Kirt Rohlack

REGENERATIVE CULTIVATION My name is Kirt Rohlack and I am an Regenerative farmer from northern california. I grew up on my family's ranch in southern Texas learning very young what it took to be in the agricultural world. I moved to California in 2007 to start my own farming operation in the medical cannabis market. At that time I became very interested in developing and implementing regenerative organic agricultural practices and processes . I soon after partnered with 2 of the biggest medical collectives in L.A. at the time -La Brea Collective- & -La Confidential- cultivating organic medicine for there patients. I had expanded my responsibilitys running all cultivation projects and complete oversight of site locations and management of crews for -LBC-. 2018-present Me and fellow coworker Noble Thomas Hayes decided to move into running our own business operations and began to build E.R.F. - Emerald Regenerative Farms. This has been a dream in the making and the implementation of all our combined skills has given us the ability to take regenerative farming to the next level. Focusing on quality over quantity. Production of produce as well as medicine. Implementing livestock for food and soil inputs for our cultivation needs. Giving us the ability to give back to the community, provide for our family, and be a guiding light for others to learn from.

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