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Father’s Day 2022: The Dopest Deals for Dad.

Father’s Day 2022: The Dopest Deals for Dad.

Written By Jake Robinson, Matt Jackson, and a special contribution from @hashishqueen


What up, Pops!? The day we celebrate all the dank dads and fire father figures is just around the corner. SKUNK Magazine put together a list of gifts for that special guy who loves ganja.

Whether you’ve pooled stacks with your siblings for some big-ticket tech or only have what’s on hand, we have options for everyone here, and they all bring the heat. Here is the list of hitters for the big homie.

Carta 2 by FocusV

Photo Courtesy of Focus V

NOTICE: This particular addition to the Dad’s day list is special for many reasons. Perhaps the most dope this about this round-up is its collaborative spirit to bring you the best so I tapped in with @hashishqueen for assistance and if HQ herself approves, it will pass with father for sure 😉 Now read her personally written pick for pop!

Carta 2 by Focus V is one of my daily drivers, and it is perfect for any dope dad out there. To me, Carta 2 hits different. Compared to others, the assortment of controls makes consuming concentrates easy, fun, and intuitive.

She fits perfectly in your hand and cup holder and can be toted around town quickly and conveniently, unlike others with much more conspicuous containers. 

This unit is super user-friendly and shows you everything you need to know in real-time. From a technology perspective, the Carta 2 is definitely my pick this Father’s Day if you are shopping for the dabbing dad who demands the best. Help the old man out and send pops to the recliner to pass out with some really good rosin and the Carta 2 from Focus V.

Boro Blaster Custom Glass Work

Photo Courtesy Boro Blaster

Next on the list is Boro Blaster. What started as a hobby and side-hustle by the big homie Jake has snowballed into a full-time business offering his superior sandblasting skills and serving each facet of the cannabis community. Now Boro Blaster is working with the game’s biggest brands and badass players.

Boro Blaster does custom, hand-crafted sandblasted pieces for Blackleaf, Pack Gods, Sherbinski, Preferred Gardens, Squints, Your Highness, and Cookies, to name a few. If your Dad is the type of dude that demands the best, get him something dope from his site.

Now if your Dad really deserves it, go have something sick done custom for him! Whatever gift in mind, BOROBLASTER does gorgeous work, so check out his shop and pick something out for pops.

(PRO TIP: Use Code SKUNK at checkout for 15% off your order…)

Stündenglass Gravity Infuser

Photo Courtesy Stündenglass Inc.

Also known as that big glass pill you’ve seen all over social media, this is the modern-day gravity bong described as a “glass gravity infuser propelled by kinetic energy.” If DaVinci had designed the hookah, this would be its natural evolution. Using motion, and opposing airflow, it fills the chamber and then shoots the smoke through a hose or mouthpiece without the need for direct contact. Available in regular, Taylor Gang gold, Cookies blue, or Dr. Greenthumb emerald, with a price tag this big, don’t feel bad if you all chipped in and got this for him…and for you.

Your Highness

Photo Courtesy of Your Highness

It’s no secret that SKUNK Magazine and I are fans of the Royal Family over at Your Highness. Growing bomb bud is one thing, but this is an apt addition to an epic Father’s Day List.

The husband-and-wife team behind Your Highness has been killing the cannabis and clothing game for many years. My very own pot-smoking poppa selected the gear chosen for this entry. You should treat pops like royalty this holiday and hook the big homie up with the highest standard.

My Dad digs, pairing an active lifestyle with fitness and fire flower, so his picks revolve around Your Highness’s rock-solid staples. But the bi-weekly drops online, an arsenal of awesome gear in national streetwear outlets like Zumiez, and endless epic collabs, trust me, Your Highness has streetwear for that special dude, whatever his style. Shop all the styles at Your Highness online and in-store at Zumiez nationwide.


Töteez Tiny Totes

Photo Courtesy High Rise Agency

Tiny Totes from Töteez is a cleverly comedic take on that iconic container we all know and love for curing and storing the stash. They are especially apt for the dope dad who needs access to their stash at a less-than-chill spot like the office.

