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Artist Spotight: Katie Rose


Artist Spotight: Katie Rose

LinZy: Thank you so much to share this honor with me.  It is times like these,where we find ourselves at the dawning of an important era of plant and human freedom.

Katie: Thank you so much for having me LinZy, I very much agree that this is an important time. As we take the shackles off the plant, we free our heARTs and minds. A dawning of freedom and the dawning of much more!  

What is your ultimate mission with your art?

My mission of Art is to inspire the innate human power of co-creativity.  I believe when the majority of people are empowered through their ability to create, the dawning of a golden age returns and a new freedom is experienced. Passion sources human co-creative power and comes actively from our heARTspace. This is where the magic happens and where I choose to take action in my mission of Art. I engage with people when I teach or paint live at a music venue; in these acts I am conscious of sparking the fire of co-creativity in others and have seen that fire be contagious.  When the fire of co-creativity is in our hearts, we drop what we are told to do, and we allow ourselves to simply act on what we Love, with a sense of Service.  Creation is not the sole responsibility of nature, deities, or an outsider, but rather it is in our own realization, accepting empowerment to act Co-Creatively. 

What inspires you? Favorite colour? 

Art has been therapeutic through out my life. The explorative process of art has allowed me to see deeper into reality, offering a continual state of observation. The fractal worlds of rainbow color, sound, and geometry inspire me, influencing the subject matter of my work. Nature, ancient history, human consciousness, esoteric knowledge, mysticism and the ever-evolving kaleidoscope of artists/creators continues to fascinate and inspire me.  Advances of our ancestors in human history left us with endless archives of temples, symbols, languages, and ARTifacts.  These subjects are complex as they are infused with astronomy, mathematics, plant medicines and spiritual encounters; they are a constant source of inspiration.  

When did you first realize that being an artist is what you wanted to do with your life?

I always needed to create which automatically made me an artist by societal standards, but when I realized I had accepted my life mission as an artist, I became empowered as a paintbrush warrior.  I realized the importance of art in human history and also how it could carry perspectives or stories across time and space.  My whole life I have been interested in learning different artistic techniques as a way to express what I have observed and felt.  Painting has always been a language in which I could share and understand.  I am grateful because it has connected me with other like-minded people who have similar visionary missions involving the evolution of human consciousness, environmentalism, global/galactic activation and a wide array of stories about human spirit.  Art has been a transmutative process in my life, it has alchemized depression, pain, and alienation.  Through art, I have found my community and as an artist; I am in service to my community.   

Who are some of your biggest influences on your heART Work?

My influences have been by an incredible array of teachers, peers, ancestors, and experiences. Neo-tribal events that I have participated in over the last decade, such as Burning Man and Global Eclipse Gathering, have been highly formative to my heART work.  These assemblies display co-creation and participation as societal alchemy, engaging the attendees with concepts and inspiring them with what they have learned, ultimately bringing it to their own communities, transforming them into alchemical gold.  These platforms allow people from all over the world to interchange vast amounts of knowledge, new ideas and solutions.  Seeing the high level of people participating in the magic of these events has influenced the way I work from the heART.  I create Art not for my ego, but rather for the greater good of contributing to the whole.  In Golden Eras, daily life is enhanced by art, spirit, and science.  Questions emerge, and so do solutions, when we accept our co-creative power and work from the heART. Experiences help provide inspiration.

How has the role of plant medicines like cannabis or other plants impacted your life & art?

Retreating to nature has been a personal lifesaver, I love being a hermit next to a warm stove in the mountains. For part of the year I live deep in the forest of Humboldt County, where my partner and I have developed a beautiful off-grid solar-powered paradise.  From organic gardening with microorganisms to composting toilets, we find respectful synergy with the plant world.  I find great support from the plants when I eat organic food that I’ve grown, can go walk in the forest, sit in ceremony or enjoy a cup of herbal tea. 

Utilizing Cannabis and other plants offers a deeper connection between mind, body, spirit, and earth.  I started using cannabis medicinally after I was diagnosed with PTSD and Fibromyalgia in 2007.  The plant’s benefits were profound, offering a lot of relief without the horrible side effects that accompanied the pharmaceuticals I was prescribed.  My life changed for the better after implementing cannabis salves and tinctures to mediate my pain and anxiety.  I became a functioning and happy human again thanks to the help of cannabis and certain lifestyle shifts. 

The bigger perk cannabis and other plants offered as I began to feel better was their ability to inspire visions and spiritual experiences.  This ultimately has made cannabis one of my artistic muses. Blue Dream is particularly my favorite strain as it offers the awakened qualities of a sativa while providing a lot of pain relief and general happiness.  When I use Blue Dream, I don’t feel intoxicated or high, but rather relieved as my fatigue lifts, I am calm, focused, inspired, and pain free.    In conjunction with healing plants like Arnica and Boswellia for example, my body and mind can function more freely, allowing the creativity to flow. 

Why do you think Art has such an impact to spark major changes within the minds, heARTs, and souls of people?

I see Art as a societal catalyst for change as it directly affect the minds, heARTs and souls of people. I very much see this time as a dawning of a Golden Era, a time of emerging freedom.  As more people begin to spark their co-creative power and are able to freely utilize plant medicines like cannabis, major changes will activate and we will see a new era of liberty.

Golden Eras are times where vast achievements are made; these cultures are rich in art, theatre, science, math and were more reciprocal with the natural world. The dark ages were periods where humanity was denied their co-creative power. Often in these times the main belief systems placed the Creative power solely in the hands of gods, rulers, or capitalist kingpins; I believe this is a form of human disempowerment.  On the contrary, when societies enter a Golden Era, alchemy takes place in the minds, heARTs, and souls of all people, ultimately empowering them.

Despite the obvious negatives we face in our current epoch; in the positive polarity, Humankind does inspire me. Humans have the potential to be intelligent caretakers and co-creators of this planet. I find inspiration in creating art with the purpose to remind and awaken people to their co-creative power. 

As a member of humanity, I see it as an imperative action for people to continue to be in harmony with this planet.  It is necessary for us to accept our co-creative power so that we can cooperatively co-create solutions for this planet and ourselves. When I paint, selecting colors from a rainbow pallet, representing the rainbow of the world, I often send manifestations and prayers out into the universe. In this action, I set my intention for the evolution of human consciousness, as painting is the best way to spark change and relay the information I feel.   


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