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Cloudious9 Collaborates With Saucey Farms & Extracts To Relaunch Their Premier Grinder, The Tectonic9

Cloudious9 Collaborates With Saucey Farms & Extracts To Relaunch Their Premier Grinder, The Tectonic9

Cloudious9, a high-tech cannabis hardware company devoted to creating new and better peripherals for cannabis consumption is collaborating with Saucey Farms & Extracts, an artisanal cannabis products company to bring us a red hot grinder to match the heat we’ve all been experiencing this summer.

The Saucey x Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder joins the basic structure of a traditional grinder with an electric dispensing mechanism that works to make emptying the contents of your grinder a clean and fast process.

A Collaboration That Makes Sense

Cloudious9 has always been dedicated to helping cannabis consumers rethink the way we engage with the plant through their unique, tech-focused hardware. If you’ve been following the brand for awhile, then you know they are focused on innovating the traditional tools we use — e.i.grinders and vaporizers — to make getting to your desired cannabis-infused state a breeze. On the Saucey website, the brand mentions that they wanted to bring their “opulent New York design sensibilities” to the West Coast, allowing the brand to collaborate with the best to bring cannabis users a more enjoyable experience whether it be through their premium cannabinoid-rich oils or cool accessories like the Tectonic9. So this collaboration  to relaunch the Tectonic9 Grinder made perfect sense!

“Our core goal at Cloudious9 is to deliver new and better consumption experiences to the consumer thru the use of our innovative hardware,” shared Vice President Dominik Volipni. “So we were really excited when we had the opportunity to partner with Saucey Farms & Extracts, one of the best cannabis companies globally, because they share the same passion for delivering exceptional experiences to the consumer”.

I’ve been using the Tectonic9 for a few months, and it has definitely made grinding up flower such a simple process. What I love the the most is the vibrating motor built into the device. Not only does it help break the flower down even further, but it also excites me about the future of cannabis tech. Basically, the Tectonic9 is the coolest electronic grinder ever, and it’s worth keeping near your rolling tray.

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Some key features of the Tectonic9 are:

  • The reliability of a traditional grinder married with automatic dispensing.
  • Designed for portability and suitable for harsh outdoor environments.
  • Built-in vibration motor optimized at the perfect vibrational frequency.
  • Internal structure designed to facilitated a unobstructed even dispensing experience.
  • Viewing window with LED light to check herb storage quantity.
  • Slidable dispensing gate securely stores the herb.
  • Hidden flip spout to accurately position your aim.
  • 28 CNC manufactured diamond shaped grinding teeth for a perfectly fluffy grind.
  • Space grade anodized aluminum alloy body, textured grinding grip with a sleek matt finish.
  • One button user friendly interface.

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