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Pot Legal in Canada

The HIGHly anticipated day has arrived. Canada has opened the floodgates and recreational marijuana is finally legally available to the people. The Canadian government has stayed true to its promise and has legalized our...
California to Become Global Epicenter of Adult Cannabis Events

California to Become Global Epicenter of Adult Cannabis Events

New legislation will transform the cannabis industry in California by allowing for widespread state-licensed temporary cannabis events, where adults can buy, sell, and consume cannabis.  Currently, licensed cannabis events are restricted to the locations...
Invest in a Worthwhile Socially Conscious Holding Company

Invest in a Worthwhile Socially Conscious Holding Company

Orthogonal Collective is a new alternative for sustainable business and investment on the planet. Orthogonal is a socially conscious holding company that provides strategic capital and vital resources to help positive impact businesses scale. Our...

Bay Area Cannasseur: For Collective, Legal Pot Could Put Wrinkle in Free Program

MORE THAN 150 low-income, terminally ill people in the Bay Area could lose their supply of free cannabis under new government regulations that have not carved out rules enabling collectives to donate pot to...

Choices: We Must All Strive for Better

MY FRIEND ONCE SAID “cannabis makes me want to be a better person”; this rings true to my soul.  What happens when a subculture returns to the mainstream?  What is the difference in cultural...

There’s a Strain for That

IT USED TO BE THAT many people would go to the doctor to seek out medicine for every little ailment they suffered from because well, there’s a pill for that no matter what “that”...
Marijuana Businesses

Dispensary Decorum

“When I step up in the place, a-yo I step correct. Woo hah! Got you all in check.” – Busta Rhymes EVERYWHERE YOU GO; there is a certain way to conduct yourself appropriately. Loud cheering, berating...

The Government Hypocrisy

Alcohol and tobacco kill millions every day yet are fully approved and accepted in society, yet marijuana, that can actually provide several benefits without any lethal risks continues to be stigmatized and kept illegal....

Microdosing 101

One of the hottest new buzzwords in the industry, “microdosing” is making its way into the day-to-day lives of people who may have never heard the term before. If you’re not hip with the...

Taking advantage of medical patients.

Taking advantage of medical patients. With the existence of a legal medical cannabis program in Canada, the Government have accepted that many people are in need of cannabis to treat their medical conditions. But instead...

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