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Cannabis Tarot October 20/20

Cannabis Tarot October 20/20

WELCOME to the most EPIC MONTH OF THE YEAR Cannabis family!

Think you’ve seen it all in 20/20? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Beautiful Existence here, connecting to our beloved Cannabis Plant Spirit through my Cannabis Flower of Life (CFOL) Tarot deck, to provide the wisdom and insight that Plant Spirit would like to share with the SKUNK family for the EPIC October 20/20 month ahead!

I trust you did your work in September (Watch the September CFOL Tarot reading) because October’s energies are off the CHARTS astrologically with TWO Full Moon bookends on the 1st (the initiation) and the MOST EPIC HALLOWEEN we will ever see on the Blue Blood Full Moon on All Hallows Eve (the intention) on the 31st! October’s Full Moon energies were picked up by the Cannabis Plant Spirit in this month’s spread, so let’s get into it…

The FIRST CARD in this traditional CFOL Tarot spread represents the Cannabis Roots, our Root Chakra, and the Recent Past: In this position, Cannabis Plant Spirit gave us the King of Coins, and all the Kingly abundances, and Midas-touch that he embodies! We had some successful companies, projects, community events, or financial situations come through in September it seems!

The SECOND CARD in this CFOL Tarot spread represents the Cannabis Stem, our Heart Chakra, and the Present: In this position, Cannabis Plant Spirit gave us Reversed Moon, saying EVERYTHING IS ABOUT TO COME TO LIGHT!!! And with October being “bookended” by two Full Moons on the 1st, and 31st… this month is gonna illuminate a LOT in our worlds!

The THIRD CARD in this CFOL Tarot spread represents the Cannabis Flower, our Crown Chakra, and the Near Future: In this position, Cannabis Plant Spirit gave us the Page of Wands who is offering a NEW ADVENTURE AHEAD with PLENTY of PASSION, INSPIRATION, and IDEAS!

Watch the rest of this EPIC October CFOL Tarot video for the meanings of this collective pull, and what the Cannabis Plant Spirit would like to convey to our SKUNK community (and AMERICA!) in October 20/20!

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Aho! beloved ones, Aho!



*DISCLAIMER* These readings are my interpretation of the deck I channeled and am connected to. I use my guidance, intuition, and wisdom to produce a message to the collective, not specifically meant for one person, situation, or outcome. I have, and will ALWAYS advocate for each soul to interpret all messages from their own divine authority and guidance, and to seek their own understanding of any communications from their own sovereignty first and foremost. I do not proclaim any answers, actions, directions, or authority over anyone at any time. I offer what I am given, the rest is the interpretation of the viewer/listener/other. Thank you.
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