Cannamahila SKINCARE was born out of Kat King’s twenty-five year passion for organic herbal medicine and sharing it with others. She spent six months in 2018 with a very talented and passionate chemical engineer/herbalist out of of Boulder, CO, to create these exquisite, organic, rejuvenating skin products. They each have eight ingredients or less.

Kat learned of the powerful benefits of combining Cannabis CBD and Chaga. This duo, mixed with frankincense and dandelion is an “anti-inflammatory powerhouse”!

  • The restorative CBD EYE ROLLER targets puffiness, lines and dark circles.
  • The CBD CALMING BUDDER was created for total body cellular skin health, while also targeting the effects of dermatitis. It may be used as a spot treatment or all over. This topical can also provide pain relief.

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Testimonial by Cici Dunn of Hoodlab:Hoodlamb World Agent:

#HoodLABHighlight – Mahila means; “She Knows” and from a holistic health perspective this is the perfect reflection of the restorative formulation in CannaMahila’s ‘CBD Calming Budder’, containing powerful compounds from Hemp, Dandelion, Chaga and Frankincense – A CBD potion that also turned out to be a blessing in disguise when I burnt ruthlessly after forgetting to pack my non-toxic sunscreen on a trip to sunny Puerto Rico.
A particularly fascinating component of this salve is the addition of Chaga Mushroom – a soothing medicinal plant for restoring skin inside-and-out because of it’s high concentration of Superoxideand it’s intensive melanin replacement. Diamatuse (SOD), a key cellular antioxidant for cell-defense and skin repair. Chaga is also known for it’s high melanin replacement properties.
So, with hot flaming skin I was still suffering severely on the second, third and even on the forth day applying this salve … but then on the 5th day something happened, my skin started to return to its normal state of calm and cool. CannaMahila had worked its magic with a little bit of help from the mushroom and plant kingdom, and I have a new favorite for my herbal medicine cabinet.  

Kat King is the Founder/CEO of Cannamahila. Based out of Colorado, Cannamahila offers a variety of media services and strategic advisory services for the cannabis industry. With a passion for plant medicine, infusions and formulations, Cannamahila has recently launched a Certified Organic CBD SKINCARE Line (Every ingredient is certified organic, except CBD). Each product has eight ingredients or less and made with the purest quality, full spectrum, non-psychoactive, Hemp CBD Distillate. King has dedicated over half of her life to the business of Cannabis, Film and Entertainment. During multiple years within the trifecta of these careers, she has gained a unique perspective with an unlimited amount of contacts within each facet. From growing cannabis in several locations for more than two decades, as well as brokering and working symbiotically with legal dispensaries, laboratories and infusionists, to combining her skills and contacts as a film producer, Kat is quickly being sought out for her over all wisdom in this booming industry. Link to Commercial & Video work: