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Being Medical Cannabis Savvy – with Rev

Being Medical Cannabis Savvy – with Rev

Medical Cannabis Grade Herb

I first want to say that I am not a doctor, and I don’t play one on the internet, heh heh. My experiences with cannabis over the last half century have been vast. What I’m going to do here today is aid some of you that are looking for help with something, that you think cannabis could assist with. Something like nerve damage pain, or headaches, and so on.

Generally speaking, here’s what I think about medical cannabis possibilities … Everyone is different, and in a nutshell, that’s the real deal. Like if I eat a pain pill, I will get all drowsy and eventually pass out into deep sleep. If my girl eats the same kind of pill, she’ll be up cleaning the house, seemingly wired up. Any drug affects different peeps differently. Keeping this concept firmly in your mind will assist you greatly. Okay then, on with the show…

Rev’s Tip – Edible Medical Cannabis Dosing

Obviously, eating cannabis products is much different in results than smoking or vaping those products. If you are inexperienced with eating cannabis you must be super-duper careful not to eat too much. Start out extra small (dosage) and work your way up. You can get extremely sick overdosing with edibles—spinning out sick.

A Few Words Regarding CBD – Personally Not a Fan

I personally don’t think that CBD is some kind of miracle, not at all. In my opinion, it is essentially a marketing tool hyped up for profit. I spent a couple of years testing out various high or low CBD rated cannabis varieties, and I really couldn’t tell you much about it. Sometimes I would think I had isolated an effect related strictly to higher or lower CBD, only to find out it would change depending on the variety, not the CBD/THC rated values.

I personally have tried a few treatments regarding CBD extracts like oils/lotions, with nothing positive to report to you. Nothing negative either, just nothing. My girl did decide to try some CBD oil on our old sick doggie without my knowledge, put a little in his food. He was way old, and died within a day after that, and he was not a happy camper at all after eating it. These are personal experiences, and I just want you to take them into consideration before hearing how miraculous CBD is as a medical cannabis product.

Everyone is different when it comes to any drug, remember? My CBD evaluations are based on my own personal experiences. There may be a use for CBD regarding your own personal situation, all I want you to get from this CBD part is the hype around it. Judge for yourself, or take advice from trusted friends/family. Be mindful of the hyperbole around CBD products. I know some people swear by them, so find out for yourselves. Also, in no way am I saying CBD killed my girl’s dog. I’m saying it was counterproductive to his happiness.

All Naturally Grown Heavy Indica Dominants
All Naturally Grown Heavy Indica Dominants

Obviously Organic Medical Cannabis is The Best, Pure Resin Properties Emerge

I mean, duh, I’m The Rev so I highly recommend organic grown cannabis for medical applications. This allows for the true nature of the plants to be expressed when smoking, vaping, or consuming edibles. Check out one of my articles about organic cannabis growing, Rev Up Your Living Soil. With that being said, let’s hit on some generalities in the medical cannabis world and biznezz below…


have a lot of body to them, a thump as I call it. Good pure old school indicas will for the greater part, disable your brain, and body slam you, in a narcotic sense, often called “couch locking”. They normally increase hunger and tend to make you sleepy. I call these Indicas “Drooling on Your Shoes Weeds”. LoL!

The main differences in indicas are really flowering time based, for the most part. An 8-week flowering plant will hit you immediately, hardcore, but only last about 60-90 minutes. 10-week flowering indicas lengths of effects are closer to 3 hours, often times.


These have a bit of body, usually, but are truly powerful in the head. Different strains of sativas can have vastly different effects. Generally, they hit you slowly (“creeper”), sometimes as long as 20 min after smoking. The length of effects (legs) is always long, at least a few hours. The longer the flowering time, the longer the effects last—generally speaking, normally. Can be up to 5 hour “legs”.

Sativas, and sativa dominant hybrids, I group in three basic categories, in my experience regarding effects. “Adventure Weeds” as I call them. These sativas are up, social even, and have an edgy, or calming energy to them, depending upon geographic origin of the sativa line.

Many pure sativas are extremely potent, intensely so. Sativas must be grown with high skills to be able to appreciate them fully. “Muse Weeds” which are inspiring and creative to the max. And, “Down the Rabbit Hole Weeds” which are crazy spacey, inward adventures, off the chain potency, and twisted creativity.

Rev’s Tip

Sativas are the “wolves” and Indicas are like all the other dog breeds; ya follow? ???? Hybrids of indica and sativa often have unique combinations of effects. Especially in the F2 generation, true gems can be found. Most sativas are mood elevators for me, but some can be edgy.

