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Breeder Diaries: Bret Bogue

Breeder Diaries: Bret Bogue

IF YOU LIVE IN CALI, or anywhere else on the planet for that matter, you’ve probably heard of Bret Bogue. As a breeder he’s done it all, from supplying Cali collectives and developing his own genetics to bringing home the gold in Amsterdam. Now he’s ready to revolutionize the cannabis industry one giant step at a time and with some pretty impressive backers to boot. I had the pleasure of sitting down with this tireless crusader in Sin City during the CHAMPS show. What you are about to read might just be history in the making.


You’re quite the legend in Cali and now all over the world. How did it all begin?

It began at an early age in a little town called Gig Harbor, Washington, when I was 16 or 17 [and] like all young people having an interest in smoking for getting high. I had the pleasure of meeting people who were working in the growing industry since the early ‘60s and I was introduced to these people when I was 16 years old. They had some of the most powerful strains that I have ever seen in my life and I wanted to learn. It’s funny. I was actually just reminiscing last night sitting in one of these hotel rooms about this kid that I was and this fascination I felt. I could remember almost 25 years ago to the day me smoking my first ever hash oil hit.

There were some older buddies of my friend who were in there 20’s and they were killing it, they were just blowing up. They were doing big grow houses all over, right? It was one of my buddy’s older brothers and he was making a lot of money. It got more and more to where I saw the money and, like anyone, I was young and ambitious, so about four years after that I started getting into just growing. I was 22 and had my first gardens.

A little after that I got cancer. When I got cancer I would go to my doctor, Dr. Dean Mastras from Tacoma Radiation Oncology. I would go in there everyday and get the radiation treatment. Of course you know I always tried to keep upbeat and then one day he asked me, “You know I see a lot of older people. You’re the youngest person that I have ever treated for this type of cancer.”

What kind was it?

I had a melanoma, skin cancer. I’m in nine medical books. Doctors in Albany, NY studied my case and I got the usual “Bret, you’re the most fascinating specimen we’ve ever examined.” But they paid for the whole surgery, for free. They paid for everything because of the study they were doing on me.

Get back to your doctor at the time.

Dr. Mastras started asking me one day how I kept so positive and upbeat and how I maintained my appetite, so I decided to be honest and told him I was smoking and that I found that certain smokes worked differently on different days when I was either getting or not getting treatments. So he actually noted it. He put it in my records, but at the time there was no medical law in Washington. I started realizing, ‘hey wait a minute, there could be a real beneficial need for weed for other sick people.’ From there I really started looking at the different strains. I only really knew about what a lot of other people called Kushes, but that I would know as Paki or Afghani and we had some of those and we also had the indicas or sativa. Not really knowing about any of them aside from things like one helped with pain and one for sleeping I started to get really pumped and tried to discover the different uses. I realized that I needed to create and I wanted to work in this industry and, really, I hate to say it but as a young person the primary lure was the money and secondly me not being able to get the proper medication or the quality of medication that I thought was necessary. So one day I’m driving with my wife and my partner at the time, Shilo, and me not being the most educated person and my wife being very educated, I asked what were those people in ancient times that used to go around treating and helping people? She said they’re called apothecaries. That’s how, in 1998 while driving in the car, Apothecary came out. And that’s when I said, we’re going to Amsterdam!

When was YOUR first cup won? 

Well, the first cup, in Amsterdam, was 2007, but our first international award was in 2004 when we won the IC – we won the second and third place.

Which strain was it?

Levity and Cherry Pez. And now the Cannabis Cup with Kaia Kush.

Last time I was here at the THC Expo, you introduced my partner to some Grape Ape and he and another guy, who are both hardcore tokers, wound up on their asses for a couple hours afterwards. What are you currently working on?

I currently have two new OG strains, one’s called The Snoop and the other one’s called The Woody.

Snoop and Woody. And that would be Snoop Dogg and Woody Harrelson?

How come you didn’t call one of them The Bret? You know, it’s hard to be humble in the industry sometimes and I’m trying to be more and more, as I get older, to understand that I’m kinda privileged in a lot of ways in my life and happy to be free.

I’m sure you got quite the scare.

