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Cannabis Water AD is Killer AF

Cannabis Water AD is Killer AF

Cannabis Water AD is Killer AF

Howdy good peeps of SKUNK! Cannabis water AD is simply customized cannabis water that dials in cannabis like a boss. I have been seriously messing with different water formulas for the last decade now, and I have found a very impressive one. Not only is it impressive, but it’s also easy peasy. Yeah baybee.

The AD stands for Azomite and Dolomite Lime. As many of you know, I also run “The Churn” and if you don’t know what that is, check out the first question in this article: Letters to Rev – General Cannabis Growing. I have a worm farm (stacked) and a freshwater fish tank. Those are pretty custom additions, nonetheless, a fish tank is easy to set up. But I digress…

This is a really simple formula here, it will be slightly different for everyone depending upon how you do it, and where you source your water. I am often thinking about water. From nature. It normally carries many minerals totally dissolved along with it—and life. Plants adapt to “count on” these broadband elements, which gives them a big leg up. Especially when it comes to flowering. Let’s rock and/or roll…

Custom Cannabis Water Constituents

You can easily source both of these ingredients (A&D granular) online or in any decent nursery for the most part. You could use powdered versions of both, however, you would have to further customize your ratios to add because it would be less than the ratios I suggest starting out. Also, grab yourselves a couple of gallons of distilled water (or R/O, or rainwater). This is super handy if your PPM runs a little too high.

A TDS Meter for Measuring PPM Values Regularly is a Must Have—Full Stop
A TDS Meter for Measuring PPM Values Regularly is a Must-Have—Full Stop

Speaking of PPM, for custom cannabis water you will absolutely need a TDS meter—not having a TDS meter is a nonstarter here and you will very likely end up in big trouble right around the 2nd half of flowering. Cannabis (and soil life) loves access to azomite, as virtually all plants would. Making the azomite minerals constantly available to the plants in small doses via water is just what the doctor ordered. Wait ‘til you see your buds after you start this little program going—wink.

Let’s have a little overview regarding some information on Azomite and Dolomite Lime Below…

Cannabis Water AD

Azomite Granular
Granular Azomite in Your Water Can Really Up Your Yields
Granular Azomite in Your Water Can Really Up Your Yields

Looking at the Azomite breakdown above, your first question may be something like: “Is Azomite radioactive?” LoL, another one might be something like: “That’s a lot of metals, are you sure this stuff is alright to use?” Those were in fact my two first concerns long ago when I first adopted using Azomite in my TLO style of all-natural (Supernatural) growing. Allow me to brush you up on my resolve on those questions above, along with a bit of Azomite information you may not know.

Long ago when I first started using TLO—from my first book—I used to use Zeolite, another mineral wonderland like Azomite. I stopped using it due to the concerns I had for some of its constituents. But it did have very positive effects. Azomite has some crazy shit in it to be sure 😮 but, Mother Nature is complex, and I trust her here in the bigger picture. About once every couple of years I lab test some of my buds, and my plants are always pure goodness, just the way I loves them.

Azomite is no more radioactive than common soil, and normally has lower levels of heavy metals than regular soil. It is OMRI listed, and while it isn’t technically organic (no carbon bonds), it is totally all-natural. It is a volcanic rock source, mined and crushed, and that’s the entire process.

Dolomite Lime Granular

If you have read any of my articles or books, you know what a huge fan I am of Dolomite Lime. It is made up of magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca) which are two very important elements to cannabis plants, or any life on this planet actually. Besides that, Dolomite Lime is a true buffer, always working to make the pH around it basically 7.0 pH. This is a VERY GOOD thing for anyone growing in living soil.

Granular Dolomite Lime is an Essential Addition to Living Water for Cannabis
Granular Dolomite Lime is an Essential Addition to Living Water for Cannabis

How We Do This Custom Cannabis Water

If you are using The Churn methodology—I highly recommend this path—then along with whatever you are running in your Churn, you simply add 4 or 5 granules of Azomite to that recipe in your 1-gallon Churn. If you are using it in a larger water source, here’s how you do…

I have a 5-gallon bucket of (living) TLO water always bubbling away. It is important here that the water you are starting out with is lower PPM, and about 50PPM is the maximum density you’ll want here for starting. Rainwater, R/O water, or even distilled water is all good too.

This works crazy good my green amigos, I mean it makes a very noticeable difference in plant health and happiness, especially during flowering, wow! I have been using Azomite in my soil mix for several years now (5 or 6 years), but only recently found how effective it is when dissolved into the water.

Make Sure Your Granular Dolomite Lime Says FAST ACTING on the Label
Make Sure Your Granular Dolomite Lime Says FAST-ACTING on the Label
AD Recipe for 5-Gallons of Low PPM Water
  • 1/8th teaspoon Dolomite Lime.
  • 2 or 3 granules of Azomite.
  • Bubble for 24 hours and check PPM.

With your first bucket of AD water, you will be able to have a benchmark and adjust your Azomite ratios accordingly. Dolomite lime will take your water up (PPM wise) slowly, while Azomite has a somewhat faster effect, so keep an eye on this. You’ll want the water you’ll be using on your plants to end up at between 60 and 66 PPM, in my experience. 24 hours bubbling is perfect for me.

While many of the constituents of the Azomite are not actually used by the plant proper, that is not to say it is not used by the soil life and processes of the soil—I definitely think it isLoL.

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In My Aero-Cloner I use Straight Up Tap Water (Chlorine and All) at About 50 PPM
In My Aero-Cloner I use Straight Up Tap Water (Chlorine and All) at About 50 PPM

Azomite is mined from a single place in Utah from an ancient volcanic ash source. When it comes to the most noticeable effect of the Azomite, it’s hands down larger yields—so there’s thatheh heh. I hope you all enjoyed today’s read, and I’ll be back next Tuesday for another article here at SKUNK.

Oh… Oh… Definitely check out some La Smush seeds over at Kingdom Organic Seeds, and maybe some Chunky Cherry Thai (shiver) too! My doobie and a movie recommendation for this month is: The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, starring Paul Newman. A real older gem I think, and perfect for doobie-time chillin’. I blazed a Chunky Cherry Thai doobie the other morning at 2 AM and watched this—and loved it! It’s like an old western, classic, nostalgic, and hilarious.

While you’re wondering about other kickass organic growing methods, get a copy of my TLO book 2nd edition on Amazon and learn the ways of the Druid grower, including recycling your soil. I’m outty for now, see ya next week. L8r G8rs…

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Today’s crossword is pretty easy I would say. It deals with our custom cannabis water subject matter today for the greater part. Give it a whirl, I hope you enjoy.

Cannabis Water AD

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