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Blends is our new series to mix cannabis with just the right vibes to tell a story of excellence.  With all the positive changes happening lately, cannabis is undoubtedly having its day in the sun.  And the best is yet to come. To honor the work of leaders showing the way, we created a musical series to pay tribute to superior marijuana strain genetics grown by especially focused growers.  We pair the best people in marijuana with music to match their vibe in our Best Cannabis Blends series. Think of us as a musical shortcut to help you find, and celebrate top quality marijuana.

Spotify Playlist Title:  Best Cannabis Blends | Huckleberry Reggae by Poor Ragged Rascal  

Craig Nejedly is one cool cat.  He walks the talk of a sustainable business owner both in his cannabis growing/breeding, and his clothing and skateboarding business.  He’s the Founder/CEO of Talking Trees Farms, High Grade Distribution, and Satori Wellness, the only dispensary in the country which is also a skate shop.  Satori Wellness is located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, in McKinleyville, not too far up the California coast from San Francisco.  The dispensary began as Satori Movement, an environmentally forward-thinking skateboarding and hemp and bamboo clothing shop Craig launched in San Francisco many years ago.  Well ahead of the curve at the time, Satori Movement created a reclamation system called Relife which combines old skateboard wheels with new materials to craft wheels with 60% post-consumer material.  True to Craig’s natural resolve, the Relife program continues to this day.

Talking Trees Farms’ 1500 pound harvests feature a wide range of genetics, from euphoric high-THC strains like Huckleberry to soothing high-CBD strains like Pineapple Tsunami, which is a continuation of the genetics work of the legendary Lawrence Ringo (rest in peace) of Humboldt Seed Company.  Craig’s individual contest entries, as well as his product collaborations, blends, and individual cultivars, have won Emerald Cup, Cannabis Cup, and Terpestival Terpene Tournament awards.  Usually, winning just one such award would be a feat worthy of attention and praise.  Winning multiple awards with high-THC & high-CBD cultivars through collaborations with some of the best companies in the marijuana industry is the sports equivalent of being selected to the NBA All-Star team, or landing a 900 on a beachside halfpipe with the camera rolling.

Travel with us through the music to take a tour of Talking Trees Farms and Satori Wellness with Craig Nejedly, and get to know the man through the music he loves.

Skunk Magazine:  What makes the history and location of your farms special?  

Craig Nejedly:  We are located in Humboldt County.  Humboldt is known worldwide for its cultivation.  The climate, altitude, and culture make it the best place, in my opinion, for cannabis cultivation.  I have been at the same location for the last 5 years and it’s excellent. Full sun exposure mountain top at 1600 ft. elevation, so the climate is great.  We are 40 miles inland from the coast, so we don’t get the fog and moisture as bad compared to coastal areas that can cause mold and PM (powdery mildew).

Skunk:  How is your cannabis grown?  

Craig:  We grow indoor, in a greenhouse, and full sun as well, all in soil beds including the indoor.  Outdoor full sun, most are directly in the ground and some are in smart pots. We do a lot of light dep. (note to editor:  light deprivation, a technique used to increase the number of outdoor harvests per year) About 25,000 square feet of production is light dep., 24,000 square feet of full sun, and under 8,000 square feet of indoor including a nursery.

Skunk:  Would you like to highlight any practices or standards which keep your cannabis at award-winning quality?  

Craig:  Attention to detail is everything.  Cannabis plants, on an individual plant basis, are all unique, and just like a woman, each one needs attention to make sure it’s growing well.  We also focus on using only organic methods and nutrients.  While salt based nutrients are usually easier to use and produce a bling appeal, testing, and our experience have proven that all organic, soil grown cannabis is the best and most terpene rich.  

Skunk:  How are things going lately with breeding and blending, two of our favorite topics in cannabis?  

Craig:  I am just getting into breeding strains.  It takes a lot of focus to do breeding well and the last many years were focused on producing the strains that were in demand for the traditional markets.   Now, the legal market and consumers are wanting hot new strains and that’s exciting. So we have been collecting males and pollen and are about to launch some breeding projects.  I am excited. I am personally mostly a flower toker. I smoke joints. Every once in a while i will add some bubble hash or live rosin into my joint. I tend to avoid products that are not solventless.

Skunk:  What can you tell us about the Emerald Cup this year?  You won or placed in several categories this year, both alone and in collaboration with other great brands.  Did I hear correctly that your hash powers the delicious, handmade Space Gems, another Emerald Cup winner?

Craig:  Our pheno hunted Huckleberry is one of our staples.  It took 15th place in the Emerald Cup and just has an amazing fruity punch berry terpene profile.  We loved the genetics from Humboldt Seed Co. that we ran, the Blueberry Muffins and the Pineapple Upside Down Cake – both have amazing terp profiles.  Layer Cake from Swamp boys is another standout.

Skunk:  Are there any products you love using with your cannabis?  

Craig:  On the cultivation side, we use Royal Gold soils for our medium and a local company, Soilscape solutions, blends customized amendments for us that are amazing and tailored to the test results of our soil.  

Skunk:  How did this year go for you?  

Craig:  2018 was a great year for our cultivation.  The weather held out into November in terms of rain and so we ran into very minimal issues with mold or PM (powdery mildew).  The quality of the product and our yields were great. We grew over 50 strains so there were many good ones. Zkittlez is always a winner too.  Yes, we provide all the hash that goes into Space Gem products.

Skunk:  What do you find encouraging about the future of cannabis in the United States?

Craig:  I think cannabis will be nationally legal or at least descheduled within the next 5 or so years and that will be exciting to see brands and products being able to legally cross state borders into other markets.

Summary:  We pair the best people in cannabis with music to match their vibe.  Here we present the first interview in our Best Cannabis Blends series, with accompanying reggae playlist, created as a tribute to Craig Nejedly, an especially accomplished, award-winning grower/breeder in Humboldt County, California.  Think of this project as a musical shortcut to top quality cannabis. Today’s tribute is to the Huckleberry cultivar Craig entered to win 15th place at the Emerald Cup in 2018.  We asked DJ Poor Ragged Rascal to put together a reggae mix to match the positive vibe of Craig Nejedly and his uplifting, yet relaxing Huckleberry cultivar.  We think you’ll enjoy the reggae mix almost as much as a visit to Satori Wellness, Craig’s dispensary in McKinleyville, not too far up the California coast from San Francisco.  Skunk Magazine sat down with Craig to better understand his approach towards growing award-winning cannabis with regularity.

Farm via Talking Trees Farms

Cannabis via Talking Trees Farms

Humboldt via Talking Trees Farms

Coast via Talking Trees Farms

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