My journey cultivating cannabis began with a love for growing all things, and a father who shared his fascination with science and horticulture with me. He always said I was born with a green thumb, but, looking back, it was his positive reinforcement that gave me one. Regardless of the crop, we loved the magic of germinating a seed, nurturing a delicate sprout, enjoying a beautiful flower and fruit, and harvest. And, if you’ve never grown a plant, I encourage you to buy a pack of seeds asap—your choice—place a few in a sheet of moistened paper towel, and bring them to life! As cannabis lovers, I promise your enjoyment will only deepen. There are certain sounds, smells, places, things, that evoke feelings for all of us, even long after we’ve separated from them. And, this will feel familiar, even though you have never done it. It’s hard to explain. Like déjà vu. Except not. I digress . . . MzJill Genetics is one of the most celebrated ultra-premium seed companies, across the world. It is eponymously named after its Founder, MzJill, who High Times dubbed “a superstar breeder and tireless cannabis advocate.” Boasting over 20 years of experience sourcing, curating, and cultivating, the finest quality, small batch, medicinal cannabis seeds.

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