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Dawg Daze: Part Two

Dawg Daze: Part Two

This article appears in Volume 5 – Issue 5 of SKUNK Magazine.

WELCOME BACK to the DAWG DAZE of summer.

IN PART 1 from last year’s hydro issue (4.4), I detailed the creation of Chemdawg’s Snowdawg, as well as the history of many of his other famous strains. During a visit from Chem, I was able to sample a large variety and I wrote an article based on this experience. The first story covered strains like Super Snow Dawg, Sour Diesel, Giezel and Chemdawg among many others. Because of a certain smartass breeder, I was inspired to shake things up and make a better Snowdawg hybrid and just give it away. I decided to create Space-Dawg and all the seeds were then distributed pro bono.

In the first part, I used information I found by doing research online. I found a post that detailed how Wonkanobe and Pbud met Chemdawg and sold him an ounce of high quality pot for $500. He found a few seeds in some of the buds and popped the first 4 seeds. The information went into detail about the following crosses:

  1. Super Snowdawg (Bubble Chem x [Super skunk x Oregon Sno])
  2. Giezel (Chem D x Mass Super Skunk)
  3. Bubble Chem (Chemdawg’s Sister x Sag’s Bubbleberry)
  4. Dawg Daze a.k.a. ChemHaze (Chem D x ’93 Sensi’s NL#5/Haze)
  5. Chemdawg D x Pbud (another old-school Colorado strain)


I like cannabis history to be very accurate so I quoted the information verbatim. When the article came out in SKUNK someone named “High & Lonesome” contacted Mamakind and accused me of stealing the entire article. The fact is I used 274 words that I took from online and actually wrote 1651 words myself. Regardless, I made things right and he was paid at my rate for every word. He declined a signed book from me as he considers me a hack. I wanted the real story to come out to clear my name, I am never at a loss for words; I just wanted the facts to be correct. Personally, I think the guy’s a moron for admitting to a cash drug deal and maybe that’s why the article was filed under “Guest” and not a nickname I could name as a resource.

The Snowdawg was my favorite of the samples by far and I was hoping to improve the resin profile and increase the speed of vegetative growth. I chose our Space Queen male, knowing he would increase the potency based on his contributions to other crosses he has been part of. Over the last several months we have collected test data from growers and I am very happy with the results.

I would like to thank Ocanabis, one of my official testers, for all the hard work and amazing photography on this project. Other growers helped me with grow reports and smoke reports and I would like to thank all of them as well. Over 200 growers received a pack of Space-Dawg absolutely free in different contests or giveaways put on by TGA distributors. I also donated a huge sack of seeds to the local medical co-op OGF.

The first grow reports appeared online in October as the first seeds started poking through the soil, Ocanabis started just 6 seeds and had a 100% germ rate. They were grown under a 200-Watt CFL and remained there for the first few weeks until transplanting when they were moved under a 400-watt Metal Halide for more vegging and training. After the first week they were fed using advanced nutrients line of organics as well as Fulvic and Humic Acids. These are used to promote a stronger root and stem structure. At just two weeks the plants were very wide and stocky with nice thick stems. Three of the plants were perfect and two had slight mutations- possible damage during the seedling stage. After 16 days of vegetative growth Ocanabis had them on the following nutrient schedule:

Mix per 4 liters of water with:

  • 4 ml Fulvic
  • 4 ml Humic
  • 4 ml B-52
  • 60 ml Met Tea-Grow
  • 5 ml B. Strap Molasses
  • 5 ml L. Karma
  • PH at 6.4-6.5


Feed once a week and water in between Day 40 revealed three nice females with three un-indicated as of yet and all had a short indica look with wide fan leaves and nice side branching. After 52 days of growth, another plant indicated female and Ocanabis added some Iguana Juice to his regiment. All of the plants were very uniform bushes with tight internodes and very sturdy stems. They had now reached the point where the growing shoots had alternating nodes indicating sexual maturity. The plants were officially placed into bloom at the 60-day mark under 1200 watts of HPS Power. After just a few days in the new area, the last female indicated making five females from six seeds tested.

Once the plant had been budding for 2 weeks, a new feeding schedule was implemented:

Mix per 4 l (1 gal) water with:

  • 4 ml Fulvic
  • 4 ml Humic
  • 4 ml B-52
  • 40 ml Met Tea- Bloom
  • 4 ml Iguana Juice-Bloom
  • 5 ml Molasses
  • pH is/was adjusted to 6.4


The plants responded well and visible trichomes were already forming as the first buds starting filling in. After 4 weeks of budding the plants started taking on characteristics that allowed Ocanabis to start selecting his favorite plants based on smell and structure. He described it as the smell of Juicy Fruit Gum only ten times stronger! The plants all formed nice bushes with four main branches and a large number of both inner and outer lower branching.

After 6 weeks in bloom, the plants looked incredible taking on attributes of Snowdawg’s smell and Space Queen’s resin profile. The fruity aromas got stronger and the resin completely covered all of the plants making them look like they were covered in morning dew, but in fact it was THC latent resin! Even the outer fan leaves had resin. At day 46 Ocanabis started his final flush and also used stakes to help support the colas that were starting to sag under their own weight. He reported smells ranging from Bubblegum to Lemon Candy and also Fruit Punch. He was having a very hard time picking his favorite at this point.

Harvest day came at day 57 – or 8 weeks – just the time we like all of our hybrids to finish at. A plant has to be ultra special to warrant longer than 9 weeks in our gardens. All of the females looked like they were covered in Diamond Dust at harvest and even the smallest yielding plant was encrusted with resin and had a thick smell.

The first smoke report on this strain was turned in by Janjaweed, a grower at the forums on Breedbay, and he was also very impressed. This is his smoke report:


See Also


[10] Potency
[10] Taste
[10] Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth)
[8] Indica Influence
[5] Sativa Influence
[1] Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)
[2-3] Duration (In hours)
[2] Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
[10] Overall Satisfaction



These buds are tasty and full of flavor, but they are also very potent so much that it numbs your head and after a few bowls my teeth were numb, like I had just been to the dentist.

Chunks of analgesic grapefruit, more of indica effect. If you have pain this will kill it… people with low tolerance should be careful not to over indulge as it may cause them green outs and nausea.

Medicinal Strength: 11++

[X] YES, favorite is staying indefinitely.


Everyone seems to love this strain and that makes this project to me very rewarding. My main goal was to work with Chem’s Snowdawg and see if I could improve its resin profile somewhat and we were very successful. My other goal was to simply do something no other Breeder had done before than I know of – to create a new strain for the fun of it and give every seed away to the growing community. The cries to make more have already started but I have already passed the mother plant on to another medical grower who likes indicas. For me the fun was gifting something to people that others charge way too much for in my opinion. The fact that everyone that’s grown it so far is so impressed with the cross is well, gravy on a biscuit!

You can check out my latest breeding project at
Other breeding stories can be found in Dank: The Quest for the Very Best Marijuana. Available at


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