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The world’s first collective documentary of cannabis women May our voice be one and its echo break borders!

Women who fight for equality and against all violence have found themselves. The “lilac tide” and the “green tide” have come together to bring a new political, social and environmental commitment in favor of the human rights of all people, of gender and sexual diversity, of the right to choose about our bodies and pleasures. In favor of a world where we put an end to prohibition and the absurd war on drugs, which is actually a war against poor and racialized people, and above all against women. In favor of self-cultivation, in favor of life and in favor of peace.

‘Every day is March 8’ and ‘The Revolution will be feminist and anti-prohibitionist or it will not be’ were the convoking cries that in March 2019 made the networks of feminist and anti-prohibitionist women RELAMUCA Latin American Network, REMA (Spain), RENFA (Brazil) and Cannábicas Latinas (Chile), with the aim of mobilizing women from all over the world so that they could ​share their experience with cannabis, claim the autonomy of our bodies and territories, and denounce that in society in general and even in the cannabis world, there are various forms of violence against women and dissidents.

Our initiative has worldwide impact and every day women and groups from around the globe join this project. The objective; actively participating in the ​inclusion of a gender perspective in the cannabis sector from a feminist, anti-prohibitionist, decolonial perspective. To bring diversity, the reduction of risks and damages, and for human rights. ​With this objective​, we will influence public policy in our respective countries and societies​.

This documentary project brings together more than 200 people from over 30 countries​, who were recorded with their phone, sharing their realities of what it is like to be a woman in the cannabis world. O​ur purpose is to bring visibility to our struggle and the realities of being a woman fighting for a place in this industry on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2020.

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Currently, we are in the phase of editing and fundraising. Funds will be allocated to the women’s networks calling for this initiative, to the management of CANNÁBICAS documentary, and i​ts launch on February 27th. ​We will be present for various publications during the event.

To actualize this collective documentary project, ​we need you to join us on this path. ​Participants can contribute by sharing the information to their families, friends, on their platforms and social networks, and collaborate with donations from their association or in their personal capacity. We would appreciate any form of participation and new ideas you have and want to share with us for the successful circulation of CANNÁBICAS.

This occasion is unique. This opportunity is powerful. A call to transformation and encourage human evolution! ​The CANNÁBICAS documentary brings together, like no other women’s documentary project, the essence of this movement and this industry where every day we are more women and people united, participating, recognizing and contributing to the sector and the pachamama (mother earth)​.