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Blue River Terps Carts

Blue River Terps Carts

Blue River Terp Carts

Introduction and Welcome

I remember when I started making cold water hash in the early 2000s. I had a spoon pipe with a screen on it. My first hash smoking setup so to say. It was smelly, I was always losing the screen and had to have a pack of em with me because they would get funky within a few puffs. I remember wishing that one day in the future someone would develop a super discreet hash smoking device that I didn’t need a butane lighter for. Enter Blue River and AVD. Full terpene extracts, delivered in a great device.

Flash forward to 2019. We have literally hundreds of companies developing vape products and new ways to vape. What I never thought would be a thing was disposable cartridges being sold by the thousands out of recreational shops, used for a week and then thrown away. They are not recyclable or reusable. Rather than focus on the waste of resources used to make single-use carts, or the solvent derived oils that are put in them which contain legal/illegal pesticides, cutting agents, so on and so forth, I would like to focus on companies that are making clean medicine without solvents and using little to no plastic in the process.

Hence the shoutout to Blue River and AVD. Blue River terp carts are made with a ceramic tipped mouthpiece, AVD glass casing and the AVD ceramic core. Other than the silicone o ring which seals off the glass tube in the top and bottom there is no plastic! Oh, did I mention that the oil in it is single-sourced, mechanically separated solventless rosin?! It’s true full spectrum without any reintroductions, added flavors and no cuts or fillers. They developed the battery with AVD to bring a smoother, tastier hit by using a lower voltage. Most vape battery’s burn carts at 3.4-3.6v. The AVD seed battery has a low (2.0v-2.4v) and high (3.0v-3.4v). That means you are getting a smooth, flavorful, clean hit and some mighty clouds, never burning oil.

The Experience

I was eager to get my hands on some of these carts and a battery. I grow my own flower and I am not a huge cart type of guy. What I like about carts is they are super discreet and I can bring them out of the country through the airports (allegedly).

The amazing ladies who run NXTLVL delivery out of the East Bay Area (support women-run companies!), hooked me up with one of the Sour Lemon Dawg Jelly carts and one of Sour Diesel Sauce cartridges. The setup is simple, all you do is screw on the magnetic connector to the bottom of the cartridge, select your preferred temp (mine is low), drop in the cartridge and you’re ready to rock and roll. The AVD battery gives you a gentle buzz to tell you that it is working. There is also a small air hole you can cover with your finger to adjust the flow.

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The intense flavor and cloud produced blew me away. I felt as though I was taking a low temp dab out of a nice rig! It was a super heady high which is a first from a cartridge for me. The best part is, I know that this isn’t some nasty mid-grade distillate with added flavors, just solventless gold. The cartridge lasted for a week and a half and I am a heavy user. Especially when I am on vacation and can’t bring flower with me. The best part? When I finished I wasn’t tossing a plastic cart into the trash.

I truly hope that other companies follow what Tony of Blue River and AVD did here. They produced great terpene-rich carts, delivered through an excellent, reusable battery. Please start producing clean cannabis concentrates in non-plastic vessels. Thanks, guys, I can actually buy a cart with clean oil and not feel like I am giving the earth a big middle finger. Using single-use plastics which are one of the biggest problems plaguing the California Rec. market in 2020 and beyond. I would buy Blue River terp carts again and again.