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Colorado’s Most Underrated rap battle. Is this Colorado’s Most Underrated event?

Colorado’s Most Underrated rap battle. Is this Colorado’s Most Underrated event?

This past weekend crowds lined up down Broadway Street in downtown Denver, awaiting doors to open to the second annual “Colorado’s Most Underrated Rap Battle” show to take place. Fans of local underground artists and fans of out-of-state artists coming from as far as Arkansas came to support their favorite rapper or singer competing for the title “Most Underrated.”

Last year in 2021, Get Busy Livin Studios, located in the historic Welton district within downtown Denver, completed the task of planning a massive musical battle with Colorado artists and judges to showcase the talent of the state. ‘’We wanted to do something different this year,” Mike GetBusyLivin explained, owner of GBL and co-organizer of the Rap battle both years.

“Last year, we had celebrity judges like Colorado’s superstar Trev Rich. This year we wanted an outside look at our talent in Colorado, so we brought in judges outside the Colorado music circle, ” Mike explains.

“We kept a “Rap Commission” outside the Judging panel with Colorado industry persons such as award-winning Colorado producer Mic Coats and Colorado recording artist Ameezy. Ameezy also put on a dope opening performance for our event this past weekend,” Mike detailed.

Photo Caption: Amberly R. Taylor

The Most Underrated Battle’s judging panel consisted of legends like Steve Lobel, national record executive. John Blaze, a seasoned Dj, working with some of the top-named artists in the mainstream music industry, and Joshua Jackson, a well-known radio personality.

Artist check-in began at 3 pm when artists came through the back door up to a check-in attendant, then down the dimly lit stairway, opening a big steel door to the VIP Artist area equipped with a full cash bar and complimentary catering provided by a Denver-based catering company called “Jalesa Grace Catering.” The Vibe entering the Artist Vip tunnel down to the Vip area had a “Boxing Tunnel” vibe down the stairs.

Rappers and singers mingled as the media conducted interviews on the lit-up runway in the artist VIP area and utilized the food and bar offered. This gave them a place to change outfits in-between rounds or take a break, or a place away from the crowd if they did not make it to the next round.

Mike GBL and RU Johnson Hosted the Rap Battle event that Event organizer Renesha Berry and Mike GBL executed amazingly. “I was very pleased with my team,” Mike said. “They understood the vision and completed the task gracefully. I am proud of the whole night with the ones who won each round being my favorite part of the night”, Mike ended.

Photo Credit: Amberly R. Taylor

The event lasted about ten hours in total, consisting of five rounds, thirty artists, and a Q & A portion before the intermission where artists were able to ask the judging panel any industry question they wanted. One artist asked, “How can we find overseas booking agents’ contact information.” Artists lined up in the front row, gazing at the panel hanging on every word they answered with.

The first round of the fight to earn the title of “Most Underrated” kicked off at about 4 pm, knocking the group of thirty artists down to seven to five. Judges were examining artists’ stage presence, radio play capabilities of chosen music, and artistry. By the last round, there were three artists left competing for the winner spot.

A draw ended up being the outcome, with two Colorado artists splitting the cash and promo packages totaling 10,000 dollars. The two Rap artists who were given the 2022 title of “Colorado’s Most Underrated Rap artist” was Parkhill Colorado native “Colorado Myerical” and Colorado Native Tre Fonc the Don.” Tre Fonc donated his winnings to GBL’s backpack giveaway he participates in with other local nonprofits annually.

Co-organizers of ‘’Colorado’s Most Underrated Rap Battle”, Mikke GBL & Ranesha Berry, expressed their dream of having this event globally in the next five years. Could this be Colorado’s most Underrated Music event?

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