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CBD is in fashion! Discover why.

CBD is in fashion! Discover why.

EVERYBODY IN THE INDUSTRY is talking about CBD, a cannabinoid that has until recently been relegated to the background. Many scientific studies have revealed the many medicinal benefits of this substance, which also counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC and enables recreational users to consume cannabis in a way which is more sustainable and compatible with their daily lives. In addition, Dinafem seeds has launched an entire CBD catalogue that combines the benefits of the CBD with the appreciated characteristic of mythical strains as Cheese, Amnesia or OG Kush. Discover why everybody is talking about CBD!

CBD or cannabidiol is a substance which is found in the composition of cannabis sativa. Unlike THC, this compound is not psychoactive, but counteracts certain effects of THC (rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, anxiety). CBD is becoming more widely known due to its medicinal properties, which have been proven to be numerous and turned it into a substance which is highly regarded and studied.

It is most famous for its anticonvulsant properties and is very effective in helping those with refractory epilepsy, which is resistant to conventional treatment, but this is by no means its only quality. Cannabidiol is also very useful thanks to its neuroprotective properties, which make it a treatment option for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer´s or Parkinson´s disease. CBD also has anti inflammatory, antioxidant and antipsychotic properties, among others. 

Until now, growers have focused on producing strains of cannabis that have the highest percentage of THC possible in order to increase their psychoactive effect. However, this feeling of intoxication can be too powerful for some users and even prevent them from going about their normal everyday lives. Other users simply prefer a milder effect and find some of the sensations that usually come from strains which are high in THC unpleasant.

This is where CBD plays a crucial role, because it opens up a new paradigm of consumption which enables these users to have an experience that is tailored to their tastes and requirements. CBD lessens the adverse effects of THC, creating a milder effect which is more sustainable and pleasant but without causing nasty after effects. 

Bearing this in mind, Dinafem Seeds has launched a new CBD enriched cannabis seed catalogue that compiles its most popular and famous strains adapted to these users that are seeking for softer effects while consuming cannabis.. By crossing them with an elite CBD strain, Dinafem team has managed to create varieties than retain the original properties of the mother plant but with the added benefits of CBD.

All the strains listed in the catalogue guarantee a minimum THC: CBD ratio of 1:1, which can reach 1:2 and even 1:3 in some cases.

To develop this project, Dinafem has invested in a key piece: the laboratory. However much of an expert they are, growers will never be able to calculate the chemical content of each plant by eye. This was a task that had to be carried out through gas chromatography. Nothing happens by chance and results like these are down to more than just a stroke of luck. The plants listed below are the result of intense analysis and selection.

[color-box]Cheese CBD: aroma


This pungent hybrid has been created by crossing an elite strain that is high in CBD with the legendary Cheese, which is very popular in the UK due to its strong aroma of smoked cheese. The result is this a strain that retains all the aroma of its mother – an extremely intense, indica scent which harks back to its skunk heritage. Cheese CBD is a plant that has certain sativa qualities: it has slender leaves, regular branches and is very productive.



[color-box]Amnesia CBD: production

This sativa-dominant plant is a non-stop producer. Its descendent Amnesia CBD is equally hard-working, but this new version also has the added difference of being suitable for occasional smokers. The huge potency of its mother can be too strong and even cause a temporary loss of memory. Thanks to CBD, this new variety is ideal for those who are looking for that feeling of excitement and happiness that comes from cannabis, but without the potent side effects of pure THC.



[color-box]Bubba Kush CBD: indica

This Afghan beauty is the result of crossing the highest quality, purest indica strain of Bubba Kush with our pure CBD strain. This strain’s got a deep, spicy flavour – a blend of oil and coffee that has been passed down over time. Its guaranteed minimum THC/CBD ratio is 1:1, which may rise to 1:2 depending on the conditions for growth. This is the most indica-dominant strain in the catalogue, which is why its leaves are wider and dark green in colour.



[color-box]OG Kush CBD: the most popular

Thanks to its unique flavour and euphoric effect, this strain has become nº1 in the USA. By crossing this imposing variety with an elite strain of CBD, Dinafem has developed a new version which retains part of the sativa dominance of its mother and produces upto 20% of cannabinoids (THC+CBD) with a guaranteed ratio of 1:1.



[color-box]Industrial Plan Autoflowering CBD: speed

This hybrid, which is a cross between our Industrial Plant Auto and an automatic strain that is high in CBD, has a life cycle of just 70 days from when it germinates. It is the perfect choice for commercial production, because it allows the grower to achieve a large yield in record time. This strain is ideal for medicinal use, as it can help to relieve joint pain and combat insomnia and stress.

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[color-box]Purple Orange: beauty

This regular Diesel strain stands out for its delicate beauty and smell, which combines orange, chocolate and lemon flavours. Purple Orange CBD has a THC/CBD ratio of 1:2 and produces cannabinoid levels of 16% (THC+CBD). This strain is particularly suitable for those who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, as its levels are double those of THC.



[color-box]Haze Autoflowering: easy

A cross between our Haze Auto XXL and an automatic strain of pure CBD, this robust plant combines the same Haze flavour as always – lemony and with a touch of classic sativa – with the practical production of automatic varieties. This medium/large sized plant produces several secondary branches which are full of dense buds and packed with resin.



For more information on these strains and others visit the Dinafem Seeds website.



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