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Cannabis Tarot March 2021

Cannabis Tarot March 2021

Cannabis Tarot™ family… WHO is ready for some MONEY in MARCH???!!!

Beautiful Existence here, connecting to my Cannabis Tarot™ deck, to provide the wisdom that the Cannabis Plant Spirit would like to share with the SKUNK family for March 2021, and boy is this gonna be a GREAT MONTH for many!

The Cannabis Tarot™ FIRST CARD is representing the Cannabis Roots, our Root Chakra, and the Recent Past. In this position, the Cannabis Plant Spirit gave us the EIGHT OF COINS! Signifying that we’ve been busy, busy bees out there lately, getting ON IT to make it happen!

The Cannabis Tarot™ SECOND CARD, which represents the Cannabis Stem, our Heart Chakra, and the Present, gave us the QUEEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. This Queen is gonna mean BUSINESS in March cutting through the BS, and making their definitive boundaries KNOWN to others!

The Cannabis Tarot™ THIRD CARD is the Cannabis Flower, our Crown Chakra, and the Near Future. In this third position, the Cannabis Plant Spirit SHOWED US THE MONEY! with the QUEEN OF COINS!!! She’s ending March for us on a HIGH NOTE, with some major Queenly abundances coming in from all the hard work, and boundaries you’ve stood up for in March!

Watch the rest of this March’s CannabisTarot™ video for the in-depth meanings, and what the Cannabis Plant Spirit would like to convey to our SKUNK community!

Catch my Cannabis Plant Spirit session on March 21st during the virtual Cannabis Conference 2021, and lets SESH online with plant spirit!

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*DISCLAIMER* These readings are my interpretation of the deck I channeled and am connected to. I use my guidance, intuition, and wisdom to produce a message to the collective, not specifically meant for one person, situation, or outcome. I have, and will ALWAYS advocate for each soul to interpret all messages from their own divine authority and guidance, and to seek their own understanding of any communications from their own sovereignty first and foremost. I do not proclaim any answers, actions, directions, or authority over anyone at any time. I offer what I am given, the rest is the interpretation of the viewer/listener/other. Thank you.