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Cannabis Investing To Take Center Stage In Berlin And Zurich

Cannabis Investing To Take Center Stage In Berlin And Zurich

When it comes to investing, the emerging legal cannabis industry presents arguably the most interesting prospects out of any of the large global industries, especially in large international markets like Berlin and Zurich. The international cannabis industry is expanding at an exponential rate, industry projections are off the charts, and seasoned investors across the planet are taking notice and scrambling to get in on the action.

Unfortunately, investing in the emerging legal cannabis industry is not as straightforward as it is in most other industries, especially at an international level. Cannabis remains prohibited in many countries, even for medical purposes. Only two countries have legalized adult-use commercial cannabis and prohibition creates an added layer of complexity when it comes to investing in the emerging cannabis industry.

Navigating An Evolving Cannabis Industry

The laws, rules, and regulations that govern the booming international cannabis industry are a patchwork of public policies. Domestic regulations differ from country to country, and nations that allow legal cannabis imports/exports all have their own set of rules. To make matters worse, regulations are always evolving.

Navigating the shifting landscape can be very difficult and it’s even harder to identify which funding or investment opportunities are worthwhile within that shifting landscape. It requires staying up-to-date regarding the latest political efforts, industry trends, and regulatory practices. Doing so can seem daunting, however, there’s an easy way for investors, entrepreneurs, and cannabis industry service providers to remain on the cutting edge of the emerging cannabis industry.

Attending an in-person conference is the best way to gain as much knowledge as possible while networking with movers and shakers within the emerging cannabis industry. Attending virtual meetings all day with individuals or small groups of people takes up a lot of time and networking in a digital environment is far from ideal. Attending an in-person conference, on the other hand, can be extremely valuable because it’s easier to learn a lot of information from a variety of cannabis experts in a short amount of time, and it’s more conducive for productive networking with so many people under one roof.

Global Investment Forum

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is hosting two Global Investment Forum events in the coming weeks. The first is in Berlin, Germany on August 25, 2021. The event will feature world-class speakers, networking opportunities, as well as a pitch session in which ten pre-vetted cannabis companies will pitch to leading cannabis industry investors.

A second ICBC Global Investment Forum will be held in Zurich, Switzerland from August 31-September 1. The Zurich Global Investment Forum will also feature a pitch session, as well as valuable presentations led by leading cannabis industry experts.

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“We know how hard it is for quality investors to link up with vetted cannabis industry companies offering valuable investment opportunities,” ICBC founder Alex Rogers stated. “That is why we are bringing the Global Investment Forum to Berlin and Zurich. Both markets hold tremendous profit potential and are leading the way when it comes to the international cannabis industry. Both events will be prime for networking opportunities for cannabis industry investors, entrepreneurs, and industry service providers alike.”

If you are serious about succeeding in the international cannabis industry, whether it be as an entrepreneur, investor, or industry service provider, make sure to attend an upcoming ICBC event in Berlin and Zurich. In addition to the Global Investment Forum in Berlin, there will also be an ICBC B2B conference, the largest of its kind in Europe, from August 26-27.