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Connecting with Cannabis column NEW YEAR 2020

Connecting with Cannabis column NEW YEAR 2020

Connecting with Cannabis

Building on the successful video series that I’ve hosted on IG for two years, I am very happy to announce that my Connecting with Cannabis (CWC) series has expanded to the SKUNK community! This Cannabis plant spirit guidance column is here to help YOU expand your ethereal bridge to divinity that Cannabis has within her for us all. As a Cannabis Plant Spirit Keeper, I serve this divine connection in our world, a direct connection that helped me channel and spiritually birth the first and only Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot deck in 2018!


This column is for the READERS! Think of it as a “Dear Beautiful” spiritual advice column. A column that is here to help you submit your questions, opportunities, and possibilities so that I may channel the Cannabis plant spirit and provide the guidance from the Universe you seek!


Each column I will be choosing from submitted requests, and channeling with the Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot deck, as well as the numerous other knowledges I access (past life, energy work, Ancient & Tropic astrology, Palmistry, Channeling, Guides, Totems, etc.) to help you connect to source wisdom that our beloved Cannabis plant holds!


I will share the wisdom of how to connect to the Cannabis plant spirit in your own lives, as well as offer the latest information on the Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot and the other Cannabis divination tools being released. I am excited to share what our Cannabis plant spirit community is doing in the world, and how to get your own personal readings & guidance sessions with me!


We are at the threshold of a new renaissance. Astrology & Cannabis has been lining us all up for this next evolutionary phase for years. So let’s welcome in this new dawn, and bring to light ALL the blessings our beloved plant holds through Connecting with Cannabis, HERE, in the SKUNK community!


~Beautiful Existence 


Connecting with Cannabis (CWC) Column

NEW YEAR 2020!


In this inaugural CWC column, I was approached by an IG friend, @PMETheLabel, about advocating for plant spirit. To which I immediately offered the opportunity that the BEST way to advocate for plant spirit is to be WITNESS to its connection! So this first CWC column is the plant spirit guidance for @PMETheLabel’s question…


“Am I wrong for accepting things from people that don’t share the same values as I do?”


Fair question! During this pivotal astrological time that we are in right now, a period of condensing timelines and karmas that is here to rid the world of past patterns, your question is aligned AF right now! The current astrological processes we are in has been going on since the last renaissance in the 1500s. It was triggered in 2010 and 2012 and then put into hyperdrive in late 2017 until now. All coming into alignment for a Universal restart in 2020. The new world portal that was ushered in this year in mid-September (Facebook announced it’s “Portal” system right after this shift, a key indicator of the larger truth that Universe ushered in) had its cement hardened for the next 30 years on Christmas and “carving our paths into stone”! So asking what gifts YOU are going to be deciding on, cutting out, or taking action on every day in 2020, is one that is shared by many during this time.


First of all, plant spirit came through VERY DISTINCTLY and immediately with your question, supplying you with this wisdom prior to the reading… “right or wrong” is a personal pattern of seeing self and the world, and not a Universal frequency. Step into your KNOWING of your HIGHER SELF and get past questioning patterns because abundance is a frequency that is in ALL FORMS! It is only the ego, judgment and self-speak patterns that question “who and what is good or not”. SEE this design by getting present, asking plant spirit to raise your frequency to a higher vibration than these patterns, and learn to step into that frequency to vibe past them! 


It does not matter whether you accept the gift or not, you are always blessed with the awareness of your HELL YES, or FUCK NO answer you give it! Abundance energy is knowing your deserving within it all and is in direct vibration with FAITH energy. When you KNOW you are being held in COMPLETE SUPPORT by source, EVERYTHING is ABUNDANCE! Even if the gifts come from unexpected places, or they have energetic cords in them, always know that you can choose to accept the GIFT and NOT the cords, because, in the pure frequency of abundance and faith, YOU know the Universe HAS YOUR BACK! Let GO of the judgment designs of self or others that put limits on the gifts that the Universe is trying to gift you, and accept what is yours where, or however it comes, because you are TAKEN CARE OF! 


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The Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot pull for you supports this wisdom with further insight, here’s what it said…


RECENT PASTRoot chakra connection with the plant spirit through the deck: 

Three of Wands… recently you have been doing so much work and planning, that you have had many opportunities coming to you, and even more on the way. YEAH!!! and hence the abundance you are now questioning. But with all of these new opportunities, you need to step outside of your comfort zone, and within your own areas of self-growth to achieve them. The young God in the card is looking into the vast horizon of opportunity, and obstacle, but the golden rays light the way, so be open to the adventure! Especially the one to get there that lies within yourself!


PRESENTHeart chakra and our direct connection to the Cannabis plant spirit: 

With the Two of Coins reversed, the immediate question posed to you in return from spirit is… Are the gifts really the question? OR, is it that you have SO MANY opportunities now that you need to prioritize what you have? Are YOU already overextended and stressed because of all the opportunities? As plant spirit has provided, it is never really the question of the gifts, and with this card in this position, it points to YOU questioning yourself for how you can juggle them all. Showing you this card for your present is pointing out that your FOCUS right now needs to be on the balance that you put towards the gifts, organizing them, delegating, restructuring your time. Do this now, so you can enjoy the infinite coinage of this card in your near future!


NEAR FUTURECrown chakra connection with the plant spirit through the deck: 

When you KNOW that everything is a gift, when you step into your self-growth, when you organize and balance the blessings you have been offered, you get the ACE OF COINS! This Goddess is your GREEN LIGHT of abundance coming into your world in ALL FORMS! Money, joy, happiness, love! It’s all right here. But your work is stepping past old patterns and making sure you are not overextended with all of the opportunities. Stay balanced, and focused on the gifts offered from the Universe, because ABUNDANCE in the near future is YOURS!

The Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot decks, as well as my Tarot readings & guidance sessions, will be available for purchase on soon, but until then, you can order at or DM me at for a reading. For the next Connecting with Cannabis column, send me your “Dear Beautiful” questions, or possibilities to [email protected] and let me help you discover Connecting with Cannabis too!


*DISCLAIMER* These readings are my interpretation of the deck I channeled and am connected to. I use my guidance, intuition, and wisdom to produce a message to the collective, not specifically meant for one person, situation, or outcome. I have, and will ALWAYS advocate for each soul to interpret all messages from their own divine authority and guidance, and to seek their own understanding of any communications from their own sovereignty first and foremost. I do not proclaim any answers, actions, directions, or authority over anyone at any time. I offer what I am given, the rest is the interpretation of the viewer/listener/other. Thank you.