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A brief overview of mini-prerolls

A brief overview of mini-prerolls

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a joint with friends. Here in New Jersey, smoking cannabis in public is generally frowned upon. Dozens of people are arrested and incarcerated for the simple act of smoking a joint. With COVID deeply engrained into my sense of wellness and safety, it’s been many months since I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a sesh with others. We just don’t share fat doobs anymore and that’s probably for the best.

Which leads me to the next part of the equation. I cannot smoke an entire spliff of high end cannabis by myself. I’ll just get too wasted. I’m in this thing for the long haul, as in all day. I use cannabis like others snack during the day. That is, all the time. And with the average weight of pre-rolls coming in at least one gram in weight, smoking an entire joint is just too much for me. I don’t need to get that stoned, not if I have writing to do, or I’ll have a Towlie moment and fall down the long internet rabbit hole. I’ll forget to return that phone call or who I was just talking to…

Because I just wandered offJust like Towlie.

What I’m seeking is something different. A nice, well-rolled joint, but not a gram full. I’m far from a light-weight, having enjoyed the profound intellectualism of cannabis for about forty-eight years and counting.

I wouldn’t say I’ve just discovered mini-joints; they’ve been around for a while, it’s all we rolled back in the 1970’s. (Because I always had really good weed, just not very much of it!)

The quality level is really good in the world of mini-pre-rolls, if not better than smoking a full sized joint. Especially if you cannot smoke an entire joint in one sitting.

I’ve made small recommendations in this regard in the past. When you put your almost finished roach into a sealed container, the joint never really tastes the same again. The smoked part gets sour in the mouth. Each puff tasting, well used from the old smoke running around my brain, I just don’t like it. I’d rather start fresh every time. That brings me back to the beginning again. A joint that’s less than a half gram is good for me, one about a quarter of a gram is even better. A couple or more hits off of a mini-joint is all I want, all that I need to get righteously stoned. Less is definitely more!

Here is a list of mini-joints: aka. dog-walker’s *or cat walker’s* that I’ve smoked recently and enjoy very much because I can smoke an entire mini myself. No waste.

Selfies By Heshies:  This mini-pre-roll comes in many variations, from CBD to tangles of precisely extracted concentrates. Each sophisticated, Euro- smart case is at home in any social situation, filled with perfectly rolled mini-joints that read both Selfies and Heshies on the filter. The flowers are carefully nurtured, and they get me really stoned. Win/Win.

Highrize: This was the brand that started it all for me. I called them cat-walkers, that is if your cat walks alongside you. Mine doesn’t. Yours might. Their just over a quarter gram of succulent, artisan flower, I prefer their hash infused version. It really gets me lit up. I think their packaging really hits the mark as well. The case is too nice to throw out, as I have continued to roll my own joints just big enough to dream that they are Highrize. Of course, I can dream of rolling joints as nicely as Highrize. The perfect amount of bubble hash and wicked-bodacious flower comes stuffed into each mini-joint. This is just the right amount necessary to walk the cat to the front door.

Garden Society: This is the kind of mini-pre-roll that dreams are made of. They come perfectly formed into slender rosettes of love weighing in just over a quarter of a gram. Even though you can smoke most people under the table doesn’t mean you might want to. What comes lovingly rolled is just enough to take you to the place that you want to go. The style is a Groovy/Belle-Epoque design. You will find certain peacefulness that goes along with the hash-infused variety, they are my favorites. They all are. And the owners are really cool. Seek them out.

Besito: I was taken right away by the packaging of Besito, the lovely tin of precisely rolled, mini-joints that found their way to me recently. What a breath of transformation each Besito brings to my day. Each one comes perfectly formed with just the right amount of flower, not too little, not too much. Just enough for a very lovely, relaxing sesh. The case looks like a container of mints, so thoughtful! They use only the good stuff that you want to smoke again and again. I love what I tried. Where’s the cat? Time for a walk before I get lost on the www.

