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Five Questions with Nishant Reddy, Enthused, Erudite Cannabis Impresario

Five Questions with Nishant Reddy, Enthused, Erudite Cannabis Impresario

I first met Nishant through the magic of the interwebs, and I was charmed immediately by his knowledge and richly exceptional flowers. Soon I realized that we had both attended the same private prep school in New Jersey, Gill/St. Bernard’s in Gladstone. This would mean that Nishant was also from New Jersey, but now he lives in California. Lucky man indeed! 

Photo: A Golden State

We share a natural affinity for the most pristine indoor-grown cannabis, and I have deeply covered his success in the cannabis space over the past several years. And yes, the honey flower is probably my favorite strain of A Golden State, as well. Funny that way with his well-cured cannabis flowers. They don’t make me cough as others do. Curing cannabis is an art and a science that A Golden State has mastered. I’m always happiest when I’m under the influence of A Golden State. It makes sense to me in a way because of our connection to the place of my birth. That experience is meaningful to me. Thank you. WB

Warren Bobrow: Please tell me about your company. What is A Golden State? What was your inspiration for your brands? What are you working on right now?

Nishant Reddy: Satya Capital is a builder and investor of best-in-class cannabis companies. We’re most notably known for our award-winning vertical enterprise in California, which is powered by our indoor cultivations. We focus on the high-end market and are known for our premium artisanal flower. We also own and operate a portfolio of cannabis brands, including one of California’s top-3 best-selling premium brands, A Golden State. We also cultivate on behalf of well-known brands such as Backpack Boyz. In addition, we own and operate Vantage Point Distribution, a boutique white-glove distribution company. Vantage Point offers clients full-service product procurement, brand development, packaging services, and sales & retail support. Satya Capital also owns and operates retail dispensaries, including the upcoming A Golden State flagship retail store. When creating Satya Capital, our inspiration was to build the best portfolio possible. Our brands prioritize the quality of our product and transparency with a focus on sustainability and social justice and ultimately delivering the best customer experience. We haven’t deviated from this since our inception, and I think that plays a large part in our success. Customers have grown to be able to trust our brands and support whatever we are behind. They feel confident in our high-quality products and recognize that they’re simultaneously making a positive social impact. It’s an exciting time for Satya Capital and A Golden State! We’re growing faster than ever, and we’re focused on new cultivations, growing our brand portfolio, and expanding into new markets.

Photo: A Golden State

WB: What is your favorite strain that you produce? What do you prefer, indoor or outdoor-grown cannabis?

NR: I love our sativas, and personally, I enjoy how balanced they are. From the robust flavors, the wide range of THC percentages to the smooth highs they provide, these really grab my attention. Our Sunbeam and Honey Flower strains are my favorites. Both provide pleasant and uplifting social highs, with terpene profiles that are bright and invigorating. There’s a time and a place for both (indoor and outdoor), but I tend to predominantly smoke indoor flowers. I enjoy the complexity of the flower’s appearance, especially the deep color palette. Likewise, potency is unmatched, and so I tend to pursue the exotics. 

WB: What is next for you in the cannabis dichotomy? New packaging? Price point?


NR: We will be launching new SKUs at A Golden State, including our solventless vaporizer, all-natural edibles, as well as new exotic strains. Innovation never ceases within our organization, and we’re always trying to push the envelope and satisfy our own discerning tastes as consumers.

     WB: What are your six and twelve-month goals?

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Photo: A Golden State


NR: My six-month goal is to establish our A Golden State flagship retail store as a destination within northern California. I want to create a true connoisseur’s paradise comprised of the freshest, most exotic flower and a highly guest-curated experience, including tours of our adjacent indoor cultivation. My 12-month goal is to expand our footprint into at least two new markets. We have incredible brands and a deep knowledge of producing award-winning cannabis. For this reason, it is only natural to want to share that with those that live in other states. It’s a lot more fun to be able to enjoy our amazing products than just being able to read about them. The East Coast and Midwest need great weed too!


What is your favorite food when you smoke? And of course, what is your passion? 

NR: I have to admit that I’ve got a sweet tooth, and when I allow myself to indulge, nothing beats getting high and getting ice cream. Southern California’s weather and vibes also complement the “get high and eat ice cream” lifestyle as well. I am an avid skier and have been fortunate to have skied and mountaineered all over the world. I’ve met amazing people, and my adventures have shown me what is possible when you apply yourself, especially in situations that are challenging. I bring these lessons and harness the same preparedness and intensity to help lead our companies to new levels. I’m grateful for it all and excited to show the world what we can do.