Yes. Yeah, I was spared my life. At the same time, I want to be able to help the youth, people coming up there, the younger people that want to learn about our craft and want to learn how to take this to the next level. I got into a lot of trouble when I was younger, not with the police, but more with drugs and alcohol, and I was running, probably, from a lot of personal issues of my own, like a lot of people do. And a lot of times, being like a mentor, helping out younger people who aren’t even my kids, I have four kids of my own, and more than ever, I feel our community, as a whole, can reach out and show that there are some good parts of who we are as a community and that we can help our youth. We see people get into speed or crank or drugs like that, you know, ultimately [it] could end one’s life.

They fuck you up, man whether they kill you or not. In hindsight, your cancer, did it bring out this altruistic side, or do you think it would have come about either way?

Well, how about this? It was about, I think, 1996, as I started getting further into my own personal hell and realizing I have this disease, cancer, and that the chances of it coming back are probably greater than not, I started really getting interested in what was going on. I had an encounter with Jack Herer and it kinda changed my life because once he started talking about certain things, I actually went out, and I remember doing this, I went to the library and I rented every DVD that had to do with marijuana or hemp that has ever been printed, sat at home for a week and watched everything. I think around that time it literally changed my life both as a patient and a person. My goal someday would be to be a philanthropist for mankind, and to be able to do it, with what I loved doing the most, is kinda the point.

You could be the Bill Gates of the movement. 

Yeah. Or be the P. Diddy of medical marijuana.

Your two new strains. What’s special about them?

They’re 100% Kush. I mean, 100%. They’re not crossed with anything. What separates these strains are not only the medical properties, but the overall medicine itself is, probably, for me, the strongest medicine that I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve never had medicine that, literally, when I’m administering my medicine, I have to sit down.

It’s very strong, has a very pungent, you know, OG odor, and it’s a strain that if it’s grown right, will produce, generally speaking, larger amounts than the said OG people are working with.

I know that Greenhouse in Amsterdam, pursued your strains for a while, and now have added them to their stables. How did that relationship come about?

That’s funny. My first encounter with Arjan was “those stupid fucking Americans.” I don’t know if I ever told you that before, but my first cup, I’m there, I’m excited, I have to be honest, it’s like 1996 or ‘97, I’m there, kicking back and here’s Fabio – that’s what I call Arjan – here’s Fabio, he walks in with his long Fabio hair back then, looks over, and here’s me and a few buddies and I’m 27 years old, I’m in Amsterdam, and it’s nothing like this in America, I’m staring at 40 different strains of marijuana, 40 different hashes, and I have them all out in front of me, and I’m just going off like it’s the greatest thing ever, and I’m just taking, like, the happy hits, right? And Arjan walks by and he’s like, “Fucking stupid Americans,” and just walked off, you know?

How was the relationship? It is very good now, but when I finally got a chance, I think, after 2000, so about 2000-2001 is when I actually started to get involved with the breeding and seeding going on hardcore in Amsterdam, and it was around that time I actually got to sit down with Arjan, kind of a one-on-one type of business type of relationship. I had to, of course, tell him, “I am the fucking American” because I thought it was poignant to let him know that sometimes the covers don’t always match what the inner is. So, you know, we have a great relationship. I trust him more than anyone else in Amsterdam when it comes to what I’m doing and where my company’s going. We have a lot of the same business aspirations as far as where we want to see our companies go, and for that, I entrusted in him the three strains that I gave him, and that was the Kaia Kush, which won the 2007 Cannabis Cup; Bubba Kush, which, I have been told, won in 2008 and 2009 at the High Life and ChemDog, and it sounds like they’re just about ready to release that. So, we’ll continue to work with Greenhouse as long as possible.

They heard about you and your strains?

Yeah, we had a mutual friend in Amsterdam, I think the world pretty much knows now, he’s “the Nose”, and the Nose had been trying to get us together for probably about 10 years. I had worked with him and I think it’s pretty much public knowledge in Amsterdam that we worked with Sissy and her Amnesia coffee shop the first three years. We won her first actual cup in her coffee shop, and she’s won many more and congratulations for that. A success for everyone. So, we did work with other companies prior to working with Arjan.

So, basically, you rose out of the minor leagues and into the big time there at Greenhouse.