Weedsy:  Just the right size for walking the cat. Yes, under a half gram and every bit as lit as a whole lot more than I want to smoke. Each individually wrapped mini-joint comes in an air-tight package. There is a clever tube to prevent the tiny joint from getting crushed. The infused varietal that graces my hand right now has three specific parts that all work together in a deeply cohesive style. Containing their own proprietary flowers in a couple strains and packed full of juicy terps, each Weedsy contains kief and racy cannabis distillate. Spinning these concentrates into a mini-joint is the most incredible development, traditionally only found in high priced, full-sized joints. A wonderful amount, just the right kind of high, not overwhelming but objective enough to take you there. Every single time.

Pure Beauty:   I first saw these at the Hall of Flowers. What lovely little packages I thought at the time. And they get me really stoned. What do I have to do now but enjoy them. And that’s what I recommend doing. I love the little yellow box, so fancy. And Californian. And crisp. And, what was I just writing? Of course, Pure Beauty. Lucky me to discover them.

Island Minis: No, they don’t look like your typical pre-rolled mini-joints, these are far more slender and stylish. The flowers contained in the well under a gram offering, provide a richly textured experience. The packaging is closer to the look of cigarillos than joints. Elegance and no identifiable artwork calling too much attention. Island evokes a holiday for your head and body without shouting. My favorite kind of afternoon relaxant when I’m in California.

Sundae School Minis: Thoughtfully prepared, intellectually competent and rationally potent mini-joints for the overachiever. That may be more words than are required to describe each mindful pull on a mini-pre-rolled joint, but that doesn’t matter. You’re already too stoned to care much and the good folks at Sundae School with a GPA of 420 are in charge of your experience now. They made me a believer after one hit. It’s the good stuff.

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Higgs: rolling in at just over a half a gram, Higgs gets me lit up just by looking at the fanciful packaging. They don’t have to over embellish the experience of design when the flower is so darned delicious. There are a broad variety of styles and cultivars at work here, all delicious and fun to share with friends and friends not yet met. Everyone can have their own Higgs to smoke, no wasting weed is what I’ve always said. Good times had by all! Pure Miami Vice!

Willie’s Reserve: The omnipresent mini-pre-roll brand is available pretty much everywhere cannabis is smoked. What is packed inside is ostensibly what Willie would smoke, and its darned good weed to enjoy alone or shared. I’ve tried their mini-pre-rolls in Colorado, they’re probably just as good anywhere you can buy them. Amazing quality control and just a great way to enjoy craft cannabis without overintellectualizing the experience. Dig?

Mind Your Head: I’ve seen many, many, many Grateful Dead shows. I’ve also found a certain kinship with the part of the circus where Mickey Hart explores the hidden spirits of sound through the power of vibration. Nothing could be more apparent than his namesake, Mind Your Head mini-joints. Is it my head that I’m in need of watching? Who knew, I certainly didn’t.

I love this little can filled with mystery. A mystery box indeed!

Blues Brothers/Working Man’s Brand mini-pre-rolls:  Rolling in at a quarter of a gram, each of the Blues Brothers Working Man’s mini joints is just the thing to enjoy while your Crown tube amplifier is warming up.

There is a very special experience listening to loud rock music through a vintage Crown tube amp and a pair of Voice of the Theatre speakers turned to eleven. This body shaking experience weaves its way through your consciousness in a way that you will never forget. The same holds true for great weed. I tasted my way through most of the offerings from Jim Belushi’s farm and each one unlocks my inner ear like hearing the Blues Brothers for the first time as a teenager.

Nug Pre-Rolls:  are not exactly a dog/cat walker, sliding into the scale at just over a half of a gram, but I feel very strongly about their overall quality. I was fortunate to visit their grow last year and what I experienced was a feeling of deep comradery, the kind that is experienced though the consumption (afterwards) of their fine flowers. I try to include them in my work because they have inner smiles in every hit. That is worth it to me. When cannabis is this good I want to smoke it until I’m finished, even if I get a bit more stoned than I had planned. Pas Mal?

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