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Forti Goods: Stash Security in Specialty Decor

Forti Goods: Stash Security in Specialty Decor

After decades in the dark closet of prohibition, cannabis is finally making serious advancements and coming out into the light. This mainstreaming of cannabis has been a long time coming and it feels like we are on a roll. As more states pass legalization laws, and federal legislation to end prohibition is put forward, it is starting to feel inevitable that the formerly illicit weed is destined to take a starring role on the world stage in the coming years.

Retail sales of cannabis in multiple states are opening up a whole new era of 420 lifestyles and consciousness. And whether one gets their weed products from those brick and mortar retail stores or their favorite black market connection, many imbibers of the fiber find the need to keep their stash tucked neatly away from unwanted prying eyes, discerning noses, or the curious hands of children.

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Edibles are of a particular concern when pets or children gain access to them and some folks might have that housemate who fiends just a little too much when their stash runs out.

Fortunately, fashion has met functionality in the form of the ultimate high-security furniture collection. Forti Goods has created a line of attractive functional furnishings that boast built-in lockable stash drawers. Based in Milwaukee, the anti-fast furniture company is the brainchild of Sharon Kevil, and utilizes sustainably sourced Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified woods and water-based finishes.

This allows Kevil to guarantee that her materials are not the products of clear-cuts and are sourced from ecologically managed lands. Water-based finishes mean that her workers are not exposed to harmful chemical fumes during the manufacturing process.

Forti’s products serve as an alternative to the cheaply produced, assembly-line factory furniture that is often made out of particle board that might be outgassing volatile organic compounds for years.

But that’s not all. Built to last, Kevil’s furnishings are made in the USA and feature stash compartments that offer controlled access via an app that keeps a record of every time the locked compartments are accessed.

“We wanted to have something that couldn’t be lost like a physical key, and most people aren’t losing their phones,” says Kevil. “So we quickly settled on app control for the lockable and unlock features. You download an app from the Apple store or for your android phone and you connect up to your furniture. There are some different settings where you decide how you want to lock or unlock again. It’s just the tap of a button to lock or unlock a drawer,” she continues.

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The compartments in Forti’s decorative pieces employ carbon filters that neutralize the scent of cannabis, reducing odor.

“It helps to preserve potency with an enclosed drawer, keeping everything away from light, as well as the jars and accessories that we have available,” adds Kevil.

She spent over a decade as an interior designer before applying her talents to developing conventional furniture for Kohl’s. It was on a work trip overseas that she witnessed subpar working conditions and harmful vapors being generated by foreign furniture factories. That experience gave her a vision to create socially and environmentally sustainable family-supporting furniture that is presentable as well as functional for the discerning cannabis enthusiast.

Her selections include entertainers for larger storage needs, coffee tables, or side tables for discreet bedtime storage. And you can customize your Forti piece to match your home and your needs.

As handy as these furnishings are for keeping your stash safe, these pieces can be used to secure other items like pharmaceuticals, money, or even that pesky TV controller that keeps getting hidden in the crevasses of your couch.

Statistics say that children in homes with a firearm are 4 times more likely to be killed by that firearm. Safe storage drastically reduces those odds which is one more way these customized pieces offer parents and others confidence and reassurance.

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Seriously OG danksters might remember sitting around the spool table cleaning stems and seeds on an album cover and stashing the finished product in a cigar box. Today we enjoy the comfort of fashionable quality home decor with the added benefit of stash spaces with high-tech controls.

Photo: Forti Goods

Anyone seeking secure storage should enjoy these ethically manufactured pieces that naturalize scent, preserve potency, and neatly organize one’s stash and paraphernalia or other valuables.

Forti continues to be a conscious company that’s focused on a quadruple bottom line of people, planet, profit, and its purpose of creating safer storage in the modern home.

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