own food and offers the tools in helping develop self sustainable homes and communities. Currently, Dustin is focusing a great deal of his time and energy on several projects in Jamaica.

He is the lead grower in charge of all things cannabis for Greenblock Development, a company founded by his partner Conroy Blake.  Dustin and his partners and team have a Tier 2 Cultivation license and they are awaiting their Tier 1 extraction license. Previously, in 2011 long before his journey to Jamaica, Dustin owned and operated The Grow Station which was a hydroponic store in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Being a hydroponic store owner prepared him for his professional endeavors in Jamaica. Dustin is the Chief Operating Officer at Greenblock Development which is the parent company to Greenblock Systems and Sciences. Asides, from cannabis Green Block Development is focused on providing renewable, affordable, and sustainable housing to low income families with the goal to build and develop communities in Jamaica.

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In regards to tribal matters and warrior duties, Dustin Oliver is a descendant of one of the Navajo Code Talkers. Defending the call of honor, Dustin has followed through with that today. As he has strategically partnered with the Cannabis Intelligence Alliance which is a cannabis data and strategy agency. He is the Chief Native Officer at Cannabis Intelligence Alliance and he is in charge of tribal communications, as well as indigenous partnerships. The Cannabis Intelligence Alliance recently partnered with Harvest Life Sciences due to Dustin’s unique ability to facilitate long lasting partnerships.

He is excited in his new partnership at Harvest Life Sciences which is a biotech company that focuses on sustainable and patentable technologies with the goal of bringing tomorrow’s technologies to farmers today. He is the Chief Visionary Officer at Harvest Life Sciences as he exemplifies growth. His teams are collaborating and merging together with a mixture of activists, humanitarians, and dreaming of today’s tomorrow. Dustin’s roots have grown from river to sea, from coast to coast, as he continues to cultivate roots with others. He forges unity along his path and brings forth a common universal vision of sustainability in community activism.

Action is the beginning of all things that grow. The journey of Dustin Oliver is rooted in cannabis yet reaches far beyond the world of the growing because there is no ceiling to his growth.