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Ask Dr. Lakisha™

Ask Dr. Lakisha™

I sit here in my bed, drinking my coffee and smoking a spliff of Jamaica’s finest sacramental cannabis. That is a typical morning these days. Although, I did not always smoke a spliff. It is one of my common methods of administration when it comes to supplementing my endogenous cannabinoid system, but it is not my favorite. That would be ingesting and in the form of tinctures specifically. Tinctures are an optimal delivery method if you want to have a rapid onset of effectiveness and also be very specific about dose. I can dial the level of optimal supplementation down to the drop. This is especially beneficial seeing as the levels will vary.

My research into the endogenous cannabinoid system began in the early 90’s, I realize now. Back then my boyfriend, who would become my husband and later be the father of 7 of my children, loved cannabis. I did not. I was of the same mindset that we need to overcome. The mindset that buys into the propaganda that has been spread over the last 80 years that demonizes the sacred herb. I did not know that I was inevitably studying the eCS when I needed to understand why cannabis consumption was so critical to him. I have had the opportunity to monitor clients for over a decade, documenting the safety and efficacy of phytocannabinoid supplementation. I understand now that in my quest for understanding, out of love, was indeed the start of my research.

There is a lot to be said about anecdotal evidence. Especially that which is based on self-reporting. The consumer would give intention to what their desired outcome would be and then give testimony as to how effective the recommended supplement would be in contributing positively to bringing the desired outcome to reality. I was afforded the opportunity to create a large anecdotal research study by dedicating a private consulting office to collecting this data. This office was an extension of the Kiona Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the life of cancer survivors. The Kiona Foundation was founded after my first-born child was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2002.

Kiona was a very special child from day one. Full stop. I feel blessed and honored to have been selected to be her mother for the 11 years and 11 months that she was on this planet. She is the reason I am on this life path, crusade, mission, whatever you want to call it. I have dedicated my career to understanding the effects of utilizing herbs as the basis of nutrition to combat the symptoms of chronic, degenerative and terminal illness and it is all in thanks to Kiona.

When I questioned whether chemotherapy and radiation were the appropriate treatment protocol, I was met with the fact that as a parent, I have no choice in the treatment options for my child. As a minor, the State decides the appropriate treatment and if I resist, I am considered a threat to my own child for acting outside of medical advice. My parental rights would be in jeopardy. However, when they removed all of the brain tumor with her second brain surgery yet, her body could not recover from the effects of the chemotherapy and radiation I challenge. Sadly I am met only with an, “I’m sorry”. Kiona is also the reason I am a champion for patient advocacy and ensuring that there is freedom of choice in medical options for EVERYONE, including and especially minors.

I have fought long and hard to protect the rights of others even as my own rights were attempted to be stripped form me. I have a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a BS in Holistic Nutrition. That means I am a doctor by all rights, and I don’t just use it as a tongue in cheek title for self-promotion or merely play one on TV. In addition to my PhD and BS, I have completed the requirements of becoming a registered professional herbalist though the American Herbalist Guild. I have a working knowledge of over 500 botanicals and my certification with AHG demonstrated my ability to prepare and dispense botanical materia medica in a way that is generally recognized as safe.

I earned my Doctorate, BS and professional credential because I needed to understand. I needed to understand why Kiona was going through her battle and how best I could help her.

I needed to understand brain tumors and cancer in general. Why it develops, how it grows and affects the human condition, how is it managed and controlled. I needed to understand, how vitamins, minerals, ammino acids, enzymes and all the constituents that are required to sustain life work with our internal organs and systems. I needed to understand how we get to homeostasis, or balance, and perform at our optimal working condition.

What I understand, through this education, research, self-discovery and documented case study is that the Endogenous Cannabinoid System is the epicenter of homeostasis. Our master regulator. Herbs are nutrition and the basis of traditional medicine and what has historically been the healthcare model before institutionalized medicine was born. This isn’t new folks. It’s just been skewed to have the masses believe there is not merit in it and it’s not a valuable tool in health and wellness. We have been lied to.

In my role as a contributing author to Skunk Magazine, I intend on drawing from my blood, sweat and tears to educate, empower and inspire the audience. My goal is to spread knowledge. I am not here to provide medical advice and tell you what to do. I am here to give you the years of anecdotal evidence, based on self-reporting of over 15,000 clients that made their way through my doors over the years. You may apply that knowledge in the way you see fit. You are all now apart of my mission to educate others to take a proactive approach to their health through advocacy, support services and education.

I am Dr. Lakisha™ and I look forward to walking the Natural Path with you. Blessed love.

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