I hope what it is is [that] I caught the eye of, what I consider, the king of not only, I don’t want to say cannabis cause I don’t think that one can claim that, but definitely the king of our business is Arjan, and there is no doubt about that. I think that anyone that really knows what’s going on and sees his involvement in our business and our industry, I can’t see how you can be angry to have a representative like that, as far as your representatives in business.

Maybe you’re already answered this question, but it’s also about Arjan, because I have met him a few times and he’s probably one of the most interesting characters in the cannabis industry. So, how has your experience with the king been? Any clashing of the titans?

People ask that all the time. It’s a good question. Arjan commands presence in this industry, regardless of where we’re at. His accomplishments outweigh pretty much everyone’s in the industry, and I think that even on a larger effect than just creating the strains, he really donates and helps a lot of people. I don’t think a lot of people take that into consideration.

You don’t hear that often.

No, he should get a lot more respect from that. I respect a man who not only takes care of his family, but looks beyond that reaches out and [gives] a hand to someone.

I hear you. I mean, he’s always at the forefront at any event; he puts his money where his mouth is.

Every time. Every time.

Here’s something off-topic. All up-and-coming breeders want to know the next question. Are there any breeder groupies?

Groupies. Well, you know, my wife, this is a funny thing, she runs the websites, so a lot of the so-called groupies try to get a hold of us. I guess it doesn’t matter who you are in this industry, and yes, they do show up and send very interesting photos and say interesting things, but my wife is the referee, so the referee always wins.

So your manager is also pretty much your cockblocker.

In a lot of ways, you know what? Kudos to her. There’s nothing like having a champion cockblocker.

A quick one. Sativas? Indicas?

Well, for here in America our thing is, generally, for speed and then the overall availability of something. Because of that, it really lends to not grow sativas as much. I do have a staple sativa that I love and I got it from Neville. I couldn’t make it to Amsterdam, but my brother, Neville, Shilo and Eddie all went up to Neville’s place, and Neville bestowed us with everything he ever did. So, besides Greenhouse, I’m the only one in the world that has the real stuff. While everyone else can say they do, they don’t, because I got it before Neville got arrested, which was this last time – we got it five years before that.

What’s your view on feminized seeds? Good thing? Bad thing?

I think it’s good for the everyday, average kind of a grower, a medical grower.

So, it’s good for the guy who only has a permit for, say, 25 plants.

Right, and doesn’t have the spot to keep mothers and clones. But, ultimately, I see everything in clones, and that’s why I’m taking my business this way. Cause it’s very rare a very select person who wants my breeds, cause they’re either going to do crossbreeding with it or they’re just that in tune with what’s going on and they have that much time to do it. And that’s where I see my business. Where I see big growth is in the clone business and in the consulting business.

Right, but certain people don’t want to touch clones because of other people’s problems. But, if the source is reputable, like you, you don’t have a problem.

Well, how we did it is I trademarked all of our strains; every single one that we have. I trademarked them, not for the genetics, because I don’t own the genetics, I trademarked them for the name so that when I put the strains out to the clubs, there will be a hologram on every one and it will be the trademark. If it doesn’t have that you didn’t buy it from us. And that’s our point… we want to authenticate everything that we do.

At this point, Bret hands over a massive, professional-looking book outlining everything about Ggeco – a new University dedicated to educating the masses about medical mariuana.

This is the school. This is just a quick overview of what it is and what we’re doing. I’ll let you go through it.

Looks like a UCLA course.

One of my partners, I really want to make sure to get this in, is the Nile Valley Group out of Michigan. We will be the only group in Michigan. We have gotten three buildings from said county, I’d rather not say what the county is right now, but I can definitely say we are there. We have a letter of approval not only from the county, but from the Sherriff’s Department. They grandfathered us in, not only for the dispensary, but for three buildings. We will be opening up the largest cannabis college in the world. There will be a 60,000 square foot facility in Michigan. Our goal is to not only work in Michigan, but really to run the whole gamut. And if you see here, we will be going into every state. Even if your state doesn’t offer medical, we’ll still be available. We’re still there.

Bubba Kush

You’re there to teach, assuming that one day it’ll be legal.