Töteez is creative, functional, and just plain cute AF. Couple that with an accessible price point of $10.00, and you have a hands-down dope gift to make dad’s day.

Danny @tinytotes, by way of these spot-on doppelgangers of everyone’s favorite tote, has made a fun and functional storage product that has seemed to smack with the community, and I, for one fuck with it. From Humboldt to your home, bring a little bit of the hills into your homies life this Father’s Day. Pick them up here!

Staze Vaccum Seal Jar

Photo Courtesy Staze

If you’re traveling to see dad in a few days, heading to a family reunion, or hell, even headed off a cliff in a kayak, these rugged, discreet containers from Staze are just the ticket for slightly smaller stashes of your super good headies.

offering an almost unparalleled level of protection for your weed while being lightweight and sleek enough to not raise eyebrows. One major game-changer is having a built-in vacuum pump in the lid. Water-resistant and tough enough to withstand the outdoors, they’re also smell-proof and discreet enough to go pretty much anywhere Dad whats to take his dope.

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Black SEA Seeds

Just drop in the flower, and pump the top 3 or 4 times to achieve an airtight seal. When you hear a “click” you are good to go, fully fresh and functional. Grab some for Dad and yourself at and use discount code SKUNK at checkout for 15% off all their offerings.


Hitoki Laser Trident

Photo Courtesy Hitoki Laser Co.

The ultimate gift for tech-centric dads. Hitoki’s Trident is the first clean laser combustion device. The sleek unit produces a 9-second beam that combusts your weed inside a see-through center chamber. This is as much fun to smoke through as it sounds. It’s incredible watching your bowl light up as the chamber wafts with smoke and the unit doesn’t really get hot so you can pack it again and again. If your dad has ever taken solar hits with a magnifying glass, this is going to blow their mind.

CVault Curing and Storage Containers

Photo Courtesy of CVault.

The CVault is no joke my Father’s favorite way to store his flower. Full stop. For the grow dad this is premium gear that makes curing an absolute convenience compared to classical methods of burping endless jars post-harvest.

Appropriate for this list, The CVault is run by a Father and Son team who have dedicated their lives to the ultimate cannabis storage system. These CVault storage containers are honestly the most effective way to keep weed fresh and filled with flavorful terps in my experience.

Machined from 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel these containers can take a beating and look super elegant at the same time which is always a plus in my book. CVault offers a wide range of available sizes for the big and small smokers alike.

My pops and I prefer the big QP or LB “Cultivator SIze” CVaults for home use, but for our grab-and-go option, we pick the perfectly portable 7-14 gram design which features include a new 3-nub locking system and redesigned pack holder. Strong, sleek, and built for adventure. These will win the day for you and your Dad, hands down. Use code SKUNK at checkout for 10% off all CVaults.


SUPER CHILL Vegan Rosin Edibles

Photo Courtesy @masterterps

Edibles can be a touchy subject for some smokers, but for my Dad and I, they are just the ticket to set the night (or day) off right.

In a landscape crowded with candy, the SUPERCHILL team behind these fruit chews hit it out of the park as far as my Dad and I are concerned.

These 100% plant-based, vegan, rosin-infused fruit chews contain nothing artificial and are made with natural fire-roasted fruit. The brand has a pretty incredible lineup of offerings and a style that resonates deeply with my father and me as a total ’90s kid. Keep an eye out for SUPERCHILL, as they are destined for glory.

Malin & Goetz Cannabis Eau de Perfum

Photo Courtesy Malin & Goetz

This well-balanced scent won’t make you smell like you’ve been hanging out in the garden all day, but it does contain Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, and Citral. Released in 2014, this offsets magnolia and bergamot with fig, black pepper, and sandalwood to create something unique but not overbearing. It’s as comfortable in a dark club as in the kitchen and also comes in a hand & body wash.