Medical Cannabis Effects Can be Manipulated with Harvesting Time

You can tweak the effects of indicas to be less narcotic simply by harvesting a bit before they would be “done”. Up to 2 weeks early, this can show you some other aspects that may be just the ticket regarding what you are looking for. Taken late, Indicas will become very narcotic, “Day Wreckers” heh heh.

Likewise, taking sativa late, up to 2 weeks late, can give you the most powerful sleeping potion ever. Sativas taken early are normally full of energy, highly audio and visual, and excellent Adventure Weeds usually. The potency is milder, less intense, like a dreamy grinning state that lasts half a day or so.

I Usually Keep a Wide Variety of Genetics Vegging
I Usually Keep a Wide Variety of Genetics Vegging

Rev’s Tip

Two important points here are as follows:

  1. Letting your plants go over their target flowering times can lead to them expressing hermaphrodites (“bananas”). This is actually fairly normal, and you can pluck these off with tweezers. All cannabis varieties won’t do this, but many (70%ish) will.
  2. Letting powerful sativas go over their target flowering time can result in very edgy and paranoid inducing results. Especially those from South East Asia, Central America, and some from Africa. If you tend to get uncomfortably paranoid on some types of sativa, use some caution here, with the types listed above, especially.

Specific Examples

PAIN RELIEF: Most of you will find heavy duty indica or indica dominant varieties best for this, but not all of you. Personally speaking, I have never found a true pain killing medical cannabis product, in fact, cannabis is the last thing I would use for that. However, I do have some decent old nerve damage, and when I get muscle spasms in that area it hurts. See below…

Blue Rhino 1947 Setting Up Nicely
Blue Rhino 1947 Setting Up Nicely

MUSCLE SPASMS: I have found one hybrid that is superior at dampening muscle spasms via nerve damage. It’s a little old school, from Irish Rose Seeds, it’s a Blueberry x White Rhino hybrid called Blue Rhino. Many hybrids that have the Blue Rhino as 50% of their make-up also possess this quality. One example is Blue Rhino 1947, available at Kingdom Organic Seeds Online. This is the variety I use for this purpose myself.

See Also

MOOD ELEVATORS/ANTIDEPRESSANTS: This is a particularly wide-ranging answer, since a good deal of your experience using medical cannabis will be subjective to your state of mind and surroundings. Some of the varieties I have found particularly good for this include: Malawi, Bhutanese, Several Hawaiians, Jamaican, and Cinderella 99, harvested at 8 weeks exactly.

ENERGETIC NO MUNCHIES: “Speed Weeds.” Medical cannabis varieties that impart energy will sometimes also cause paranoia in those susceptible to paranoia when baked. This will be mostly trial and error on your part, but a few good ones here are as follows. Durban Poison, Congolese, Panama Red, and Brazilian White.

Many South East Asian sativas will also be good for this, but several of these can have a “dark energy” that will make some peeps quite edgy/anxious.

SLEEP AND APPITITE HELPERS: Seriously, almost any medical cannabis products (80%ish) will cover these bases, especially if you harvest them like a week after target date. Indica and indica dominants are almost always super good for these qualities. Tired and hungry are among the typical effects of many cannabis varieties.

3 Different Varieties Each with Their Own Specific Resin Profiles
3 Different Varieties Each with Their Own Specific Resin Profiles

Extra Things Regarding Medical Cannabis

Over my 45 years of cannabis exposure, I have heard from more than a few people, who swear by cannabis tea for headaches. This is simply dried and crushed cannabis leaves used to make regular drinking tea. Putting freshly crushed cannabis seeds into gelatin capsules, or sprinkling on food, has been touted to me on numerous occasions as an (arthritic caused) pain aid, by peeps I thought were not prone to hyperbole, and seemed like they had a good head on their shoulders.

This article wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning some varieties I don’t enjoy, and I call these varieties “Aggro Weeds,” and like the name suggests, they aggravate me. Either as soon as I get high on them, or, as soon as I start to come down from being high on them.

A few of these that have this effect on me are: Trainwreck (Lemonwreck), Chem, and Kush (most, but not all of the Kush types). As a rule of thumb, any strains/varieties that tend to hermie fairly easily and extensively due to moderate stress, within a few weeks before harvest, also usually falls into this category. You may not notice the aggro cause, unless you are looking for it, then you see it clearly. This is something that should be considered, for sure.

A’ight, that’s it for now. Hope you are all staying well during the “Zombie Apocalypse” and I’ll catch ya back here next week. L8r G8rs…

-REvski ????