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Cannalope Haze

Cannalope Haze

This article appears in Volume 1 – Issue 2 of SKUNK Magazine.

OKAY, so I was at the HT Cup in Amsterdam this year and tasted a lot of weed. A lot of strong weed, but generic tasting hydro that really tasted like…well…hydro and nothing else. I think you know what I mean. Mmmm, P-K. Then, I came across one of the delights of the journey. Weed that tasted like…well… weed. Very nice smoking weed with the subtle taste of cantaloupe. Wow, cantaloupe, now the clever play on words with the name Cannalope Haze makes sense to my fog filled noggin.

This stuff came in the form of a beefy nug straight from the source at the DNA booth and made it no further than the hotel room after taking the picture. While being a very strong cerebral high, it also had the bonus effect of me still wanting to leave the hotel room after smoking it. The Cannalope proved to be a fairly sociable and energetic buzz where I felt quite alert. I even remembered people’s names and shit. That never happens.

According to the boys from DNA, the parents are a Haze Brothers mom (like the Wright Brothers of Haze) and a Mexican Sativa father. Any of the buds I saw were nice and chunky so I have no reason to doubt them when they claim it to be a good yielder and it’s hella fast for a sativa.

I would love to find this weed in my neck of the woods but of course I would never dream of actually smoking it here where it’s super illegal because laws totally rock!


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Name: Cannalope Haze
Nationality: DNA Genetics
Height: Average
Weight: Fatso
Age: 55-60 days
Race: Sativa

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