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Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot July 20/20

Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot July 20/20

Greatest July Cannabis family!

Here again to assist in connecting to the cannabis plant spirit through my Cannabis Flower of Life (CFOL) Tarot deck, and provide the wisdom and insight that plant spirit would like to share with the SKUNK family for July 20/20.

In this powerful pre-Lunar eclipse over America, and ON #Merica’s birthday, plant spirit gave us a super aligned three-card, traditional CFOL spread which is…

1st card represents the cannabis plant roots, our root chakra, and the recent past. In this position, the plant spirit gave us the reversed Wheel of Fortune. This card symbolizes the end to both the Wheel of Fortune pull from my September 2019 Portal opening spread, AND the same near-future card I pulled in the CFOL June spread! No wonder that this card FLEW OUT as I started to shuffle… she is making her wisdom KNOWN that this is the SEALING OF THE PORTAL! We had our last chances in June, we’ve made our decisions now for our new paths.

2nd card represents the cannabis plant stem, our heart chakra, and the present. In this position, plant spirit gave us the reversed Four of Cups, showing us that we have been going within lately.

3rd card represents the cannabis flower, our crown chakra, and the near future. In this position, plant spirit gave us the Hermit, doubling-down on the inner work we will need to do in July, and the foundation within us that we all need to secure on our new paths.

Watch the video for the meanings of this collective pull, and what plant spirit would like to convey to our SKUNK community for this July 20/20. May you find all the inner strength, courage, and peace within that you will need for the new paths you now walk!

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Aho! beloved ones, Aho!



*DISCLAIMER* These readings are my interpretation of the deck I channeled and am connected to. I use my guidance, intuition, and wisdom to produce a message to the collective, not specifically meant for one person, situation, or outcome. I have, and will ALWAYS advocate for each soul to interpret all messages from their own divine authority and guidance, and to seek their own understanding of any communications from their own sovereignty first and foremost. I do not proclaim any answers, actions, directions, or authority over anyone at any time. I offer what I am given, the rest is the interpretation of the viewer/listener/other. Thank you.
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