Yeah, and our platform is on HotClick Video… Your magazine could be run off it, in fact this whole show – I’m in negotiations with the show owner, Josh, to take this whole show virtual next year. You come in here to the show, a wonderful show – makes wonderful money and [is] great for all of our companies to advertize and sell their products. But now, I want to take it to a whole new level. I want to be able to take your products, put them on a YouTube platform, the platform being HotClick Videos. You’ll sit down, watch the video just like you were watching YouTube, [except] now it’s HotClick, and anything in that video is obtainable and is for sale while the video is going, and it never stops. So now it allows the show, instead of being 1 day, it allows it to be 365 days a year, 7 days a week. And here’s the deal, the producer of the video makes 95% of the money, from wholesale to retail, you get that money. Already banked for you, done for you, everything. You do nothing. My whole school is set up on that. So anyone that joins up and works with my school, you’re selling products that people want to buy 24/7. It never stops.

Are you part of HotClick?

I own the marijuana platform for the whole thing, so basically, imagine YouTube and now I own all the marijuana content. Everything.

Seems like you got a lot on your plate, eh man?

Well, I’m going to be honest with you. It’s so overwhelming that I have to start taking on these partners. These partners, they’re serious. I mean they have billions of dollars to blow. I truly believe I have the most money in the industry right now. I could literally be bigger than anyone, ever, in this industry, because of the money that’s backing me. I have 14 billion dollars. Beat that.

Well, people forget how big of a business this is. And the sooner we treat it as a business, the more successful we’ll be, you know?

When I go to the THC Convention – suit and tie. You’ll never see me without a suit and tie again. I want the corporate America image in everything we do. I do not want people to think that we’re just run of the mill, hippie people—there’s nothing wrong with hippie people—but you have to understand, this is moving so fast, and again, I did not search out those billionaires; they came to me. That is huge. People should understand, we’re not running around, banging on people’s doors for money. “A hundred million, two hundred million, what do you want? We’ll give you what you want. Show us the blueprint to make this happen and all the money’s yours.” So I’m looking at it, understanding that that whole pro-activist thing I was talking about was just right around the corner. It’s really that fast because, again, this whole package that I just presented to you – you have the school, now here’s the genetics – what they are, who they are, who is the creator… and I will be offering all these genetics in clone form.

In clone form?

In clone form and then one at a time as seed, because in 2006, when I got busted, a lot of my seed stock got taken. I had to start over like a lot of people did.

Is Apothecary Seeds still around?

It’s Apothecary Genetics right now. I just changed it to Genetics because of the movement and seeing where it was if I just said seeds I’m locking it here, but if I go genetics, I’ve got this broader forum.

And it also better encompasses where you’re going.

As a company; First one is the school, the second one is Apothecary Genetics and the third one is Ra Organics and Lighting—a brand new company we just came out with. I’m offering Ra organic tea, Ancient Secret, Fountain of Youth and then our lighting. As I was telling you before, what we’ve done is take a standard 10×10 room. A 10×10 room is, for quick numbers, three trays, which is 96 square feet, three 4x8s. Generally speaking, you put 2 1000 watt lights over each tray, you put about 48 plants in the method that I’m describing here. You get roughly four to five pounds per tray with that method. Of course, with you’re AC and everything else, you’re at about 12,000 watts per room. Your bill is about $2,200 per month for that room plus your food and everything else that you’re using.

Same method now, using LED lights, using the same three trays, using 600 watt panels over each one that we’ve developed with our special LED light system through Ra Organics and Lighting. Over those trays, you will be getting three pounds per tray, so nine pounds off of 1,800 watts. Nine pounds! Now, your electricity bill will be about $300 per month. So just with that one run, for one year, I saved you about $25,000. Of course, over 10 years, I save you a quarter of a million bucks. Which is about what your house is worth.

So, if people don’t understand that then they should just stop growing. Cause I just changed the whole business. I put the HPS, boom, same room I just told you, right against the LEDs. Put ‘em both out, put them right up there, I’ll put them in front of you, you will not be able to tell me both the quality, the density and everything about it. It’s the exact same thing.

It’s the future because it keeps you off the radar, as well.

