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Gardening with Left Coast

Product Spotlight:  Myco-Fusion from Santiam Organics

At Left Coast Garden Wholesale, we are always committed to making sure every article we write has information on the right products for you. The following article will be your guide to getting started. One of the most important steps in insuring maximum harvest is to make sure you have mycorrhizae involved. Mycorrhizal fungi are essential organisms to the growing process. Plants need them, and they are all too often forgotten. This article will be going over some basic facts about these organisms and shed some light on some topics you need to be aware of when planning out your yearly supplies for your garden. Having the right mycorrhizae in your garden will ensure energy and cost well spent, but most importantly… large, happy plants. Myco-Fusion from Santiam Organics is our recommendation to you.

There are three types of mycorrhizae. They are endomycorrhizae, ectomycorrhizae, and ericoid mycorrhizae. Endomycorrhizae is the only type that has a beneficial relationship with cannabis.  That being said, there are a great number of products that are recommended in the marijuana industry that have both ecto and endomycorrhizae contained within them.  Why, you ask?  Simple.  It makes the spore count numbers look bigger.  Bigger is better, right?  Well, not if the component that adds the most numbers doesn’t work on your plant. 

Mycorrhizae have been proven to provide a whole host of benefits to the plant with which they are associated. Benefits include increased growth rates, increased yields (up to 20%), more efficient use of both water and nutrients (requiring 30%-40% less), providing essential nutrients (such as Phosphorus) to the plant, increased tolerance to soil borne pathogens, and improved / enhanced flavor and quality of fruits.  One last benefit is that plants inoculated with mycorrhizae have a much greater likelihood of not experiencing transplant shock.  So, clones that are inoculated with mycorrhizae will adapt faster, which leads to them maturing faster, which equates to you harvesting faster.

Left Coast supports and recommends Santiam Organics because of their 18+ years of production experience, and over 50 years of direct scientific research into these organisms and soil borne pathogens. They started with the science, and built products from there.  Myco-Fusion products are built on a foundation of premium mycorrhizae. We like to use the example of the mycorrhizae being like the “quarterback” of your plant’s rhizosphere and all the other organisms helping your plant make up the rest of the team.  A team without a quarterback doesn’t win, and conversely, a team with just a quarterback won’t be successful either.  Myco-Fusion incorporates the whole picture for you.

The Myco-Fusion line is broken into three parts:  Mycorrhizal inoculants (Green 150 and Hydro 110), and two companion products (Rhizo Charge and Bio Jolt). The process by which Santiam Organics operates ensures that both the plant and the mycorrhizae get what they need to flourish and maximize growth and yield potentials.  The Myco-Fusion inoculums are pure Endomycorrhizae. What separates that from everything else out there, is how the mycorrhizae are grown. The Myco-Fusion endomycorrhizae is developed in a holistic matrix of other biological organisms that also aid in growth.  Having everything working in sync together from the get-go will keep things at the most effective level of synergy.

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All in all, using the right mycorrhizae in your garden makes the biggest difference. We have included a picture that reflects the two plants of the “Gorilla Glue #4” strain at about 3 weeks from transplant from the EZ Cloner, to their current 6” pot. The difference is clear.

Best of luck to all of our outdoor gardeners for a plentiful harvest this season, and many thanks to the team at Santiam Organics. Keep dusting those roots guys.

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