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Five Crisp Questions With Robbie Schneider, CTO Lumenary, Inc.

Five Crisp Questions With Robbie Schneider, CTO Lumenary, Inc.

Robbie Schneider

President and CTO, Lumenary, Inc.

This was the pitch that I received. And it was immediately intriguing to me. A laser vaporizer? What is that? How does it work? It sounds intriguing! I love the part about verifiable serial numbers on the carts. That really catches my attention. 

…… I’m excited to share that I’m working with The Beam Vape, the first laser vaporizer, officially launching on November 22nd. I was wondering if you might be interested in an exclusive first look story on the brand and its future plans? I would love to connect you with their team.

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Info below and also attached. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Thank you so much.

  • The Beam’s ceramic wick heats concentrates and extracts using only light — not metal or electronics, providing for an instant, clean, and great tasting vape experience.
  • The Beam uses low temperature and material-specific vaporization technology, preserving material and leaving what isn’t vaporized uncooked.
  • The Beam uses proprietary design-patented and serial-numbered carts that will be sold to qualifying extract pre-fillers for distribution throughout legal jurisdictions.
  • The Beam devices are also verifiably serial-numbered to ensure compliance, authenticity, and safety.
  • The Beam’s mesmerizing laser provides the purest taste and enjoyment.
  • Introductory SRLP  $195

Warren Bobrow: Where are you from? What was your path to the plant? Do you have a tech background?

Robbie Schneider: I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles. The Valley happens to be a stony region of LA where cannabis was a big part of our culture. Back in the day, I endured multiple weed grows raided and shut down by my parents while attempting to cultivate in my closet and desk cabinets in their home. This required drastic measures, and I managed to locate an empty cavity in the walls. I removed a small section of drywall hidden by my desk, installed an HPS light, and successfully harvested my 1st cannabis grow of many. Children do not try this at home. I come from an art and music background, but I always had a thing for electronics and 3D design.

My skills are mostly self-taught or learned on YouTube.

Warren Bobrow: Please tell me about your product. What makes it different? What kind of research went into it?

Photo: Lumenary

Robbie Schneider: The Beam is the 1st vaporizer to use light from a laser to heat an all-ceramic element to the point of vaporization. It’s been over seven years in the making. With countless hours of self-experimentation, trial and error, consultations, and help from our trusty engineers Sam Scheiner and Jake Davidson, we produced a vape product free of metal coils or electronics that allows for a full-flavored experience.

Warren Bobrow: What are your six and twelve-month goals?

Robbie Schneider: In the next six months, I aim to refine and improve our current technology, as well as finish the creation of the flower module that will allow for fresh flower vaporization. We’ll also complete our high-temperature dab rig replacement that’ll have the power of a plug or torch heated dab rig but in a safe, portable package. In 12 months, we’ll have a variety of new laser products ready for sale.

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Warren Bobrow: Favorite cannabis grower? Indoor or outdoor?

Robbie Schneider: I have grown some dank, if I do say so myself, but since the endeavor of The Beam, my weed growing has taken a break. I’ve been having fun exploring many of the latest brands and strains, but I would say my favorite grower goes by the name Aubry Karcey with TerraGrowth. He’s one of the only growers who’s managed to prove that you can grow just as good if not better herb organically in a greenhouse than even the most dialed indoor hydro setups. That’s not an easy achievement, but it’s possible using certain soil biology, the right nutrients at the right time, and of course, genetics is key.

 Warren Bobrow:  What is your passion? 

Photo: Lumenary

 Robbie Schneider: Besides weed, I’m into music, art, and the ocean. I play many instruments, have produced a few independent albums, and love old-school analog synthesizers. I paint with oil, acrylic, and watercolor. I also create graphic designs and 3d models. I’ve always been amphibious and spend a lot of time in and around the ocean. I love to surf, and when there’s no waves, you’ll find me fishing or crabbing from the shore, my kayak, or freediving. My favorite sport is abalone diving, but since they extended the closure due to a kelp die-off, I’ve been learning to spearfish dive for now.

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