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Couple O Cool Things

Couple O Cool Things

First off, I want to make a correction: A couple of SKUNK articles ago about langbeinite and greensand, I mentioned using langbeinite when making a mineral tea. In the article I suggested starting out by using 1/8th teaspoon of langbeinite per gallon of water. What I meant to say was 1/8th teaspoon per 5 gallons of water. Using that much (1/8th teaspoon langbeinite) in one gallon of water will take it up to over 400 PPM—yikes. Just always stay aware of your PPM values. This also gives you some insight into just HOW available langbeinite is—use caution.

Alright, today I want to show you all a couple cool things. These fascinating containers are all good indoors or outdoors, however, I would paint them white if using outdoors in direct sunlight. These functional little fans (air movement/circulation) I want to show you are like my dream come true for tent growing, seriously cool. Check out the vid for a better look at the pots and the fans. Spark one up and let’s rock and roll…

Grow Pro – Plant Warrior Pots

These Plant Warrior Pots Look Badass to Me

Some of you know what a fan I am of the self-watering growing containers, and I remain a huge fan to this day. The other day while in a grow-shop I stumbled across these awesome looking pots. The aeration dynamic looks off the chain good, along with the overall quality of these pots. I got several of the 3-gallon pots and appropriately sized catch trays; but I also saw these in 5-gallon, and I’m pretty sure you can get them even larger as well.

Using the self-watering type pots, you don’t need any catch trays because they are already built in. But when using any other type of pot, you absolutely need to have an appropriate sized catch tray underneath it. Optimally what you want is a tray that is wide enough to allow good aeration to the bottom drain holes of the pot, but also not too large. You want the amount of runoff water from the pot when you water it, to be able to collect in the tray and be “sucked” back up by the soil/roots within 30 or 40 minutes. Check out the vid where you can see the catch tray dimensions.

Oscillating Fans for Tents

These Fans are Just What the Doctor Ordered for Tents

Currently and for the last many years, in my tents, for my fans that provide constant air circulation (24/7), I use these little cheap clip-on fans that last about one year before they die and need replaced. I place these fans up high in the tents, not aimed directly at my plants and it works well. But now, with these cool oscillating fans that clip to the tent poles with high stability, I can actually have the fans placed to sweep across the plants—which is very nice. You never want to have a stationary fan aimed directly at your plants, otherwise you will hyper-dehydrate them; especially running a low humidity.

Air circulation is just as important as air exchange; and even more so when growing in tents like I prefer doing. You need to have air movement around the plants always; without fail. I’m really looking forward to using these fans (and these new pots); right now, I am in the process of cleaning and upgrading my growing spaces just a tad. Been awhile—LoL—just upgrading an exhaust fan (Elicent) and getting another Gorilla Tent. Also expanding my vegging zone, a bit. Happy trails everyone, I hope you enjoyed the read. Catch ya next week right here at SKUNK good peeps!

VIVOSUN 6 Inch Clip on Oscillating Tent Fan (link below)

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