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Emerald Cup – Winning Reactions

Emerald Cup – Winning Reactions

Tune in live as Emerald Cup announce the winners of The 2021 Emerald Cup Awards live on Social Club TV Sun, Apr 11, 2021 featuring an amazing lineup of Artists & Activists!


Make sure to watch the event at:



Starting on April 5th, we’re taking over the platform with a daily dose of speaker panels and fireside chats. This is truly the launch of the Emerald Cup channel. For years we’ve had the finest possible conversations gracing the Emerald Cup stages, only to see them fade away. This year we’ll be broadcasting to folks all over the world. After the trials and tribulations of the past year, I’m more excited about this year’s awards ceremony than ever before.

We’ll also be presenting some of my favorite performers – Micheal Franti, Ziggy Marley, Melissa Etheridge, Adullah Saeed, and many others will keep you moving and grooving. Our combined teams have created stunning virtual worlds for Taylor, Abdullah, and me to play in. With over 20 topics, we are presenting cutting edge discussions on a wide array of subjects, ranging from genetics, terpenes, regenerative farming, psychedelics, social justice, social equity, and many more. These timely discussions will live on the Emerald Cup channel forever. Ziggy Marley, Chelsea Handler, Robert C. Clark, John Roulac (producer of Kiss the Ground), Winona LaDuke, Todd McCormick, Lorne Gertner, Dennis Mckenna, Krayzie Bone, and a vast pool of world class talent will be educating and inspiring our community and the public at large.


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