CBD is in fashion! Discover why.

EVERYBODY IN THE INDUSTRY is talking about CBD, a cannabinoid that has until recently been relegated to the background. Many scientific studies have revealed the many medicinal benefits of this substance, which also counteracts the...

Healing of the Nation

This article appears in the April/May 2016 issue of SKUNK Magazine. MEDICINE. It comes in so many forms. In some instances, medicine comes in orange bottles with white screw tops cleverly designed so that small young...

Probiotics 101

ABOUT PROBIOTIC FARMING Probiotic Farming is a process of using good microbes for growing crops and regenerate soils instead of using synthetic chemicals that will kill insects, damage soil and the surrounding environment, and damage water supplies....

VaporBrothers: A History

This article appears in the September/October 2015 issue of SKUNK Magazine.IN THE WINTER OF 1998, an introverted engineering student at Cal Poly Pomona worked the arithmetic on how to make the perfect size bowl for the...

Electronic Nose Nano-Technology

Who’s Paying Attention? With no federal oversight at this point, each state is responsible for defining its own regulations and requirements surrounding cannabis testing, from the plant to the finished cannabis product. What has resulted...

Where Spirits Collide: The Emerald Cup

This article appears in Volume 9 - Issue 4 of SKUNK Magazine.THE EMERALD CUP—you don’t really know what to expect before you get there and it’s easy to see why, there’s just no way to convey...

The SKUNK Interview: Jason Mewes

The man behind Jay is shifting his energy to transforming himself into a one-man media army.

Buckets Rock

Find out how buckets are, hands-down, the best innovation of the last quarter century.

Dawg Daze: Part Two

This article appears in Volume 5 - Issue 5 of SKUNK Magazine.WELCOME BACK to the DAWG DAZE of summer.IN PART 1 from last year’s hydro issue (4.4), I detailed the creation of Chemdawg’s Snowdawg, as well...

Room for Improvement

The story of one San Francisco Bay area co-op supplier, Jimmy H., and his garden.

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