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CBD Oil, Big Dicks, and Good Sex: The Pleasure Activism of Brooke Jones

CBD Oil, Big Dicks, and Good Sex: The Pleasure Activism of Brooke Jones

Brooke Jones

Brooke Jones Created A CBD Oil Inspired By Marvin Gaye’s Grooviest Prescription: Sexual Healing.

When I was growing up, R&B artists laced their lyrics with visions of silk sheets that flowed like cool water as beds rocked with passion and lovers moaned in the heat of the night. I remember listening to Star 94.5 with my mama and hearing Bobby Brown serenade all of the grown women across Central Florida with his words: “I wanna rock wit’cha, baby / All night long / Rock and roll and roll and rock / Makin’ sweet love, don’t you ever stop”. Back then, I was too young to know what “makin’ sweet love” was or why I wanted it. Now that I’m a lot older, experienced, and stressed, my favorite form of activism is Pleasure Activism and my favorite type of lube is infused with CBD Oil. Good sex is one of the greatest joys in life, yet there are very few people who have the balls (or the inches) to dive deep into Pandora’s Box. (I mean Adam couldn’t even handle Lilith.)

There is one woman, Brooke Jones, the founder and CEO of The Hidden Vault, who is using her past to build a future where Black Men and Women prioritize their pleasure. Her online adult intimacy store is where all consenting adults find what they need to elevate pleasure.

Jones understands that men are physical creatures, so she created an CBD oil that caters specifically to their sexual needs. The Men’s Energy Massage CBD Oil ($54.99), a a 100% organic plant based massage CBD oil created specifically for men, is designed to heighten romantic experiences and to extend the lifetime of intimacy.

Birthed in the heart of New Orleans, Jones says that she had to grow up fast. “I had to get it on my own so I used what I had to get what I wanted,” she shared. “The knowledge I gained from life and learning what men love, lead me to open [The Hidden Vault].”

If you want to learn more about Jones’ Pleasure Activism and how she is merging cannabis and sex culture, then keep on reading.

LW: Why did you have to “grow up fast” during your youth? What was your life like growing up in New Orleans?
BJ: I’m not going to give you too much because I have a book dropping May 10th called “From Bars to Boss” that gives insight into my entire life. But I will say that ever since the age of 15, my parents left me no choice but to figure life out on my own. I turned to older men looking for love and money, but I was also taught how to hustle. Life was hard growing up, but the knowledge I gained through men, makes life easy today.

LW: What is it exactly that men love? How have you been able to provide them with that through your business?
BJ: Men craves attention, especially the kind of attention from a woman that will boost their ego. So what’s a better way to do that other than with my Men’s Energy Massage CBD Oil.

It’s an organic CBD oil that builds stamina and enlarges the penis.

I make men feel like Kings that they are. Men send me emails and DM’s everyday thanking me  for such an amazing product. I understand men a whole lot.

CBD Men’s Energy Massage Oil 10ml Bottle

LW: When you hear the phrase “Pleasure Activism” what do you think? How do you identify with that phrase?
BJ: I automatically think of FREEDOM! I think of how the adult industry is slowly starting to become more mainstream and more accepted by society now a days compared to 5 -10 years ago. The pioneers of this industry started to take a stand when the world condemned people, especially women, for being sexual.

LW: Why inspired you to start creating cannabis-infused products?
BJ: My inspiration for cannabis came from the love people have for cannabis and all of its benefits. Sexual arousal and functioning is incredibly complicated. Once I studied the benefits, I decided to infuse my products with CBD Oil to add extra benefits to my product line such as, decreased anxiety, pain, and increased blood flow.

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LW: What was your perception of cannabis growing up?
BJ: Growing up, I seen my aunt suffer deeply, battling cancer and the only thing that made her happy and pain free was cannabis. So my perception of cannabis is it’s the closest thing to a miracle, and it is definitely a blessing.

LW: How has your relationship with cannabis evolved since you started working in the industry?
BJ: My relationship with cannabis allowed my business to open up to a different demographic that loves both intimacy and cannabis.

LW: Do you think cannabis has the power to transform the lives of African-Americans? If so, then how?
BJ: Yes.  African-Americans experience more severe forms of mental health conditions due to unmet needs and other barriers such as anxiety and stress that’s caused by violence and homelessness. So the use of cannabis can and will definitely transform African-Americans lives.

LW: How can we all incorporate more pleasure into our lives right now during this weird time in the world? What have you been doing to keep your mood and your sex life elevated while social distancing?
BJ: Right now we have nothing but time and the comfort of our own homes on our hands. We should be utilizing some of this time to learn ourselves as well as learning our partners. Intimacy is the closest way for us to engage with our partners. I stay in-tune with my partners desires, wants and needs. There’s never a time that I’m not in the mood. I use my Vaginal Tightening CBD Oil from The Hidden Vault everyday and my man uses his Men’s Energy Massage CBD Oil.

To learn more about The Hidden Vault, check out their IG and Website!