For anyone worried about power, look let’s do a 100 trays, okay? You’re at a 100 trays, 600 [watt panels]. What is that; 600 and a 100. Isn’t that 6,000 watts?

600 times 100?


It’s more than that. It’s 60,000.

Okay. So 60,000 watts. 60,000 watts for 300 pounds of medicine.


Uh, well, that sounds pretty reasonable to me (laughing).

No, I see the future coming. Like I said, even with the magazine we see so many more companies offering LED.

And finally, of course, you needed all the proof. Room one, this is a 60,000 light set-up right here. Room 2 is a 20-light set-up; these are growing in trays. Perlite in the bottom, 2 #4 bags of Sunshine Mix. The cheapest commercial growing method in the industry; $60 a tray. Now, if someone’s got a cheaper way to do that, then let me know, cause I doubt they do. And, it costs less than $100 for the whole cycle to feed the plants.

Now, I’m, of course, sponsored by Advanced, and I’ve gotta mention them always cause they’re the kings for me, but the base to all my food is our Ra organics tea, and that costs, for the whole cycle, $100. So, I want everyone to know, with a little bit of love from Advanced, it cost me $110 to win the Cannabis Cup. I’ll put that test to anyone in the industry, and I’ll beat ‘em hands-down. Now, I don’t wanna be too cocky, but go ahead…

So, are you only organic?

I’m growin’ and I can grow any way. I can grow bio-organic, of course, chemical, hydroponic, flood and drain, aeroponic, bio-matric… I can grow dirt.

What do you prefer?



Dirt organic. It’s not a matter of automating my garden. Don’t want to do it at all. Go ahead and automate it. I mean there’s a company called Budweiser, that’s called automation. I don’t want that. I’m a farmer, first and foremost, I have to know what my plant is, every day I want to touch it, every day I want to feel it, and every day I’m gonna know what’s gonna happen to my plant. If I don’t do that, then I can’t say that. You’re going to have Budweiser and Coors all over, okay? And then you’re going to have companies like Apothecary and Greenhouse, and they’re going to be known as the Cristal or the Louis XIII, and you are going to pay for that service.

See Also

So what we are right here is a four-pronged company that is the only one, not only in the United States, [but] in the world. And I guarantee you that you could put us up against anyone, No one right now has this package. No one does.

No, it’s quite impressive.

And I’m going to every one in the country. I leave here on Thursday morning to go to Michigan to ink that deal, then off to Colorado to ink another deal, then Washington [and] Oregon to ink other deals.

Well, those are the hotspots right now. Especially Colorado.

And, and I’m just gonna keep on hittin’ ‘em and keep on tearin’ ‘em up. Now, the book itself, I’m gonna let you get back to that. So, the book, itself, of course, is five parts [and] the course is 13 ½ hours, online about ten hours. What we go over are basics. This is our basic course. I’m sponsored by NORML, ASA, MPP, West Magazine, OCWeedly and others.

I designed the whole course. I don’t have you go buy a fucking book and spend $40-$50. Why do you need to do that? Take notes and you’ve got everything. You wanna know how to grow? I just tell you how to grow. And with the video, you know, it’s all free once they take the class. The classes will be $99. You get all this, plus the DVDs for 99 bucks. You can’t beat it. Then it’s the law. Go all into California law; Basic court cases. When you take advanced, you have all the federal cases in there. Cooking 101 for oils, tinctures and everything. Then we go into the medical part. And then after the medical is the “budtending” part where I walk the patient through, go in, go ‘how-do-you-do new patient, brought my note, but I don’t understand how it works.’ Well, you’re going to go in there, present it to the lady, she’s going to check your number and that’s the whole thing. Then we go and have it all on videotape, then you go through all the different strains and everything. I have it all videotaped, the whole process. So a new patient won’t be afraid anymore, going in.

NORML puts out this wonderful book on all the different symptoms and the good and bad of marijuana. They gave it to me for free, I just make them. Then we show you the whole process of the courts and how it happens all the way through. Give you the brand new guidelines for the Attorney General. How to set up your collectives and how to open and run ‘em.

I went to university and this puts some of the courses outlines I had to shame.

