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DripWorks is excited to be a part of the SKUNK TV and the Soil King Family. We are looking forward to telling people about the importance of drip irrigation and its many uses.

This year DripWorks is proud to be celebrating our 25th year in business and have worked hard to become the industry leader of irrigation products. Located in Northern California, Drip Works provides quality drip irrigation supplies, equipment, and outstanding customer service. Drip irrigation is an easy way to save time, water, and money. Drip irrigation uses 30% to 50% less water than conventional irrigation methods. Believed by many to be the world’s most valuable development in agriculture, drip irrigation is the key to water conservation. As a result of its water saving effect, the use of drip irrigation is less expensive, greener, and if installed correctly, a plant-saving
option for watering.

Drip Works prides itself in providing quality irrigation products and customer service to our customers. Any unused parts and tubing can be stored away in your shop or garage and will be there when you need it. DripWorks Irrigation products can be used from the beginning of the growing cycle to the day of harvest to deliver a precise amount of water when and where you need it.

In addition to the quality products DripWorks offers, we take pride in the relationships we continue to build with our customers. DripWorks website has the tools and information needed to help the customer design their irrigation systems. You can watch irrigation installation videos, read the free drip planning guide, and review a gallery of plans along with many other tools to help you design your own system.

DripWorks also has Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) available year round to answer customer questions, take orders, and provide information to help customers choose the irrigation parts that best fits their need. We also offer live chat so customers can get instant feedback with any question they have.

A large percentage of our product are made in the USA and our tubing is made right here in California. Mix Rite fertilizer injectors and our Galcon controllers are from companies in Israel, where irrigation was developed.

DripWorks takes its role in their community seriously and contributes as much as they can to many different groups (i.e. Schools, Community Gardens, and Master Garden Clubs etc.). We also offer discounts to 4 H, FFA members, and other community groups.

If you have any questions, need more information, or to place an order you can go to our website at or call us at (800) 522-3747. You can also email us at We are truly looking forward to helping you maximize your yield, and save water, time, and money in the process.

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At DripWorks we believe sustainability is the key to a brighter future for all of us. Water conservation and natural organic farming practices will create a healthy garden no matter what crop you grow.




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