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Bringing Prettyhigh Forward With Katy Reddy

Bringing Prettyhigh Forward With Katy Reddy

I had a nice chat with Katy Reddy recently and through that fun conversation I learned a bit more about what motivates her and how she intends to bring her new company “Prettyhigh” forward. She’s got the goods, now it is certainly the time to get, Prettyhigh.

Warren Bobrow=WB: Please tell me about yourself. Where are you from? What brought you to where you are now? 

Katy Reddy=KR: I’m a Texas import, with roots in a small, mid-western, river town of Missouri. I moved to Texas, post college grad, to pursue my dream job as a wish grantor for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Several years happened when I began my first “real job”, at home, as mom. Ha. As my kiddos started getting older, I was called to pediatric hospice, as a Child Life Specialist. A special gift it was, hospice was ending and I needed to entertain my creative spirit. **cue PRETTYHIGH**

WB: Tell me about your company? Where did your inspiration come from? 

Before I was PRETTYHIGH, I was pretty low. Ha. Needing to fulfill my soul’s creative work, I was overwhelmed by the how a cherished friend inspired the way and sent me down (UP!) this journey. Moments of, “nothing is by chance” and “you can’t get a no if you don’t ask”, connecting me from one person to another gifting inspiration and soulful connection through “life’s props” … a harmonica… tap shoes…spirit, manifest accessories… Intentionally good… The one, the only…PRETTYHIGH.

WB: Why Cannabis? Do you like indoor or outdoor grown? 

KR: Ahhhh… it’s good for my soul. It (she/cannabis) has a pretty high quality while grounding through spirit, offering a perspective that’s good.

PRETTYHIGH: in good spirit; persistence to recreate playfully and live life as a way of thinking; a way of living that makes soul happy to (PERCEIVE) PRETTYHIGH: is to indulge the senses. As far as indoor or outdoor grown, I can’t say I really know the difference…. But, if you’re asking me simply, indoors or outdoors, ha! Outdoors! All day! Every day! I’m a sun worshiper!

I started beekeeping in this PRETTYHIGHLIFE! The bees offer a perspective, through nature, in a way I hadn’t seen before. The beauty of the bee is her work! (there’s a few “he’s” in there but…;) from sun up, to sun down, she’s persistent and intentional with her life! Her entire being is for the greater good!

photo courtesy: Prettyhigh

So… if I were going to choose how I would grow…ha…I’d have to say outdoors! Because really, I’m not trying be inside all day! I’m like a bee…I require the sun! And, well, if I’m going to grow, I’m going to feed my bees along the way:) PRETTYHIGH BUZZ 🙂

WB: Do you cook? What is your favorite thing to prepare? Any food memory from childhood? 

KR: I cook out of necessity and have to admit…it’s not my favorite thing to do. I’m not very creative in the kitchen so it feels more like a chore. I can imagine and design crystal pipes, gumball machines, and brass jump ropes all day long, but when it comes to food, I’m just a boring recipe follower! Ha.

I do love making a good dessert though! Every year at Christmas, my granny would make “Aunt Tricia’s” homemade custard! A dessert, though made with only four simple ingredients, requires a lot of time and patience…the slightest distraction could ruin the entire batch! A recipe, I might add, that can NOT be doubled… so it takes multiple batches to give the whole family:)

The custard making has since been passed on to my sister and I and will surely be shared through the generations! Glass…after glass… after glass… until, “I’ll never eat again” as my Granny would say 😉


WB: What is your passion? 

 KR: Simply… to be of service to others and to create.

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