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Choosing Your Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Choosing Your Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

April is a magical month for outdoor cannabis growers. It’s germination time, the start of new life, the first steps on a seven month long adventure.

Your garden will be prepared, your soil primed. You’ll have a good idea what compost teas and feed you’ll be using, and you’ll have made the most important decision of all: what cultivars to grow.

Choosing cannabis seeds is one our favorite things ever! Especially when shopping at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. The choice makes us feel like kids in a candy store, and we’re always bowled over by the help they offer.

Whether growing indoors or out, whether you’ve been growing for 20 years or 2 minutes, you should never miss an opportunity to learn. This is what Homegrown gives you. A million opportunities, every day.

This article is our way of helping new outdoor growers decide what to grow. Sure, it’s a subjective thing, choosing your seeds, but a lot of it’s down to the reality of where you

live, your experience and your garden.

How do you choose your outdoor cannabis seeds?

The biggest questions for outdoor cannabis growers relate to climate, flowering time, regular and feminized seeds. We always grow using regular seeds but fems are great, too – especially for beginners.

With fems, you don’t have to worry about separating the males or accidentally pollinating your entire crop, but you also don’t get the pollen.

Feminized seeds are easier to work with, sure, but we’re old hippies and we like doing things the traditional way, as nature intended.

These traditions helped make Swami Select what it is today – America’s favorite brand of craft cannabis. It also helps that we have a great climate and perfect weather for growing cannabis. In fact, the Emerald Triangle (Mendocino, Humbolt and Trinity) is one of the best regions in the world for cultivation – it’s why we have the Emerald Cup!

Those growing in northern US states have briefer summers, so should pick hybrids with shorter flowering times. You’re mostly looking for indica or indica-dominant cultivars, but the further north you go, the quicker the flowering times need to be.

Homegrown has a superb range of fast-flowering and auto-flowering seeds, with some autos completing their entire cycle in under three months! Perfect for quicker, cooler summers.

Fortunately, we have long, hot and dry summers at Ganja Ma farm, so we can choose pretty much any cultivars we want, no matter how long they take in flower.

This is why we pick cultivars with a good spread of flowering times, letting us stagger our harvest and maximize space in the drying room.

Besides sunlight, you need to think about humidity and rainfall. If it’s very wet and humid where you live, you’ll do well to choose a cultivar with good mold and mildew resistance.

Sativas show great natural resilience to these problems, with smaller, well-spaced buds allowing more ventilation and quicker drying.

The rest of the decision making process is all about personal taste.

What’s important to you?

Do you want your flower high in CBD? Or are you growing for high THC relaxation?

Do you want huge yields from something like Big Bud, or do you just want the best-value cannabis seeds you can find?

And then you have the huge choice of flavors, aromas and effects: oranges, blueberries, bananas, physical, cerebral, trippy, happy, sleepy, calming, creative… we could go on for months!

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The smells and flavors are actually more important than you may think. Terpenes play a major part in the therapeutic effects of cannabis – follow your nose!

Where can you buy Nikki and Swami’s seeds?

We have our own range of seeds at Homegrown, selected for their terrific outdoor performance.

Outdoor cannabis beginners especially need cultivars with good disease resistance and robust growth… plants naturally grow extremely well outdoors, but they don’t have the protection of a tent!

Our Cultivars with Character will suit all levels of growers, but they’ll really appeal to growers who like their weed TASTY!

Our Taängie is a really forgiving pheno, the product of Cali Orange and a super-robust Skunk #1. If you plant in April, you’ll be harvesting late September, maybe early October, depending on when the girls are ready.

We also have a mouth-watering, fruity sensation called Maracuya, or Passionfruit. It has all the vigor of our Taängie but the flowers are even fruitier and the high is super-friendly. You should definitely enjoy this one with company.

Our third Cultivar with Character is a classic Lemon OG. We just loved the aroma… like a warm, Mediterranean breeze through a grove of lemon trees. She’s so chilled-out and relaxed you’ll want to smoke in sunglasses, no matter what time of day it is!

Whatever cultivars you settle on, make sure they suit YOUR garden. Indoor growers can adjust the environment to suit their plants – but your environment is in the hands of Mother Nature. She’ll let you grow pretty much for free, but it’s always going to be on her terms.

Choose wisely, friend. Choose for you.