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David Nikzad Talks

David Nikzad Talks

THIS WEDNESDAY at California – City and County Regulation Watch Page at 7pm , we will be hearing from David Nikzad, a socially conscious investor and human being whose long career as a venture capital/seed stage investor has given him a court side seat to some of the most innovative companies around. He’s going to talk about investing in the cannabis industry, what he looks for, what he looks to avoid, and how he finds opportunities to put money to work solving the problems facing our industry. We’ll also be talking a little bit about his latest project, Orthogonal Inc. and how he plans to create the first sustainable, socially conscious conglomerate modeled off Warren Buffett’s uber successful, Berkshire Hathaway.


When I first met David at Y Combinator’s Winter 2015 Demo Day, I felt like we had known each other for years. We have a shared passion for startups, plant science, and innovation, which led to Orthogonal investing in Meadow. Their positive support and deep insight within the industry has been invaluable over the years.

David Hua

Co-founder and CEO at Meadow

Orthogonal has all key ingredients for an outlier’s success: the solid vision, an experienced team, a huge, growing market, and the right timing. David Nikzad was one of the first investors in Talkable and has been instrumental in helping us fundraise and grow the business. Orthogonal is establishing itself as a key player in the market as it goes mainstream.

Allan Grant

Co-founder of Hired and Talkable. Hacker/Entrepreneur



Orthogonal is a holding company and ecosystem that unites the desire to make money with doing good for the planet and society. We focus on a wide range of successful innovations from food and plant sciences to blockchain technology and crypto currency. By pooling our collective resources and diverse team knowledge we incubate our holdings and provide strategic partnerships to help scale each to their greatest potential… for investors. And the planet.

David Nikzad



Dear Wefunder Investor,

As you are likely aware, the concept of investing purely for financial gain has evolved.  What we do with our money, how we make it work for our own bank account as well as our ethos, and the ethical benefit of an entire society, is the new paradigm for success.

Orthogonal’s carefully curated conglomerate of companies creates a system by which the focus, talent, and deep experience of one interest helps support the others. As our tagline states: “the right angle.”  The tangential energy of success provides a more solid path for the scalability for all our holdings. One connection creates another and so on until you are surrounded by a universe of highly skilled individuals and energy. We’re all invested in a bigger, broader, more profound definition of success and how to help each other achieve it.

Invest in Orthogonal and watch the ecosystem grow, both literally and metaphorically. Because when you re-focus the definition of success on more than one aspect, judge it by greater than any singular standard, you achieve something better and more solid for the future.

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Thank you to those who invest in our future-forward vision. We are one of the initial investors in Wefunder.  We get it. Our goal here and now is to allow the masses to participate in the upside of this relatively early-stage investment. While institutional investors love our vision, the energy we create with the pathos of individuals who invest for all the right reasons, is part of what fuels our engine. One shared future and one shared destiny.



California – City and County Regulation Watch Page is a group whose focus is to gather as much data as possible about California City and County medical and adult use cannabis regulations in each of this State’s 482 Cities and 58 Counties. They are a consumer focused advocacy group supporting the rights of cannabis consumers in the regulated cannabis market. They support responsible regulations and reasonable local land use rules, that provide safe, convenient access to cannabis use.


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