Bohemian All-Natural Style

GREETINGS on a cold morning here along Oregon’s south coast, in the USA. I’m The Rev here today to babble about a fairly simple style, and you can use it with no-till, TLO, or just...

STRAIN REVIEW: Green Kandy Jack

STRAIN NAME: Green Kandy Jack  NATIONALITY: Hbk Genetics HEIGHT: 10 to 12ft AGE: Indoor 65 days / outdoor early Nov  RACE: 70/30 sativa dom hybrid   One of our more popular strains in NorCal at the moment... The mother is...

Parents 4 Pot Holiday Drive – Week 2

Three families, three stories, three opportunities to help!

Taylor Blake

THE EMERALD CUP, the world’s premier outdoor organic harvest celebration and cannabis competition, emerged out of the rural farming community in Mendocino County, spearheaded by Tim Blake, his family and friends. They moved from...


JORDAN OF THE ISLANDS reflects the casual laidback cannabis lifestyle people associate with Canada’s west coast. This lifestyle is summed up by east coast heads as heavy tasty indica with a jolt of coffee. We’re...

REVIEW: IQ by DaVinci

Michael Kushberry reviews a monster of a vaporizer.
Stunning Cannabis Flowers

Stunning Cannabis Flowers: Chitin, Sulfur, and Silicone

Paying attention to these three often-overlooked elements will pay off in a huge way.

You Grow Girl

Women are receiving their dues as expert growers and breeders and Ele Elston is one of them.

The Path to Potency

AT GAGE GREEN GROUP, we ask our plants for answers. When we observe a plant’s life, we learn more about our own life. Everybody seeks to grow a potent and healthy plant, but what...

What Is Light Deprivation?

Today’s post was contributed by Jonathan Valdman of Forever Flowering Greenhouses, an Indica Sponsor of the 1st annual Golden Tarp Award.    LIGHT DEPRIVATION, aka light dep, is the process of forcing plants to flower with sunlight in a...

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