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Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot for April 20/20

Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot for April 20/20

Hi, welcome to your Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot for April 20/20.

Happy 420 everyone. I’m excited to share this month’s Tarot with you for #April #2020 we have a POWERFUL calling out of plant spirit to GET REAL with WHAT is of TRUE VALUE to us‼️🌱✨🙌🏻

In this traditional #FlowerOfLife tarot spread, we have the recent past (root chakra & roots of the plant), the present (our heart chakra & stem of the plant) and the future (our crown chakra & the flower of the plant). In the recent past, the upright #TwoOfCoins shows that we have been having to balance a lot of things lately! With the present card being the reversed #NineOfCups we are now in a situation of really taking a good look at our material possessions and if they really serve our highest selves?! The near future card #SixOfSwords reversed shows it’s TIME for a TRANSFORMATION around these items we’ve been needing to balance so much and which we’ve been taking a good look at. That our possessions and “things” in our lives need to be those that REALLY MATTER so we can transform past that which doesn’t serve us‼️

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POWERFUL PULL for the month this sacred month of April and #420 family! 🙌🏻✨🌱 For more plant spirit guidance, or to order the #CannabisTarot go to: and for private readings, and a #DailyTarot reading for the collective, go to: 👈👈🏼👈🏾😉 👈👈🏼👈🏾😉 Here’s my cannabis columns for 2020.

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