Me and my wife developed this and hired attorneys to help us get everything written on the law part. It took us seven months to do this, me and her and our attorneys. Our attorneys are J. David Nick and Edie Lerman. One is out of Mendocino County and the other is out of Palm Springs. Two of the top medical marijuana attorneys in the California area. They’ve never lost a marijuana case. Ever.

From what I hear, you’re aligning yourself with a lot of people who know what they’re doing.

Well, that was the thing, when we built this school, I wanted to make sure that I was able to provide basic information to someone. Not overwhelm them. That was the one thing I noticed, not to knock any of the other schools; it was a sensory overload for information they’re providing people, and really what we’re trying to do here is give you the basic information, not overload you. But, at the same time, we want to give you that one-on-one feel. We want you to understand that, ask questions, come back, talk to us. Keep on asking questions. If we go over and you want more, keep on asking. And that’s the importance and I hope that people will see that we want to take the time, because we’re just like you. We’re patients, and we’re survivors. So, when I needed someone to answer my questions, Jack Herer took the time. Ed Rosenthal took the time. Eddie Lepp took the time. Jorge Cervantes took the time.

Are these some of your heroes?

I really try not to have heroes and I’ve never…

People you admire, basically?

I think it’s important that people… heroes should be our moms and dads, that’s our heroes…

I really do admire them, I definitely look up to them. I definitely look to them for information and leadership and where I’m going because I truly believe that our generation, well, I’m turning 40 next year, the reality of this is that the older gurus of the group, the older leaders of our group are diminishing very fast, and God help them, but the point is I really hope that it’s time that people like me, Arjan and some other people in this industry have a voice and that people do listen, [and] can maybe grab the torch and run with it, to show the positive part [of what] we have learned from those other leaders and what we can now do to better what they have done. Cause I don’t think we could ever overrule what they’ve done, we can just add to what they have done.

You can refine it.

Yes and add to the legacy of all of them. Another person I would want to put in there is Dennis Peron. He definitely deserves a lot of credit for what we’ve done. So those are the people who I admire. In fact, a company just called me up and wanted to honor our leaders and those were some of the people that I said I thought deserved to be honored.

I’m sure they are on many people’s lists. Getting back to the strains we just went through, what strain are you most proud of?

Grape Ape.

How come?

It was a strain that at first I didn’t think was gonna have, you know, the pull that it did. It basically put us on the map, as far as being able to both financially, not only to help ourselves, but help other groups of people and develop more strains that we have, so the Grape Ape by far, has given us the most notoriety, especially here in the States. And with a lot of the rappers, like E-40 Too Short, the Game, Snoop Dogg… I mean, Snoop Dogg only smokes Grape Ape.

It’s quite an endorsement. When you’re planning your breeding projects, what are you most looking for? Yield? Potency? Type of high? Medical effect?

Our key right now is the overall medical effect, because I think we are already established in the industry as someone who’s going to put out quality and quantity. The whole money part has changed as far as us being this young, kind of go-get-it, you know, for the money.

I think it becomes less about making money and more what kind of legacy you’re going to leave behind and what kind of innovations you can bring to this industry.

Helping people… Our goal, no matter what. If Apothecary Enterprises can give back as much as we take, we’d be winnin’.

Is there a brotherhood amongst breeders, or is it a community filled with jealousy, egos and backstabbing, or a little bit of both?

Unfortunately, overall, it’s a major jealousy, major competition and, frankly, [there’s] a lot of money involved in it, as most people understand. You know, I’ve been told by High Times [that] any one strain that wins a Cannabis Cup could be worth upwards of a million dollars a year. I’ll say that I’ve never made that much off my seeds or my clones, so, I mean, I’ve yet to see that.

They’re using the same accounting methods cops do.

(Laughing) So, anyway, it is what it is and I think it’s more hype than anything. I will say this, yesterday, when I was sitting with a well-known breeder for a minute, he told me that they had swept all the awards in Europe with some hash and some other stuff. I know they didn’t win the sativa because Arjan won, but anyway, he said to me, we won, you know, and I want to rejoice and be happy for his win, but my next question would be, “so how much money you got going in your pocket?” And after a while, I can win all the awards that I could. It doesn’t pay me a damn dime. So what I’m trying to say is it’s great, good for you that you won, but if you’re not living and making money, then it’s useless. It really means almost nothing, and then, with that said, I decided, if my company isn’t making money, and we’re just getting accolades… we’ve already got enough of those already, I don’t need those anymore. I really need to make it a profitable thing so we can actually make money. And a lot of these companies, they’re not making money selling seeds; they’re making money growing.

