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Cannabis Tourism Will Drive The Global Industry Forward

Cannabis Tourism Will Drive The Global Industry Forward

Cannabis tourism is not a new phenomenon. After all, people from around the world have traveled to Amsterdam to visit the city’s famous cannabis coffee shops for several decades. Other parts of the planet are also famous for their cannabis offerings, including Jamaica and Spain. The legal cannabis tourism sector of the emerging cannabis industry is still small compared to other sectors; however, that is going to change in the near future.

Just as people travel legally to far-off destinations to enjoy wine and beer, so too will they do the same when it comes to cannabis. The only reason why legal cannabis tourism isn’t a bigger industry right now is because of laws, rules, and regulations. Make no mistake – people are already going on cannabis-focused vacations. They just do it in the shadows because they have to right now. As cannabis reform continues spreading across the globe, it will create amazing tourism-based cannabis freedoms and enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Which Countries Will Benefit The Most From Cannabis Tourism?

As previously mentioned, some countries are already home to vibrant cannabis tourism options, albeit not always legal ones. Amsterdam’s coffee shops are often the first thing that people think of when it comes to cannabis tourism. However, cannabis clubs in Spain are also extremely popular. Whereas Amsterdam’s shops are open to customers who just come in and take a seat, Spain’s clubs are private and require a membership, which is a preferred model for many people.

Barcelona is a particularly popular cannabis tourism destination being that roughly 70% of Spain’s cannabis clubs are located in the region. The beautiful European city is home to an amazing cannabis community, and when you throw world-class Moroccan hashish into the equation, Barcelona may be the best place on earth to be a cannabis consumer right now, which is why we are so excited to bring the International Cannabis Business Conference back to Barcelona in partnership with Spannabis this March. It’s the perfect setting for the world’s largest cannabis superconference.

Anywhere that high-quality cannabis grows naturally and there are recreational activities is ripe for cannabis tourism. The same is true for parts of the world with amazing views, food, and other popular offerings with tourists. Thailand is one country that is looking to make a huge push for cannabis tourism. It’s likely not a country that ranks high on people’s cannabis tourism lists right now. However, if other countries fail to embrace the cannabis tourism sector, they will fall behind countries that are stepping up, such as Thailand.

Boosting Economies Worldwide

The cannabis tourism sector is dynamic in that cannabis tourism businesses can be located almost anywhere on earth where there are humans. Hotels that are already in operation can draw in more customers by adding cannabis services, such as helping locate licensed dispensaries, clubs, and activities. Even just providing a safe place to consume cannabis legally is a business model in itself.

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A popular service in the wine industry is wine tours in which people can load into tour buses and be whisked away to wine country. The same business model can be applied to the cannabis industry with services that provide opportunities to visit cannabis gardens and other popular cannabis venues.

The worldwide general tourism industry is still reeling from the pandemic, and it is going to take a lot to get the entire industry back to where it was prior to the pandemic. Cannabis tourism should absolutely be at the heart of those global efforts. Cannabis is popular and consumed worldwide, and it is just a matter of nations embracing cannabis reform rather than clinging to failed prohibition.

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