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JORDAN OF THE ISLANDS reflects the casual laidback cannabis lifestyle people associate with Canada’s west coast. This lifestyle is summed up by east coast heads as heavy tasty indica with a jolt of coffee.

We’re chillaxed out here, but we have plenty of important weed work to do. The gardening alone is a fulltime job, but then there’s all kinds of related tasks to running a craft seed shop – like shipping seeds and responding to retailers.

We’ve been producing seeds since 1994, which means the JOTI seed catalog is the genuine Canada west coast experience.  

Our fast flowering heavy yielding varieties pitched in to create the original ‘BC Bud’ boom, which put this area on the marijuana map. While we are known for our couch-locking indicas (God Bud, Chemo, BC Big Bud), we do have some lovely local sativas too (Burmese, Timewarp).

It’s hard to believe sometimes we’ve been breeding seeds for over 20 year – getting our start with distribution from Marc Emery Seeds Direct. Jordan of the Island’s has won Toker Bowls (remember those?), Cannabis Cups, BC Harvest Cups, and recently a Karma Cup.

Our genetics can recreate the Canada island vibe no matter where you live because we’re focused on giving gardeners the best local flavor.

There are several varieties which best represents the islands, but JOTI God Bud is the legit legend. After two decades of solid production, we’ve updated God Bud to impress a whole new generation of gardeners. After all we just realized it’s been twenty years, and, well we’re getting a wee long in the tooth.

It’s still ideal for chronic pain medical Cannabis patients and people who want to fully melt into their surroundings. Besides it’s stupendous stone, God Bud is very easy to grow – making it first time gardener friendly.

God Bud can handle pH balance problems and it’s healthy appetite allows for overfeeding. An ample producer even when hit with nuub mistakes, God Bud really shines for the experienced grower who knows when to up the PPM and load on the carbs.

To add more flavors to the local community, we’ve recently created a whole line of God Bud varieties. Over a dozen new crosses have been created from stable reputable genetics.

At JOTI we’re not big on fancy names and have simply labeled them God’s Kush (God Bud x OG Kush), God’s Green Crack (God Bud x Green Crack), God’s Northern Lights (God Bud x Northern Lights). Another new addition is our ‘Blue Line,’ which are Blueberry variety crosses.

Blueberry is another classic, that a new generation of gardeners need to be introduced to. Many of them are easy to grow and great to learn on. Easy to grow is kind of our thing too.

Again we’ve not used hype to sell them with names like Blue Bud (Blueberry x Big Bud), Blue Cheese (Blueberry x UK Cheese), Blue Afghani (Blueberry x Afghani). It’s not that we can’t think of fancy names, we just don’t have the resources for our craft shop and we think it’s easier for the gardener who is seeking specific genetics.

Our no frill marketing extends to packaging, website branding, but we did sponsor with seeds for attendees of the Glass Gathering and Karma Cup this year. Top shelf seeds do not need expensive packaging nor a price tag.

Do not associate the JOTI affordable price tag with subpar seeds, but simply our lack of branding. Like the grocery store where you bring your own bags!

We grew up on overgrow and continue to keep prices down to ensure people can become self sufficient.

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With Canada set to legalize in 2018 – it’s time to bring back bud dominance of the stone and taste of the west coast. The best way to accomplish this is to grow west coast genetics and we’ll be showing you how on the SKUNK website once a month.


Blue God (Blueberry Crush Edition)

Jordan of the Islands focused on adding even more berry goodness to our berry delicious and heavy yielding Blue God. This fast flowering variety has been plumped up with our strongest Blueberry cannabis plant to create an overwhelming fruity sensation. When flushed correctly this is like eating a bowl of ripened blueberries! Easy to grow, Blue God is a very bushy large cultivar capable of exceedingly ample yields of heady couch locking indica sensations. The fast flowering time, ample yields and most importantly amazing tastes and effects will surely impress Jordan of the Island’s devotees who are seeking something more fruity.

Flowering Time: 55 – 60 Days

Genetics: Blueberry x God Bud


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