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Dogwalker: Big Dog, Quality Cannabis

Dogwalker: Big Dog, Quality Cannabis

Big Dog are really awesome pre-rolled joints that smoke beautifully.

Big Dog pre-rolls come simply packaged in the definitive resealable tube with glossy gold lettering set against a dark green colored background.

Their packaging is nicely done without being over the top. Classic!

Charming was the first thing I thought of after drawing a couple hits from one of the two Big Dog pre-rolls that I received. After all, I’d heard about the Big Dog’s high quality and potent Dog Walkers and I wanted to try them. They were currently unavailable, but in their absence, the Big Dog size would suffice. The same fine cannabis goes into the Big Dog as their Dog Walkers.

Inspired by the physical act of walking the company dog and all the dogs in your life,  are typically a short walk around the small, California-sized block experience, just enough and definitely not too much. But without a handsome tin of the Dog Walkers at the ready, the Big Dog more than made up for the fact that my block would be a stroll smoking a fine pre-roll on the slightly larger size. In this case the Big Dog slides in at .75 of a gram comprised of extremely lovely and mesmerizingly compelling cannabis flower. The Dog Walkers for reference are about a third of a gram. More than enough for me.

I enjoyed the Big Dog prerolls very much, and they absolutely worked their magic on my brain. The taste is memorable, and I got really stoned, which I cannot say for some of the pre-rolls on the market.

The aromatic nature of the cannabis caught my attention immediately. Refreshingly, this cannabis doesn’t come smelling like a maw of cotton candy nor like a juicy fruit salad. Each puff offers an intriguingly earthy and vigorous nose Mocha Java coffee. Coming into view is a snippet of freshly cut tarragon. Next, the wrapper itself, their high quality hemp-based cone is a delight. This one burns beautifully and peacefully. Each smoothly textured puff moves the fire down the joint evenly and efficiently. There is no canoeing effect here is in evidence as the cannabis in the cone is well formed structurally. They are extremely easy to draw upon.

The mouthfeel is gentle and kind. Taking a hit is instantaneously old-school in its own unique way. Again, this cannabis doesn’t smell like sweet vanilla candy or a melting ice-cream sundae with wet walnuts slathered over it. What it does taste like is a mere dash of dark roasted coffee and a slick of toasted nut oil. All at once pine and petrol flavors reveal themselves.

Each puff is comfortable and pleasant against the tongue, then robust plunging down the throat. I didn’t cough at all when I inhaled deeply the Big Dog “Sit” spun with their clever strain, the Purple Urkle cultivar.

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And now for the important stuff. The high. Oh, I got plenty high off of only a couple of gently inhaled hits. I even dug into some early Grateful Dead. This is very impressive cannabis. It usually takes more than that for me to get ripped.  I liked the effect very much.

And it must be said that this cannabis comes perfectly cured, it’s really uncanny how easy the Big Dog was to smoke with their overall mouth-feel smooth and rich into my lungs.

Add to that, just a couple more pulls and I’d be the one who is sitting on the floor. And if I had a metaphorical dog, it would have just wandered off on me. Fun stuff!