Weed symbol

Weed Symbol: Representation Today vs. History

The weed symbol today is everywhere around us. Have you ever wondered where does the weed symbol comes from and what it represents since the beginning of time? Well, now we pretty much know...
California cannabis act

5 Ways the Permanent California Cannabis Regulations will Affect Dispensaries and Delivery

Marijuana businesses across state are anticipating the approval of the permanent California cannabis regulations as they enter the final stages. The Bureau of Cannabis Control submitted the proposed regulations to the California Office of Administrative...

10 Reasons to Embrace Low THC

OVER THE PAST DECADE, we’ve heard all about how much stronger cannabis strains are today than they were in the 70s and 80s. And while we have seen growers produce strains in the 20-30%...
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Know Your CBDs

IT'S BEEN NEARLY A DECADE since we first experienced Cannabidiol (CBD) rich strains of cannabis grown by pioneer Lawrence Ringo. Back then, we couldn’t give it away. People would buy it and then call...

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