Well, from what I understand, a lot of these companies in Amsterdam take a beating from the average person buying seeds because they say they’re so damn expensive. But, from what I see, they’re low-priced until they hit North America and get passed through a few hands. That’s when they become expensive.

Well, how about this. I know a lot of people who used to sell seeds in Amsterdam. They don’t sell seeds anymore. The business of seeds, the money is not quite what it used to be.

Kaia Kush

My personal experience, one thing I’ve found that threatens our movement are the egos. Too many people want to be the man, but don’t possess the capabilities. Do you find this accurate? Even within the medical field.

Yes, to answer your question, 100%. What I see is that the industry is moving at such a fast pace, everyone is jockeying for position, and there’s so much money. I don’t really think that people realize this, what’s coming down the pipe. I just had this conversation last night with a gentleman from Arizona who was fighting a religious defense. Basically, I may have insulted the guy, I didn’t really mean to, but I kinda just got down and dirty and said, ‘look, it’s all the dirty-assed hippies that are messing this thing up for us.’ Because, at the end of the day, they’re not taking care of themselves, they’re not taking care of anything, making us look like we’re just bad-looking people. We’re doing something wrong. The breeders themselves, kinda get in their own little cliques and say you’re trying to take his money or you’re moving in on his business. When I set up my school, I heard that some of the other schools were all upset and all like, ‘oh, how can he do this? He’s going to take money away,’ and then one day, I started thinking about it and I thought, ‘wow, so is that what Duke University said to Stanford? Is that what Stanford said to Yale? Is that what Yale said to Harvard? Are you kidding me?’

So, you get to a point, and I think people, unfortunately, they’re going to have to figure it out, because in order to get acceptance in the mainstream, we gotta, as a group, have some governing body that administers the shackles or the clamps on our mouths, because what it’s doing, overall, is hurting our industry. Cause, as happened on the Alex Jones Show, Howard said it so eloquently, “you guys always just go on air here and bang each other out. Like, you were the best buddies a week ago and now you’re the enemies of enemies and you air all your dirty laundry right out in the middle and you never finish it behind closed doors, thus, making you look like a bunch of goons.”

Aside from being a renowned breeder, I know you’re a hardcore activist. I’ll always refer to California as the state we should emulate, however, people are still getting harassed and busted in California and I hate to think what would happen if the next election produced another Bush-type President. In short, the progress in California could halt overnight. What can we do to institute permanent change? Even though Cali’s blowing up, it doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way. We don’t have any guarantees.

There is no guarantee. I think there needs to be some type of standardization. An overall standardization, that’s recognized, not only on state level, but also federally. And I really hope that the group that I’m working with in Michigan, we’re able to do that within the next year; to not only bring standardization to the business, but then to the government level and the government channels through the police. How we are prepared to do this is that we’re going to develop a program that will allow not only the city, the county and the state to benefit, but then on the federal level, so that we’re able to pay taxes all the way through and show a model that works.

The sad part is that if we can’t do it ourselves the danger becomes, tomorrow it’ll be someone like Bayer or Pfizer.

Yeah, that’s exactly right. Companies like Bayer and Pfizer are literally waiting like vultures and that’s the industry in a nutshell, so that if we don’t get off our bickering and fighting with one another, we will have lost the momentum… not only that, but the whole movement, because really, when you take a look at who we are, most of us are not business people – we are growers, pretty much, or average smokers. So, all of a sudden now, you turn what was an illegal empire, into something legal, and people have to figure out how to run the legal empire, because the law is permitting them to do that. The smart people who grab onto that and hold onto that and run with that suit and tie mentality will be the ones who take our business to the next level. And that’s what we’re missing right now.

Any last words?

Well, I just want people to know that our doors are open. We’ve got plenty of websites, from YesUCannabis [] to Ggeco University [] and we’re looking to take it onto the next level.



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