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Cannabis Can Help – 5 Ways Cannabis Brings Humans Closer to Love

Cannabis Can Help – 5 Ways Cannabis Brings Humans Closer to Love

The biggest stigma on Cannabis: “it’s the devil’s lettuce”, but the truth is, Cannabis can help. Lettuce can’t be devilish, lettuce is the most consumed vegetable and has a multitude of benefits like: low in fat and sodium, and a great source of fiber, iron, folate, and vitamin C. 

If devil means great for mind, body, and soul- then maybe it is. Cannabis has been on earth since 2727 B.C, according to the DEA and since what they say can’t be totally believed, Let’s assume that cannabis was here longer than that.

Cannabis has been consumed for many aspects of life before Nixon. It is known and always has been, as medicine (outside the eyes of the government) and for many, a way to heal from trauma and move closer to love. When people are happy, you know, battling fewer aches, flare ups, and triggers, it allows for fewer relationship struggles, arguments, and hiccups. People are vibrational beings and so when vibrating high, humans become love.

5 Ways Cannabis Brings Humans Closer to Love
  1. Intimacy: Trauma creates boundaries, walls, borders, and maybe even seclusion. Cannabis can be consumed to help treat conditions like: PTSD, anxiety, and depression making it easier to connect with others.
  2. Mental Health: Things and conditions like trauma as stated above, stress, and bi-polar disorder can be treated with Cannabis (always discuss with your doctor), creating a sense of “enjoying the moment” and not focusing on things that would normally trigger someone. Stress is generally melted when cannabis is consumed and it also helps stabilize and balance moods. This can allow walls to come down, allowing for bonding.
  3. Better Sex: Many people don’t tie sex and love together. I’ve heard many many times: “sex is an act; love is an emotion”. Well, in my opinion, humans act from emotion a lot of the time. But there’s proven science. Dr. Lester Grinspoon says that cannabis “greatly enhances the sexual experience for many people”. There was a study that proved that cannabis can intensify orgasms, improve your sexual longevity, and even be an aphrodisiac. 
  4. Increased Communication: Cannabis has always had the “lonely stoner” stigma. Many believe that Cannabis makes humans retreat into a bubble and not like others. Truth is- cannabis brings clarity and so for many- heck yes circles have to change! This isn’t a bad thing. Regarding communication, cannabis allows for unfiltered, and more relaxing communication. Many times, all of the social pressures and anxieties of general society make it hard to communicate. Cannabis can create uninhibited ways to discuss intimate thoughts.
  5. Less Arguing: When cannabis is in the body, relaxation is offered. Many times, no one wants to trade in relaxation for stress. And because cannabis can create better communication, it also contributes to less arguing. There was a study conducted in the 90’s by the University of Buffalo. 600 couples were involved and the study found that couples who consume cannabis more, have less violent relationships. 
Final Thoughts

The government played a huge role in the brainwashing of societies around the world. And of course, with their terror like movement- influenced other governments to move away from legalizing the plant.

For decades, cannabis has been public enemy number one and for no good reason. Cannabis can help create more love in the world, and we really need it. Many notice the change and growth from within since cannabis. For me, it started in, and then so much love flowed out. Cannabis heals and can increase the vibration of love around the world.

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